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Sandra Veziano, North Bristol, school mentoring for KS2 - KS3, positive thinking, growth mindset, study skills.

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Health and Exercise Science student offering sports and health tutoring in Aberdeen

My teaching method is various: - chatting online - chatting in person - doing a exercise/sport/health session I want to use the method that feels most comfortable for the tutee and make sure it is a safe, motivating and effective way to learn more.

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Loretta - Stratford - Stress management

Hello and welcome to my page. I've just finished studying a Master's degree in Jazz at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. I am confident teaching students of all ages and abilities. It is important to be creative and adapt in this fast-paced industry. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Music Theory.

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Philosophy graduate, available in Central Bedfordshire, offering tutoring in Philosophy, English, Health & Well-Being

I tutor in GCSE, A-Level and I can support those who are at university level. I structure each session to your need(s) - each session is personalised for you. I can tutor online via Skype, or in person (depending on distance).


Louise - Staines-upon-Thames - Stress management

I am a friendly, qualified, and helpful tutor with ten years' experience of tutoring adults including university students. I can help you communicate more clearly and correctly so that you can be more successful, self-confident and satisfied.

Milton Keynes
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I am a qualified life coach. Previously a lawyer giving me the people skills which have led me to pursue this as my passion. I am also studying psychology and have coached both businesses and individu

Coaching is very much client led I want to hear what you want and I will help you see life from a different perspective and give you the confidence to move forward.  If you are serious about making changes let’s work together to achieve that.

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Psychology graduate with counsellng experience and training offering life coaching and mediation skills

My teaching method is extremely flexible to suit the specific personal needs of each individual student. I teach at all levels so no background knowledge of any areas required but a passion for self exploration/improvement and an open mind will greatly benefit our journey together.

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Qualified Life Coach offering lessons on creating a happy and fulfilling life

Focussed on empowering you to be the best version of yourself, releasing you from overwhelm, anxiety and self doubt, identifying strengths and goals, creating a more fulfilling life and a deeper understanding of who you are. Life is busy - with high expectations, constant comparisons, rising levels of anxiety and a growing feeling of overwhelm.

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Life Coach offering one to one coaching for mental and physical wellbeing.

My coaching empowers you to take charge of your emotions, your thoughts, your actions and your future. I guide clients to gain insight and clarity that helps them move forward. Beginning with an initial discussion I work with you clients to identify your desired outcomes. My speciality is in helping you identify emotional blocks and move beyond them.

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Kiddipreneur Tutor - Teaching Entrepreneurial Skills With Success Mindset, Life Coaching & Positive Thinking

I use a coaching methodology when teaching as I believe that this is the most effective way for students to make the most of what is being taught, encourage them to actively take part in their learning and enjoy themselves while doing so.

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Young Professional with Experience in general Wellbeing and personal support, offering to Tutor and Manage others seeking support within the Bedfordshire area

I Tutor online by asking and answering questions (leaving most of the talking to you) in order to get a better understanding of your situation so that i can help you to see the bigger picture in negative situations, find solutions to upcoming problems in your life, and create your own routines to new changes in ways that make you feel most comfortable and happy in your own skin.

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Get motivated! Strong minded independent individual through the roller coaster of life!

My teaching methodology is to find out where you are right now, how are you feeling about yourself, your career, your studies, your life in general! Then we can work on building your confidence (CRUCIAL!) to bring you forward. Once you have gained confidence and see yourself for what you really are (POWERFUL!), then we can look at your goals, what you want to do with your life.

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Whatever your goals or dreams are, whatever you want to be. Want to lose weight I can help want to change your entire outlook on life I can help, I have struggled for years with eating disorders and d

My methods are somewhat mad! I'm an easy going guy there is no pressure on you what so ever! The whole process starts with a consultation I ask yp a few questions get a feel for what kind of person you are and then we progress on you will have told me what you want from this process and I will try and create a plan of action to implement the things you want to achieve I will help with confidence...

Saint Blazey
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Experienced Personal Development Coach: group and individual sessions in Cornwall or online.

I believe that we do the most fundamental learning when we explore who we are and how we think. My lessons can be discussion based and allow space and time to think and talk and discuss topics and ideas. I work off one main theme each session and accompany learning and discussion with various resources to support the learner.

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Photography student offering positive thinking lessons due to life experiences and therapy. A friendly ear to listen to you and help you with more good decisions.

