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Dr jan
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I am Dr of Political Science with specialisation in the Middle Easter Politics and Religion

My teaching methodology is [most of the time] up to students level of learning. I always ask students suggestions and consider their demands. I usually prefer power point and going through reading sometimes but this may change if student have a better offer..

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PhD politics student offering Politics lessons at A-level and University level in Leeds.

My teaching method is starting with the basics and slowly building up a knowledge base so the student can fully understand the subject. I do this through an interactive style, rather than just talking at the student as I want to engage them. I also set weekly essays to assess the progress made during that week on the material we have covered. I have tutored friends at university and college.

West Midlands
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Provide a good level of communication skills and ensuring that the user gets full support

I can provide good strategies for learning fast and I am currently a university student. I believe I can pass my skills to my students and can improve their lifestyle of learning things. I will also be providing free lessons.

(3 reviews)
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Oxbridge postgraduate History tutor with two years experience of A-level, Pre-U and GCSE tuition

My history teaching is predominantly techniques based. By focusing on skills (essay writing, source analysis note taking etc.) I help students understand topics in a way that directly prepares them for all aspects of history syllabi from exams to classwork and coursework.

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A dedicated politics graduate offering English, humanities and political science lessons in London.

My aim is to engage students into the learning process, allowing them to understand the importance of what is being taught. Therefore my method of teaching involves a hybrid style of an integrated approach that blends my personality and interests with the students’ needs and curriculum-appropriate methods.

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Extensive research and practical experience in Sociology, Anthropology, Religion and the Middle East

I have my unique teaching methods but quite flexible. Depends on the student’s needs, learning and needs I alter my method of consultancy.

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Cambridge MPhil graduate and former Officer offering History and International Relations tutoring and mentoring from A-Level to graduate

Through lecturing, seminars and one-to-one tutorials, I deliver bespoke support to students seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills and attitudinal development. Class sizes have ranged between 6-30, depending on subject area, and I have lectured to auditoriums of several hundred. Course delivery have ranged from A-Level to postgraduate.

1st lesson offered free !

2nd Year Law student offering lessons in politics, history, religious studies and law in Newport and surrounding areas.

Talking about the surface facts and then understanding the students own opinions on the subject and helping the to relate the subject to things they may know of or see on a daily basis in order to help remember things better.

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International relations student at the University of Edinburgh tutoring politics and history!

I love explaining and learning about politics through both a visual and verbal manner, which makes my tutorials both creative and different! In my tutorials we would be using readings to discuss issues but also incorporate pictures and videos so that you can visualize what you are reading.

1st lesson offered free !

Harvard and Cambridge graduate offering History, Politics and IR tutoring to university level

My teaching methods are tailored to each and every student. My overall methodology is rooted in aiming to empower students to read and learn more for themselves, whilst making sure that the foundational understanding of the exam / essay requirements, are clearly understood.

1st lesson offered free !

International Relations MA Graduate offering tutoring support in social science related fields, mentoring and study techniques.

I base my classes on individual ability, skills and interest. I try to make education interesting and fun, without it being too demanding so that the students learn to learn, and not learns blindly. It is important for me that the student understands what they are learning, and not just finishing their work.

1st lesson offered free !

Masters Student Offering Foreign Politics Tutoring From Secondary School to University (Two University Degrees, 4 Years Tutoring Experience)

Having been a tutor for four years, I have gained valuable insight into how to effectively convey lessons to students. What is most important, and what I focus on, is tailoring lessons in a manner that will specifically help the student seeking guidance.

1st lesson offered free !

Geography Graduate and International Relations MSc student offering related lessons in London

I base my teaching methods depending on the student, offering a wide variety of approaches. Flexible lesson structure and based on the content and curriculum of each individual students pain points and focus areas. I am patient, happy and enthusiastic.

1st lesson offered free !

London: History student (University of St Andrews) offering history tuition up to university level

I like to structure my tuition around a student's course and personal area of study, gaining an understanding of the content of their course and then equipping them with appropriate essay structure and exam techniques.

1st lesson offered free !

Oxford/LSE PhD student offering A-Level/university tuition for politics, sociology, international history and social science courses

Each session will be guided by what you would like us to cover. In our first session, we will go through the expectations you have of me as a tutor, your exam board/syllabus, and we can set targets for a timeframe and schedule that you are happy with.

Dr declan
1st lesson offered free !

