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Belsize Park

Sonia - Belsize Park - Polish

I love teaching and I offer an individual and holistic approach. I enjoy seeing people growing, reaching their dreams, gaining new skills. I'd love to assist you in this amazing process. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Voice Emission (for teachers, speakers, radio presenters, directors, sales assistants). Singing (pop/jazz). Breathing techniques (for singing, speaking and relaxation).

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Spanish lessons in London in all levels with professional and qualified teacher (face to face lessons and Skype lessons)- COMMUNICATIVE METHOD.

I am experienced Spanish teacher (8 years of experience in teaching kids and adults, seniors, corporation clients, nursery, individual and groups). I offer spanish classes on each level. I use communicative method on my classes as my students are able to speak foreign language after some lessons without stress and problems.

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A young Polish native with TEFL certification Let's polish your language skills

I believe that we should mimic children in their language learning - to not be afraid of speaking before knowing all the rules, to get familiar with all the sounds and slowly build up the knowledge and recycle it - so that we don't just end up focusing on theory and lack confidence in carrying out a simple conversation.

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Polish language teacher, London-based, specialising in introducing the language and culture of Poland

My classes are really based on your needs -- this is why I always check very carefully what they are. People tend to be in different situations, so they need the language for different purposes. I always try to use the setting which I consider to be possibly the most beneficial to you.

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I would like to invite you to a polish lessons with native

I have few students in age of 18 but most of my students are in primary school. We cannot be bored on a lesson that is why I use different techniques. During the lesson you will expand your writing, listening and speaking language skills. Did you know you can learn language and have fun? Come and start your journey.

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Native Polish speaker - undergraduate business student - offering Polish lessons for anyone up to IB/A-levels,

I base all the teaching depending on the student’a needs and abilities. I, being a student myself, understand how important it is to get to know what is the easiest way to learn the topic for a student.

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Polish lessons for anyone at any level. Lessons via Skype/ Phone/ Whatsapp

My classes depend on the student and are tailored to individual needs. I like using creativity, play and use practical examples. I use coaching techniques to motivate, inspire students and remove any obstacles they might have in achieving their goals.

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Polish is an stunning and intriguing language, as a Polish native speaker, I will help you in learning this difficult but impressive language.

I would most likely give lessons to younger children, using fun and eduction to motivate them for learning. In my lessons, we would first start with vocabulary, learning it in a way, that the children wouldn't get bored. I would give them small challegnes to complete. On the first lesson we would get to know each other an then, we would pick a topic to start with.

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Friendly, fun tutor to help to learn one of the most difficult and beautiful languages in the world. Sign up and have a try.

All levels welcome. Polish has complex grammar and tricky pronunciation and I try to put as much conversational elements as I can to not too overwhelm. The pace is to respond to individual needs.

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Native Polish speaking student offering Polish lessons at any level in London

I am a biochemistry student finishing my first year with over a year of previous tutoring experience teaching a KS1 pupil and a KS3 pupil. I achieved 8 A* and 4 A grades at GCSE including English, Maths and triple Science and an A* in Psychology and A in Biology at A-level as well as completing the Chemistry A-level.

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Polish native offering conversations in conventional, modern and business Polish online and face to face.

The tutoring course are crafted towards students' requirements; The sessions are organised as combination of vocabulary training, reading and discussions; Depending on requirements, business Polish could be in focus, including corporate slang; The focus is put on vocabulary, pronunciation and accents; Summary materials are provided and variety of supportive materials (including videos and...

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A Professional, respectable and friendly Private Tutor ready to assist and be supportive to her student 24/7

I am a private Tutor of Polish/English Languages. For me getting each student to reach their best potential and so they achieve their key goals is my priority. I generally teach the students based on their knowledge, skills, experience and needs. That is because I like to develop their confidence, that they come to realize the importance of education, and how it can help them in the future.

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Polish native studying in London gives polish lessons to everyone who wants to learn this beautiful language ;)

My teaching style is customised, every student's teaching programme is based on their knowledge, needs and preferences. My lessons are usually 1-2 hours long unless the student can't stay focused for this long, then we can agree for less. I believe that doing homework is the key to master any language.

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Native Polish girl offers lessons to help you with this beautiful language in London

I will help you to understand different methods we use in our language, I will provide you with a lot of sheets and make sure you understand it, there fore it will be easy for you to complete the task i set you

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I am notive Polish, I offer unique 1 to 1 lessons. Learn this beautiful and difficult language in playful yet professional manner. "I know Polish what are your superpowers ?" Lessons suitable for any

My unique method of teaching is "hand on" language. While you will learn grammar from basic you also will learn in very practical manner; to include playing board games, conversations, shopping and anything that you need to know to speak good practical and useful language.


Antonina - Euston - Polish

My name is Antonina and I have been studying languages and music my entire life. I have built a career in London using my passions and love teaching these skills to aspiring individuals with my warm collaborative approach to learning. - Which subject(s) do you teach? My main subjects are Polish language and Singing.


Tobiasz - Neasden - Polish

I link classical music with jazz/pop music. I'm offering practical advice and techniques that will help you improve your skills. With patience, hard work and some guidance from me, you can definitely achieve your goals. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach piano, jazz piano, ear training, jazz harmony, vocal impovisation. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Aleksandra - Woolwich - Polish

Learning languages should be nothing but fun! and definitely when it comes to one of the most beautiful languages in Europe - French. Having studied many languages myself throughout many years I have found the best way to master it and enjoy. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach French and Polish. - Tell me about your qualifications. I have studied French literature in France.


Agnieszka - Wanstead - Polish

Welcome! If you are looking for a passionate tutor, contact me! - Which subject(s) do you teach? Mathematics, English as a Foreign Language (adults), English as a Additional Language (children), Polish for children - Tell me about your qualifications. I am a maths teacher and I teach across the age and ability ranges KS3 and KS4.

North Acton

Tatiana - North Acton - Polish

Wherever you are going with your life music will enrich it. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Cello as a main subject. I also teach Piano, Musicianship and Polish. - Tell me about your qualifications. I hold two Masters degrees - MA in Psychology (2002) from Jagiellonian University and MMus in Instrumental Performance (2005) from Academy of Music in Cracow.


Maciej - Walpole - Polish

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Piano, Theory, General Musicianship, Aural Skills and Polish. - Tell me about your qualifications.

Dormers Wells

Matthew - Dormers Wells - Polish

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Mathematics, a subject in which I was always very good. - Tell me about your qualifications. I passed an exam far higher than the British A-level. - How much do you charge? I charge 20 pounds per hour. Also, I never work looking at my watch, but until I can be certain that the lesson has been understood by my pupil.

Caledonian Road

Iana - Caledonian Road - Polish

I am your language expert with unbelievable patience when it comes to repeating and explaining. My clients usually say I'm fun to work with, and the atmosphere during our lessons is really great. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, EFL - Tell me about your qualifications.

Holland Park
Agatha a

Agatha A - Holland Park - Polish

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Art, Photography, English, Polish and Life Coaching. - Tell me about your qualifications. (BA) Fine Art (Sculpture), Chelsea College of Art and Design, London; (MSc) Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies (Non-Clinical), UCL, London. - How much do you charge? I charge 20 pounds per hour; discounts are possible for children (they are such a joy to teach!).

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Polish with native speaker. I can teach You technical polish - trust me I am an engineer:-D

Here You will speak f2f or by any comunicators if U wish. I am available for U every evening. Zapraszam do rozmowy.

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