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Finding the Perfect Photography Tutor in Cardiff

With almost everyone having a decent camera on them at all times nowadays, photography has never been more popular. There is an average of 1.8 billion digital photos uploaded every day but that doesn't mean every photographer has done a photography course or has the skills and experience to create good photos.

You'd be surprised just how many skills are required to take a genuinely good photo. Fortunately, there are plenty of photography courses and classes for all levels almost all over the world.

With that in mind, let's have a look at what students at school will learn about photography, why you should study photography, the challenges every aspiring photographer will face, and how you can find private photography lessons to help you drastically improve your photos.

Areas of Photography Studied at School

Before finishing compulsory education at secondary school, students will have the opportunity to learn about photography in an Art and Design GCSE course. While the course doesn't focus solely on photography but rather art and design in a more general sense, they can't specialise in the subject before sixth form, college, or university.

At GCSE, photography is a small part of the art and design course and taught alongside drawing, painting, printing, and ceramics and most of the students in Wales studying the subject won't see that much about photography. However, they will get to learn a bit about traditional and digital photography, the ethics of photography, the settings on a camera and how to use it, composition, and some photography techniques to help you take better photos.

It won't be much as the Art and Design GCSE has a lot to cover, but it's a start. Subjects focusing on photography are few and far between at schools down to the cost of photographic equipment, the specialised teaching required, and the demand for it.

Why It's Important to Study Photography

Thanks to smartphones, almost everyone has a camera on them at all times, even if it's just on their smartphone. While a lot of professional photographers will tell you that you need to use a dedicated camera, studying photography can help improve your photography long before you even invest in a good camera.

After all, good equipment doesn't necessarily make a good photographer. On photography courses and in private photography lessons, you'll learn about the theory behind taking good photos. To take a good photo, you need to be in the right place at the right time and understand what makes a good photograph.

You can't just point your smartphone or camera at something and expect your photo to be good. Before you even start learning about the settings on your film camera or digital camera, you'll need to learn about things like texture, line, colour, shape, form, tone, and space. Even before you start toying with cameras, you'll need to be thinking about these concepts.

To get the most out of these seven elements of photography, you'll need to understand how cameras work, how the different settings will affect the resulting photograph, and what type of equipment you'll need for the type of photography you hope to achieve.

Similarly, there's also the ethical concerns of photography. Since you can quickly take a snap anywhere and at any time, when you study photography, you might want to focus on the ethics, especially if you're taking photos in public, for example.

Challenges in Photography

A lot of people wrongly think that photography is easy now that the technology is quite advanced and it allows everyone to take photos. To see how much of a difference an understanding of photography can make, just look at some wedding photos done by a professional photographer versus the snaps and selfies taken by the guests.

Modern film cameras and digital cameras have an awful lot of settings to understand and it can take years of studying photography to fully understand all of them. Don't think that attending a couple of photography workshops will make you into a professional photographer.

Photography isn't the cheapest of hobbies, either. While there are certainly a lot of good cameras available on a budget, once you get serious about photography, you'll find that the cost cameras, lenses, tripods, flashes, and cases can quickly add up. If you're not planning on becoming a professional photographer, you might want to think carefully about how much you spend on photography equipment and lessons as they're far from free.

Similarly, you have to understand that buying expensive equipment won't automatically make you a good photographer, either. A good photographer can probably take better photos with a disposable camera than an amateur can take with an expensive DSLR.

Private Tuition  in Photography

If you have decided that a photography course is for you, then one of the best ways to learn is through private tutoring. Private photography lessons are useful for students studying photography at school, college, or university as well as anyone wanting to learn more about photography for fun or to become a professional photographer.

Unlike generic lessons and workshops, each private photography lesson is tailored to the student and can be adapted to match their level, experience, and learning goals. For example, if you're fascinated by film cameras, your tutor can focus solely on that rather than using digital cameras.

This doesn't mean you can't also attend a workshop or read a good book, either. Photography is a subject you can be learning about all the time so get creative with it!

Finding a Photography Tutor in Cardiff

It's never been easier to find photography tutors in Cardiff and across South Wales. All you have to do is search for a home photography tutor on the Superprof website and put in where you want the lessons to take place.

You can then view their profile, see what kind of tuition they offer, and compare their rates with other tutors. Keep in mind that you can search across a broad geographic area as some tutors will travel a decent distance for teaching private lessons.

Many of the private photography tutors on Superprof offer the first hour of tuition for free so you can try a few out before you settle on the right one for you. Don't forget to tell them why you want to learn photography and discuss other important factors like your timetable, what types of tutorials will work for you, and how you like to learn.

If you can't find any photography tutors near you, you can also look for online photography tuition. Thanks to the internet, anyone with a decent connection and a webcam can learn more about photography from professional photographers around the world.

For those on a budget, get a few friends or family members together and suggest group tutorials. While these can't be as tailored as private photography tutorials, you can share the cost of the tutor's time!


💵 What is the cost of photography lessons in Cardiff?

The price of photography courses in Cardiff is around £16.


Tutoring rates will vary depending on:

  • the qualifications and level of teaching experience of your photography teacher
  • Where your lessons will be held (via webcam or the student's place)
  • The number of lessons and the duration of each class
  • the objective of your classes (are you building a photography portfolio or maybe you are just learning to take pictures as a hobby.)

97% of Superprof private teachers give their first session free. This is a good opportunity to discuss your reasons for taking photography lessons and outline what you hope to get from your sessions.


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Unsurprisingly, taking pictures is a favourite hobby for many people but not many people take the time to properly learn the art of photography. Learning how to take pictures allows you to capture wonderful moments in your life with beautiful photographs that you can keep with you forever.


Photography is also a means of artistic expression. Whether you prefer taking photos of landscapes, people, special occasions, or animals, you are sure to find a subject medium that takes your fancy.


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