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Experienced software engineering offering to teach java, ruby and perl programming to students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

(4 reviews)
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Experienced software engineer offering to teach Java, Perl, Ruby programming to students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Bangalore University with a First. I also have a masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton as well as a 2-year Diploma in Law.

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Full-time stack developer offering computer programming lessons in London and other areas.

3 years of training experience in teaching adults and children online as well as face to face. Adult learners welcome from complete beginners to advanced. I currently volunteer one morning per week at the local library assisting retired people to learn how to use computers. It is never too late! Full current Enhanced DBS certificate available for inspection.

(4 reviews)
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Experienced programming tutor offering to teach Perl, Ruby on Rails and Visual Basics to students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

Greater London
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I will teach stuff related to Computer To Change Our World

I am a graduate and working for a payment solutions company and passionated about teaching to give all the knowledge i earned during my learning stages which will double your learned stuff.

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Software Engineer offering programming lessons and coaching, in English only, during hours from 9 - 5, UTC + 3.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Maryland Baltimore County in USA. I went on to work for some top Software Companies in .NET and other related programming languages. In the past, while in college, I worked as a tutor and held my own tutoring business where I would teach math and computer science.

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Fourth year computer science student with 9 years of computing and programming skills

My name is Ryan Shah and I am a fourth year Computer Science student at Heriot-Watt University, predicted a 1st-class degree. I am willing to guide those who are studying a degree in the same field as well as those with a profound interest in the subject. I highly encourage learning by example but strongly advise against using other code.

Pascoe Vale
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Swinburne Computer Science Student gives programming lessons to high school or uni students, Melbourne

I believe in a practical approach and so I like my students to take the wheel and explore the content by creating mini-projects.

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Working at BrowserStack as a Software Developer with an experience of around 4 Years. Graduated from NIT-Bhopal in Computer Science (2010-2014). Can teach any subject in Computer Science

Make people strong in basics is my methodology. I believe in practical approaches rather than theorotical. Any one interested in Computer Science can come to my door. I have a good 2 years of experience as a tutor and hence the results along with that.

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Student of computer engineering and mathematics is offered to teach physics, mathematics and computer science (baccalaureate level)

The first and foremost memorize is a mistake. It does not help, to recite formulas and mechanize exercises, science tries to understand, one can not learn science mechanizing processes. I like to go back to the most fundamental doubts of the student and start from there.

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Maple Valley
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Experienced Software Engineer (worked in 2 of the big 5s - FAANG) dedicated to teach the love of coding / algorithms to students

My teaching methodology is very practical. I don't regurgitate what are in the classic textbooks. What I do I give students off line you tube videos and slides which they can read off line and come to the classes knowing the background. In the classes, I go over the concepts focusing on the practical aspect of the subject.

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Programmer offering math and programming lessons in DFW area, have been programming for over 10 years, have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science

My teaching methodology is interactive. Instead of me shoving information down your throat, I want to have a conversation with you about a specific topic to make sure you understand the concept. It would be good to let me know what topics you are interested in so that I can do some preparation work beforehand.

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Engineer professional will teach language ruby on rails, algorithm, basic concept etc

I will teach fundamental thing for programming language like Ruby on rails. Class can start from very basic to advance according to student requirement. If require we can explain how to make a blog to make a web application.

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Graduate form computer engineering gives lectures to anyone willing to learn programming languages.

My teaching method mostly include hands on practical work and experience. I have designed a regular strict but comparably easy schedule which allows the learner to approach the topics in a way they can understand the most of it as well as at the right time.

(1 review)
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Wollongong Research Student provides tutoring support for Systems and Analysis in Sydney.

I am a research student in engineering design. I have a background in data analytics with an emphasis on Ruby on Rails and Python programming. My approach is hands on to help a student become independent and learn how to ask questions and get meaningful responses while learning.

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Fresh engineering graduate who want to pursue their career in testing field will be benefitted by this course because the trending ruby technology used everywhere in testing field.

My teaching method is completely practical where the students will get exposure to the industry standards along with the assignments.

Andhra Pradesh
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HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages.

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I am a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with over 10 years. Also appreciate clean, beautiful codes and clear communication

I am a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with over 10 years. Also appreciate clean, beautiful codes and clear communication When I get the project to work on so first of all I am trying to understand what is the buisiness goal of the project. What is the PAIN of my customer and how can I make his life easier with my skills.

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Professional programmer holding no college degree and working for Aconex in Bangalore.

Always start with the question 'why'? then decide 'what' to learn and finally you decide 'how' to learn.

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Get trained in computer Programmer languages and enjoy programming in life

I am a professional programmer so I am having the experience of learning any new language from the scratch to the advanced level. The content would be so basic that it would be easily understandable. you wont be bored by the content. It would be more interactive and activity-oriented.

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Ruby on rails Tutor, Bangalore, B.Tech with an experience of 5 Years

Myself Suresh.I am having 5 years of experience as ROR developer in IT industry. I can explain all the basics of Ruby on Rails with sample project. I will use simple english words while explaining the concepts of Ruby.

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Senior software engineer specialised in Ruby on Rails gives tutorial for interested

My teaching method is purely basics. I need my students to understand the language and how the frame work works.

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Software Developer giving Undergraduate/Job Preparation level programming classes to crack software companies interviews.

Hey, I did my B.Tech from IIT Guwahati and currently am working as a software developer in Hyderabad. I love data structures and algorithms, C/C++. And have experience in teaching similar courses. I can get your basics so strong that tackling any problem will be a piece of cake.

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Fun Computer Tutor for Bright Beginners in Metro Atlanta (Java, JS, CSS, HTML, Ruby, Python)

I have an easygoing, patient personality, and I love getting to know the personalities of new students and helping them see how smart they truly are. (: I encourage a lot of questions because my goal is to make sure that I'm explaining in a way that every student can process.

Berwyn Heights
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Computer Science student looking to spread my knowledge in College Park MD

I will work with the student to gauge what will work best for them and create a plan to help them achieve their goals. I prefer to teach via examples and exercises. I am open to teaching anyone from 6th grade to university students.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent Computer Science graduate offering programming, mathematics, and other assorted lessons in Boston.

I tend to work best with high-school and early college level students. My teaching style is highly individualized depending on the student. My first step is usually to figure how the student best learns information, and what motivates them to learn. Then, it's just a matter of tailoring my more enthusiastic style to best fit their needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Amazing teacher with skills and competitive Programmer by Passion. My perfection includes C/Python languages.

I believe Logic is important whether you choose to learning any language. So building logic will be carried to the next level in my class. You might choose/start from basic in either C or Python. My uniqueness is on my "practice while teaching style", because learning without practice is pointless, its like, learn to swim by just reading.

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Computer Science Tutor & Project Instructor with having a 5+ years of Experience

My highest qualification is MCA. The Diploma, BE Computer and BE It , BCA,MCA ,Bsc IT and Msc IT degree students class taken by me. Almost i am giving teaching for a top level University syllabus and completing course before time so students can solve their queries. As a tutor i am giving project instruction to the final semester students for their project.

Santa Rosa (Niterói)
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Programming logic classes, programming using Java, C, C ++, Ruby and JavaScript, and web development.

About my ideal student :-) is expected of the student that she has finished elementary school and wanted to learn how to program. About classes :-) After an initial basic introduction, the classes are based on problems that can be solved with the concepts related to programming. First I show the problem and ask the student to solve. This motivates the concept that is to follow the teaching.

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