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Experienced software engineering willing to teach custom web development, Dreamweaver and WordPress

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

(4 reviews)
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Professional web developer offering training and tutoring in WordPress, Dreamweaver and custom web development

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

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Software engineer willing to teach PHP and Java-based web application development to students and professionals.

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Bangalore University with a First. I also have a masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton as well as a 2-year Diploma in Law.

Hemel Hempstead
(3 reviews)

Lydia - Hemel Hempstead - Website creation

Designer, Art Director & Photographer with 20 years experience working for several household brands, & approx 15 years tutoring, training, mentoring experience covering design software, photography & branding, to professionals, students or amateurs.

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IT Practitioner and tutor with 15+ years experience in tutoring, training and programming. Tutor in Poole, Dorset

I hold a master of science degree in IT and a software and academic professional with excellent computing and programming skills. I teach computing for students of any age and levels. Conversant with modern technologies, curriculum and techniques. My method of teaching students being, prepare, teach, test and support.

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Software Engineer offering lessons in computer skills, website creation, tech in the home (i.e. wifi), and basic hardware.

The world of technology is so vast and continuously growing all the time. It would useless to define one particular area to teach people about tech. Therefore, my teaching method is rather flexible and tailored to every individual. I'm based in South West London (near Wandsworth & Wimbledon), but willing to commute and can offer remote support.

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Peter - Holmfirth - Website creation

The most common reason pupils fail in mathematics is as a consequence of losing confidence. My earliest priority would be to remedy this by ensuring that lower order concepts had been fully understood. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Mathematics and Information Technology.  I am qualified in Visual Basic, object oriented programming.

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Huddersfield based experienced WordPress specialist available for online and telephone tutoring jobs

I am an intelligent, competent, hardworking driven individual who puts 100% into every task undertaken. I also possess good communication and computer skills. Would you like to learn WordPress but the thought of doing so is bewildering. That is where I can help I'm offering an online/phone tutorial service to teach you.

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Web Development For Absolute Beginners. Create Your First Responsive, Functional Website Today

My teaching method is learn by doing, so I wont be boring you too much with learning about every line of code available in HTML5 & CSS3 and what it does, when you may never be using them. I will give you excellent points of reference, so that should you wish to look anything up, there is plenty of information available.

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IT Professional delivering Courses that provide understanding and skills in 'Information Technology'

My methodology involves creating a course that diagnoses the learner's learning styles, goals, their expectations and aspirations and showing them how IT helps them to make the best of these. The lessons include practical skills and conceptual knowledge acquisition. The course is engaging with a lot of different types of interactive units, depending on the learning styles.

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Essential Computer Skills taught by a Windows Guru in Worthing, West Sussex

My teaching method is very individual based. Within a class I try to adapt and adjust the lesson to best suit the collection of students present. I believe learning is a very personal action and not everyone will learn the exact way. I like to incorporate music into my lessons as a memory anchor.

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Highly experienced and pacient programming student offering coding and language basics lessons near London

My teaching method is "Tailored". This means that I will draw up general lesson plans, EG what I want to cover in each lesson, but then I adapt that to how fast the student is working. If a student requires me to go back, I shall. I ensure that the student interacts, and will quiz them on questions as I go through. I will also make sure they themselves offer ideas.

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Web developer insight html/php/sql assist/explain teach on new/random project add to mindset

What is it you want to know, looking to do or know more about? From this, the idea is breaking it down into the various points to focus on, how it can be simplified or expanded and the various options/ways possible, which you learn from while doing it.

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Qualified IT Support Technician with 10 years experience, sharing IT lessons at home in Cambridge

My teaching method is a very holistic approach, whereby I ascertain from the learner what they would like to achieve and find out what kind of learner they are i.e. kinaesthetic. Then I introduce IT skills to match and suit their needs. This normally starts by getting them to make a presentation about a subject they are interested in.

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Computer Science student with a passion for web development teaching HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React...

My teaching methodology is to teach as we create something together. Wether you're completly new to web development and need to learn the basics of HTML and CSS - where we will create multiple static sites - or you want to level up your skills to become a full stack developer using frameworks such as facebooks react or express.js for backend routing.

