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“Once you start making the effort to “wake yourself up” - that is, be more mindful in your activities – you suddenly start to appreciate life a lot more.” -Robert Biswas-Diener


No matter the gender, race, language, culture, or colour, one thing is certain: we all have a mind and we all have a body. When you stop and think about it, human beings are similar because our minds are programmed alike. We all have goals, motivations, emotions, patterns, and characteristics that cause us to connect and relate to the behaviours of others. However, it is important to state that to realise the unity and the connections that can be made between persons from all parts of the world, a slight knowledge of the brain and human psyche is required. A lot of individuals are currently studying psychology in many parts of the world with qualified instructors who are guiding them through the many aspects of why humans behave in a certain way.

Different Types of Psychology

The term psychology is a broad domain that is defined as the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. However, since the human mind and the way it functions is so extensive, there are quite a few branches of psychology that deal with different aspects. Psychologists in training decide to specialise in a specific branch of psychology since they fully understand that to get anything done and learn anything in their domain, they need to dedicate their attention to specific studies of the human brain. It’s worth stating that we could go on and on about the various branches of psychology since there are many; however, we shall focus our attention on a select few. Such as? The most commonly studied branches of psychology today include abnormal psychology, behavioural psychology, clinical psychology, comparative psychology, counselling psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, personality psychology, social psychology, and sports psychology. Depending on where you live in the world or the UK, there are working psychologists that either train or treat others using the previously mentioned aspects of psychology. By specialising in a specific part of psychology, persons working in that field become one step closer to better comprehend the complexities of the human brain.

Why Study Psychology

Whether you want to establish yourself as a qualified and working psychologist or you are simply curious to know more about the human psyche, there are various motives to learn more about psychology. Such as? First and foremost, those who study psychology are better at understanding people around them. Obviously, a psychology degree won’t give you a better comprehension of everyone and everything around you, the aspects of psychology that you have learnt during post-secondary studies or with a private tutor may provide you with insight into a person’s motivations, behaviour, and why they always seem to act a specific way. Secondly, most people struggle for years to try and determine what sort of person they are and that brawl can become very frustrating at times. Therefore, that’s why studying psychology helps a person to “find themself” and understand why they do certain things and how to avoid situations that could cause them to compromise who they really are. Thirdly, those who have taken the time to study psychology and become equipped with certain accreditations are much more marketable when searching for employment. Why’s that? Many recruiters value the skills that were honed when studying psychology such as communication, problem-solving, research, and critical thinking. Studying psychology is a fantastic way to further develop yourself in both your private and public life.

Famous Psychologists Throughout History

As is the case with all fields of study, there are pioneers in the domain of psychology that have made a name for themselves due to their tireless efforts and effective research that has helped us to better comprehend the human brain. Such as? We can barely mention any aspect of modern psychology without uttering the name Sigmund Freud. Not only was Freud a controversial figure in the world of psychiatry, but he also developed psychoanalysis. What’s that? Psychoanalysis was the treatment of psychopathology through the speaking between a patient and a therapist. Freud’s analysis of other psychological aspects such as sexuality and dreams are well-recorded and reviewed by many practitioners of psychology today. Another well-known psychologist that left his mark on society is B.F Skinner. An American psychologist who completed his work throughout the 20th century, Skinner studied human behaviour and many of his therapy techniques are still used by plenty of psychologists working today. Skinner is remembered for his behaviour modification, token economies, and his concept of operant conditioning. Other well-known psychologists include Jean Piaget, Albert Bandura, Leon Festinger, and William James. The works of these acclaimed human behaviour specialists can be consulted in books and other types of recordings.

Psychology Tutors in Bristol

If you don’t necessarily have the desire to embark on a three-year Bachelor’s degree programme in psychology, yet you want to become familiar with certain branches of psychology and behaviour, we greatly suggest seeking the assistance of a private psychology tutor. But where? The best psychology tutors in the UK can be found on the Superprof site. With over 15 million instructors specializing in countless activities and academic disciplines, Superprof has become a giant in the e-learning industry. UK-based persons who want to learn more about psychology may do so by selecting either a virtual or in-person tutor that conducts lessons in a town or city nearby. For example, in the Bristol area, there are currently 94 psychology tutors with years of experience and qualifications to boast about. We greatly suggest taking a look at the profiles of psychology teachers to determine which one is the right fit for your learning style. It’s worth mentioning that hourly rates are between £10 and 40 and the first lesson with a new tutor is completely free of charge. We guarantee that the Superprof psychology tutors in the Greater Bristol area will meet all your specifications!


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