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The average price of Psychology  lessons is £15.

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Finding the Perfect Psychology Tutor in Manchester

Psychology as a subject can cover sports, health, social behaviour, and cognitive processes, but it always deals with the mind. While it isn't one of the most common subjects taught in schools around the UK, that doesn't mean there aren't any opportunities for students to study it at GCSE and A Level before going on to a psychology degree at university.

For those interested in learning more about psychology, let's have a look at why you should study it, the challenges those studying it face, what psychology lessons in school might cover, and how private tutoring can help students and professionals to learn more about it.

Why You Should Study Psychology

There are a number of good reasons for students to consider studying psychology at school and university. The first and most obvious reason as that you need an education in psychology for careers in the field. Whether you want to become a clinical psychologist, counsellor, further education teacher, occupational psychology, or sports and exercise psychologist, you'll need to have studied psychology.

Then there's also the personal benefits of having studied psychology. Experience with psychology at GCSE, A-Level, or degree level can teach you more about yourself and how your mind works.

There are also several other skills that you'll learn just by being taught about psychology and by taking lessons in psychology. As psychology is a science, the subject will help you with a lot of scientific research and study skills. You'll also learn about critical thinking and writing essays.

Challenges in Psychology

In terms of all the subjects that students can study, psychology is far from being free of challenges. One of the biggest problems that students face, especially those new to the subject, is separating their own personal and emotional experiences from what they're being taught, especially when it comes to a theory or study that looks to simplify and generalise aspects of the human experience.

This doesn't mean that you just have to accept every view, study, theory, or model that you're taught in your psychology lessons, but it does mean that you have to apply critical thinking skills rather than attempting to use your own personal experience as the justification.

Fortunately, the longer you study subjects like psychology, the more you'll develop these types of skills and be able to build upon the subject knowledge that you've built up.

Areas of Psychology Studied at School

While psychology is quite a popular subject at university, it's not very common at school. However, that doesn't mean there aren't options for students to study it at GCSE or A-Level, it just means that it's unlikely that their school or college will offer it.

If psychology lessons are offered at your school and you're interested in the subject, you should jump at the chance to study it further. As the GCSE will probably be the first opportunity for a lot of children in school to study the subject, we'll look at that. We're using the AQA exam specification as our example so if you'll be studying with a different exam board, your studies may differ.

Students on a GCSE psychology course will learn about cognition and behaviour with a focus on memory, perception, development, and research methods in the scientific field of psychology.

They'll also spend time learning about social context and behaviour, which includes social influence, language, thought, and communication, brain and neuropsychology, and psychological problems.

Private Tuition in Psychology

Private tutoring in psychology is great for GCSE, A-Level, and university students. More often than not, teachers aren't given the time and resources they need to adapt their approach to every student in their class and some students can suffer as a result.

With the right private tutors, students can benefit from a teaching approach that's been adapted to them, their level, and how they like to learn.

Students can either use private tutoring to complement their GCSE, A-Level, or university psychology lessons or work solely with a private tutor.

If you're looking to change careers or move into a different field of psychology, a private tutor could also help if there aren't any lessons or courses available for certain fields and specialisations.

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Finding a Psychology Tutor in Manchester

If you live in or around Manchester and are looking for private psychology tutoring, check out the qualified and experienced tutors offering psychology lessons on the Superprof website.

There are different types of tutoring available so you'll want to think about the teaching experience you're after, how you like to learn and your budget.

Home tutors usually charge the most but they tend to be the most cost-effective as every minute of the lesson will be spent focusing on you and your education. Home tutors will either travel to their students' homes or have their students come to them. In some cases, a home tutor will charge a fee if they have to travel a longer distance to their students.

Online tutors tend to be cheaper than face-to-face tutors as they don't have travel costs to worry about. While online tuition isn't ideal for hands-on subjects, for academic subjects like English, maths, and psychology, they can be just as effective as a lesson with the teacher or tutor there in the room with you.

Group tuition is great for those on a budget as you can share the cost of the tutor's time, knowledge, and experience with the other students attending the lesson. While you won't enjoy the kind of tailored tuition you can get from home tutoring and online tutoring, this option can be useful for study groups looking to get extra help before an exam, for example.

Before you pick a tutor, you can view their profile, read reviews from their other students, and check to see whether they offer the first lesson for free. You can use these free sessions to try out several different tutors and see whether their teaching approach and rates are right for you.


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