I possess an outstanding educational profile and a broad academic background in the social sciences culminating in a PhD in Government and Politics from Durham University, MA degree in Intl Relations

The strengths of my teaching lie in (1) my ability to help convene programmes as required and ensuring all aspects of a programme run smoothly, (2) inclusivity and adaptation to appropriate teaching methods to suit different needs; (3) ability to actively engage in scholarly activities appropriate to ensure my specialist subject knowledge is fully up to date, (4) and continuous improvement in...

1st lesson offered free !

A Middle Eastern Student offering comprehensive Middle Eastern Studies tutoring course in Nottingham

My classes would take you directly to the world of Middle Eastern History, where you would learn the works and studies of renowned writers and thinkers of the region. With every new concept, you learn more about the general sociopolitical structuring of the region throughout history.

(1 review)
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Academic with 8 years experience in teaching religious studies, world religions, basic philosophy, psychology and education. Keen to deliver online lectures on any related topics.

My teaching method is inquiry based critical analysis of topics from contemporary perspectives that enhances students' learning skills. I base my classes notes on slides and appreciate discussion.

1st lesson offered free !

An undergraduate History student in her final year studying in London.

I base my classes using the assigned textbooks, syllabus and previous past papers. Utilising these and my past experience as a History student I can formulate the most efficient ways to understand, remember and apply historical knowledge.

1st lesson offered free !

Young Briton offering a fluent grasp of global history, geography and economics

Third person perspective, the history on stage with geography hanging above you. The approach is to involve yourself in the physical art of history.

Herne Hill

Jonathan - Herne Hill - History

I am a university lecturer in law at SOAS, University of London. (PhD,SOAS; MSc, London School of Economics) and have over 7 years of full time teaching experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the subjects that I have studied and/or trained in as an academic: English, German, Law, Politics, History.


Mend - Peckham - Philosophy

Hello! I work as a tutor in the London area, and am available to teach high school and university students for sessions up to three hours. I am very passionate about my subject and love working with students. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach German, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, and Media Studies/Critical Theory from A-Level to University Level.

1st lesson offered free !

First class International Relations graduate offering tutoring in politics, geopolitics, international relations, terrorism studies and more.

I offer a bespoke approach to the study of politics and related disciplines. As politics is such a broad and contentious topic I base my tutoring around the needs of each student, rather than adhering to a static syllabus. I have a particular fascination with the emergence of 'new' terrorism and completed my dissertation on this topic.

1st lesson offered free !

PhD Candidate and experienced teacher in London available for writing, applications, and study skills tutoring

I base my classes on short in-class writing activities, games, and revisions processes.

Redland Bay
1st lesson offered free !

Griffith Masters Student giving International Relations lessons to University Students in Brisbane

I approach my topics by first breaking down to its basic components and definitions, delving into the background behind it. This better informs the individual of not just what but why, which will enable a greater understanding of the topic as it is explained in greater detail. Through understanding the basics the more advanced aspects can be more easily comprehended.

1st lesson offered free !

University of Adelaide student offering engaging and interesting history lessons in Adelaide

History has become an ever important topic in recent history, engaging students through social media and television whilst engaging them in theory work is vital. Practical and theoretical components. Relating to students and providing a fun yet informative experience is important to me.

Glen Waverley
1st lesson offered free !

Melbourne Masters Student gives history lessons to High School and University Students

The best process for learning history is to ensure that you have a base to work off, this would mean learning essay structure and format. Then it would be best to develop critical analytical understanding and finally rope learning the theory, dates and facts.

1st lesson offered free !

ANU Masters student giving Humanities lessons to high school and uni students

One of the key requirements of humanities is to understand the topic from a deeper level and understand why and how certain things exist or have happened in the past. I focus on the student to have that clearer understanding and through the medium they best understand it with.

Victoria Park
1st lesson offered free !

Griffith University student teaching students in the Perth region history, politics, religion and more

I teach literally anyone, because I believe in the value of history towards people's personal lives as well as their studies. Whether they be high school students, university students or even older non-students, I am happy to sit people down and teach them history. My teaching plans are personalised based on topic, the extent of knowledge necessary and the learning goal that you are hoping for.

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Perfect! Cannot say enough good things about Sam. He is tutoring my son for A level politics and has miraculously managed to motivate him. Sam clearly spends a lot of time preparing for lessons and immediately built up a great relationship with my son. He...

Katie, student
2 weeks ago

Perfect! Definitely recommend Sam. I can’t stress enough how helpful he wasin helping me. Very professional and friendly.

Tisiyanji, student
1 month ago

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