Bad decisions --> Experience --> Good decisions. I like to see myself as someone who can influence you to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can be and deserve to be. There are always solutions and you can overcome anything.

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Create The Life You Want, Life-Planning and Coaching, By Telephone or in Central London

Do you have a feeling of unease and discontent but do you not have a clear idea what it is that you do want? Let me help you to visualise, articulate and create the life you truly want to lead.

Dr chnanis
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Dr in Health provides Positive Living sessions for your emotional health and well-being

Each individual’s goals, background and preferences are different. Therefore, your sessions will be tailored to meet your goals and suitable for your needs. My approaches include mindfulness-based intervention, hypnotherapy, positive psychological exercises, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as coaching and counselling.

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Achieve your aspirations through professional coaching in Bedford over 20 years experience

I provide personalised one to one coaching as well as group sessions to ensure results. I ensure all coaching and personal development incorporates all learning styles; including debriefs and action planning throughout the coaching sessions. I will address all your development needs in a supportive and stretching manner ensuring you achieve or exceed your aspirations.

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Hnd counselling student hoping to help hnc counselling students or other individuals through talking therapy and tutoring, ayrshire

It is tailored to each individual. If you are struggling with a certain stage within assessments then focus will be placed on helping you with that stage. if its essay writing then focus will be there. i am fairly relaxed and can provide calming support regardless of the area.

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Coaching you and tailoring resources that help you meet your life's trials.

I listen and raise questions to help the student/client clarify underlying issues and then find appropriate tools and strategies to help which suite their character and circumstances. I teach basic neuroscience and psychology and use character tests to support this.

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We all want to achieve things we don't have or be like someone we admire. You can. I show you how.

There is no teaching method. Every person is different. It's about to dig deep and take the problems on the surface and find the fitting tools for this person to handle and fight them. You are strong. We will get there.

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Qualified Online Counsellor with a Degree in Biological Sciences offering to work with anxiety and positive thinking exercises.

My teaching method is based on recognising stress and anxiety from a physiological and psychological perspective. With this new knowledge people can move to a position of power and find their inner strength. I use a combination of worksheets, positive affirmations and relaxation methods.

Gerrards Cross
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Life coach with 3 years experience offering personal development lessons in London

My teaching method is person-centred, it is designed to encourage students to explore their own ideas of each topic and observe why they think this way. Together we will uncover limiting beliefs & past conditioning which may be limiting us today.

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Mindfulness tutoring for Young Adults (16-25s) - can help improve happiness, confidence and resilience.

I, like many young adults, had spent my entire life searching for happiness, but what I didn't realise was that I was looking in the wrong places! Have you ever said the words "I'll be happy when..." - I have a car. - I have graduated. - I have a job. - I have got a promotion. - I have earned more than '£xxxxxx' amount. - I have moved out. - I have purchased a house.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Registered nurse offering personal health lessons - BSc hons, MBA, PGCE

My teaching method is based around question and answer sessions. I aim to give the learner as much ownership as I can related to their lessons and will adapt learning styles to meet their individual needs. I like lessons to be interactive and fun.

1st lesson offered free !

Health and Well-being/Health and social care tutor hire in Milton Keynes, 2 years A-Level experience

My teaching method always differs I’ll never do the same method each time as I assure myself it suits the person i’m teaching. I like to think I’m more approachable and I can help each individual with each subject they need to learn out.

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Psychology university student offering tutoring for stress, mental health and wellbeing management

My teaching method is applied individually to each person person I tutor. The lesson structure will be based on your own personal needs and how I can help you develop yourself and understand how to cope.

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Young, enthusiastic professional offering personal development lessons in North West England. Get in touch!

My teaching methods are based on identifying areas of development, setting goals, planning interventions, monitoring and modifying plans, evaluating outcomes, and re-assessing the situation with the aim of setting new goals.

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Paralegal in a law firm who has done an undergrad and masters offering life and career assistance/coaching

My classes are based on how to progress your career and improve your CV. Also general advice on managing day to day stress and how to balance your workload and ensure you live a healthy lifestyle. I am pretty much open to giving any type of advice being young and working in an intense environment.

1st lesson offered free !

If you’re feeling stressed upon anything, I’m your person. All you’ve got to do is talk to me and I’m all ears!

I like to have a conversation with someone. It doesn’t have to be in person face to face, I don’t mind having messages done over the phone, it’s no problem. It’s more based on what the individual would prefer. If you need help in something and I have a full understanding of it, I will happy to help you learn and understand it too.

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