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Private piano lessons and piano teachers in Glasgow

As a former European Capital of Culture, Glasgow is home to many of Scotland’s national arts organisations and you’ll find many museums, cultural sites and a prestigious conservatoire in the heart of the city.

This means the Glaswegians (or ‘Weegies’) can make the most of the acquired musical knowledge of dozens of experienced piano teachers by taking their first piano lesson in the city.

In music schools, private lessons and even the conservatoire, students of all ages and all levels can discover the piano alone or under a tutor’s guidance.

So sit back and let Superprof talk you through how to take piano lessons in Glasgow!

Why take piano lessons in Glasgow?

So you want to develop your musical skill in the world’s friendliest city? Maybe you’ve stumbled across piano lessons in the cultural hub that is Glasgow?

Popular amongst musicians of all levels, piano is considered as one of the best introductions to music. Learning to play the piano as a beginner not only helps you to learn to read music and music theory (C major, the key of G or F, etc.) but makes learning guitar or violin easier too.

Whether based up in Bishopbriggs, in the Bohemian West End or a stone’s throw from the conservatoire in the city centre, Glasgow residents can take beginner’s piano lessons with private tutors or in music schools.

A quick list (non-exhaustive!) of the advantages of learning piano in Glasgow:

  • Improve your concentration, focus and memory.
  • Develop your perseverance throughout your musical training.
  • Expand your emotional intelligence.
  • Develop an ear for music and get a feel for piano rhythms.
  • Adapt to faster and slower tempos (from Andante to Grave).
  • Learn to improvise across the musical styles.
  • Roll up your sleeves and play where ever there’s a piano at your disposal (from boogie-woogie in a Glaswegian pub to any one of the Pianos in Public across the city!)

Have a glance at any list of timeless pieces in the musical canon and you’ll notice that the majority were written for the piano. Learning piano in a city with pianos scattered on streets across the city is a great way to make an impression, and to bring joy to passers-by!

And if you mangage to perfect pieces by some of the greats (Beethoven, Schumann, Mozart) you might find yourself playing on the stage of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall one day, joining the ranks of other esteemed musicians who have played there before (The Royal Scottish National Orchestra,  the RSNO Choir, and even BB King!).

Learn piano in Glasgow’s Conservatoire

Take piano lessons with the best piano tutors in Scotland!

Offering musical training ranging from summer school programmes to full Bachelor’s degrees, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is the busiest performing arts college in Scotland. It boasts excellent resources from concert pianos to concert halls and provides the best structured programme to progress and perfect your musical technique.

Improvisation, advanced theory and performance - you’ll be enlightened in all areas of musical practice!

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is primarily aimed at the most experienced musicians; entry is by audition only and candidates often prepare their audition piece for months in advance. That said, the youth programme for secondary school has no minimum grade requirement, and auditionees are marked on their dedication and potential as musicians.

Outside of the degree programmes, courses are aimed at giving participants a feel for conservatoire life. The adult summer schools provide an excellent opportunity for aspiring professionals or experienced amateurs to immerse themselves in the conservatoire environment.

1:1 piano lessons are also available for primary-aged children, with 30 minute lessons for Primary 1 and above.

A few bits of essential information for those looking to develop their piano technique at the conservatoire in Glasgow:

  • The conservatoire is at 100 Renfrew Street (G2).
  • The adult summer school programme for advanced musicians costs around £520 for 5 full days of tuition.
  • Scholarships are available for youth auditioned tuition fees.
  • 1:1 piano lessons for primary-aged children cost £790 for 30 lessons (each lesson is 30 minutes).
  • This is an ideal institute for musicians aspiring to attend the conservatoire as full-time students on a degree course.

At the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, students not only have the opportunity to learn the piano (jazz or classical), but also the organ, composition and other instruments. The conservatoire has incredible resources, and students can test their skills on upright pianos, grand pianos and even synthesisers!

Don’t forget that admission to the conservatoire is incredibly competitive: you may not succeed on your first attempt but don’t give up hope! If you’re a nervous performer, why not sign up to an audition preparatory course at the conservatoire before the big day?

All that hard work that you put into preparing for your audition performance is well worth the effort and you’ll find yourself in the heart of a vibrant, dynamic and incredibly prestigious music institution!

Whether you’re based in the buzzing city centre or out in the Glaswegian suburbs, you’ll always find an organisation where you can learn piano in Glasgow.

Private music schools provide paid tuition for all levels of pianist – from absolute novice to old-hand – and you rarely need to audition to be eligible for lessons!

Music schools in Glasgow for learning piano

In a piano school novices can learn music theory, discover how to read classical music scores and even master renowned pieces such as Debussy’s Clair de Lune!

Here are a few music schools where you can learn and develop your piano technique in and around Glasgow:

  • Melrose Music School (20 Cumbernauld Road, G33),
  • The Glasgow School of Music (542 Scotland Street West, G41),
  • Bishopbriggs School of Music (102 Crowhill Road, G64),
  • Glasgow Music Studios (Osborne Street, G1),
  • Crowhill Academy of Music (Unit 6, Crowhill Road, G64),
  • Riverside Music College (Field Road, G76).

Make sure you check the structure of lessons or courses before you sign up for your first piano lesson. Whilst certain music schools offer a simple introduction to music on the acoustic piano, others provide intensive course for learning music theory alongside your piano tuition.

Our advice: everyone’s different! Reflect on your musical aims and expectations to find the right course for you. With the right tuition you can go from an amateur to a true artist on the piano, with perfect hands-together coordination and all!

Do your research as soon as possible on the prices and content of piano courses in Glaswegian music schools.

Musical associations in Glasgow

Perfect your performance skills by getting involved with local associations and groups!

Musical associations and organisations are a great place to meet like-minded musicians and find opportunities to practice your piano performance skills.

Associations in Glasgow do not normally offer 1:1 piano lessons, but they do provide opportunities for amateurs and experts alike to get involved in musical projects and flourish on the local music scene.

Theatre groups also welcome musicians into their folds as having a live musician in a stage performance creates a wonderful atmosphere!

Keep you ear to the ground and listen out for opportunities to perform! A great way to keep tabs on potential shows is to join Facebook groups such as Glasgow Musicians and Glasgow Life, where opportunities and are regularly posted.

Engaging with the local networks of musicians and performers will immerse you in the music world and do wonders for your confidence on the ivories!

Take private piano lessons in Glasgow

Make the first step towards piano proficiency by taking your first piano lesson with an experienced piano teacher!

Scattered across centre of Glasgow and all the way out to East Kilbride and Paisley are dozens and dozens of piano teachers willing to share their artistic talents by tutoring novices in music.

Here are a few leads for finding a music tutor in Glasgow:

  • Private agencies offering private music tuition.
  • Adverts in the local newspaper.
  • Advertisements online for private tutors.
  • Advertisements in music magazines.
  • Word of mouth from other piano students.
  • Advertisements in music schools, universities and conservatoires.

But what are the benefits of private piano lessons over those taught by private music schools?

Firstly, no matter where in Glasgow you live you can reap the rewards of private piano lessons online from the comfort of your home. By means of webcam, your piano teacher can teach you at home in Glasgow from anywhere in the UK (or beyond!) – what better way to find the perfect piano teacher for than to look online?

What’s more, private tuition is known to be an effective teaching method as it is highly personalised to your aims and abilities. With the support of a private tutor you may find that you are able to progress much more quickly than when attending a more rigidly structured course.

With Superprof the average hourly rate for a piano tutor in Glasgow stands at £22, starting at £12 per hour. Many of these tutors offer their first lesson for free so that you can get the feel for their teaching style and make sure that it suits your needs.

And that’s it, all you need to know to become a piano expert with an experienced piano tutor!


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