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Web Development using html php java script programming, computer repairs and troubleshooting,

Theoretical approach and practical approach, engage learners , form discussions, make e-learning website

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Creating a professional Website Hosting the web Designing the web Setting up the web

I am a passionate teacher which teaches to the understanding of my student, I teach with zeal and passion, I make sure that my students understands each topic I teach

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First Class Web Development Graduate offering tutoring on the creative and technical sides of web dev!

Capable of teaching complete fresh starters of all ages through to degree-level students looking for a more practical teaching approach - my teaching style is all about interactivity and 'learning-by-doing'. I firmly believe you gain more by doing things yourself compared to watching others do them or dictate them to you.

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Experienced PHP Developer with over 5 years of experience is offering help with WordPress, Dreamweaver and PHP for students.

I am a UK based Academic researcher, writer, tutor, mathematician, management professional and co-founder of academicianhelp.co.uk. I have extensive experience in Mathematics, Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and Management.

Central London
(1 review)

Eva - Central London - Website creation

I teach Photoshop, Photography, InDesign, Illustrator, Social Media, Spanish and Chess to professional, art students or amateurs people who would like to improve their work and portfolio or enjoy their hobby. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Use of Photoshop, working by layers, digital cameras, composition, exposure, shooting, lighting, file formats.

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Ahmad the BEST coding instructor on the planet. Ahmad has a passion for teaching and he does it with joy. He pours his heart into his lessons and makes you feel at ease.Join Ahmad and adventure into h

I have a passion for teaching and do it with joy. i pour my heart into lessons and make you feel at ease. It's just like having your best buddy having a chat with you - only this time, you are learning valuable skills. I'm the type of guy who is passionate about transforming people's lives through my lessons.

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Computer Technician 20+ years’ experience offering Unix based Website installation lessons and Guidance

I don't claim to have every conceivable answer to life, the universe and everything so I teach by inviting discussion, demonstration and brainstorming under an umbrella of structure within the lessons I teach. Inviting people to have there own thoughts and present opposing arguments/opinions and evidence to back up any theory that they may have.

(9 reviews)

Carolina - Bloomsbury - Website creation

I am a professional tutor with 12,000 hours of experience who aims to motivate students to broaden their curiosity and critical thinking in classes planned to solve problems, explore, experiment and apply skills creatively for deep learning. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths: KS1, KS2, Entrance Exams. English Language & Literature: KS1. Reasoning. Media Studies: A Level. Psychology.

Clapham North
(5 reviews)

Sitwat - Clapham North - Website creation

Architecture and Design tutor 3ds max training in London One to one Autocad lessons in London. We can help complete your University assignments from start to finish we are open 7 days a week 9 am to 8 pm. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the following: 1. One to one 2D and 3D Animations tutor 2. One to one Graphics Design tutor 3. Motion Graphics tutor 4. 3DS Max tutor 5.

East Finchley
(4 reviews)

Patrick - East Finchley - Website creation

I teach computer programming, music technology and other related skills. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I like to teach anything to do with technology. If you don't see your subject listed here, contact me anyway! The great thing about technology is that skills are usually transferable. I may still be able to help you achieve your goals, or troubleshoot your project with you.

(10 reviews)

Deepti - Harlington - Website creation

I'm CRB/DBS checked with experience in tutоring, university lecturing, sоftwаre engineering, trаnslаtiоn, interpreting, exam invigilation and cooking. I cаn teаch ICT/IT, Hindi, Punjabi and Indian cooking to students of all levels. - Which subject(s) do you teach? IT, ICT, Java, Database, Computing, Hindi, Punjabi, Indian vegatarian cooking.


Amrit - Stratford - Website creation

I can help you with coursework and project deadlines for Reports and Programming aspects. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Java, javascript, HTML, css, php, Flash, SQL, Databases, XML, C/C++, UML, ER Diagrams, DFD's, Normalisation, System Analysis AND MORE… - Tell me about your qualifications.


Winston - Belvedere - Website creation

As a Chartered Information Technology professional, I provide professional training in Computing and ICT for KS3, KS4, KS5 and foundation degree courses. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Applied ICT, BTEC Nationals, OCR Nationals and GCSE I.


Bestgrade - Ilford - Website creation

- Which subject(s) do you teach? We are a group of experienced ICT tutors with over 10 years of experience in AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR syllabi. Most of our lessons are delivered on a one-to-one basis. Past exam papers are discussed at the end of each theory section. Excellent project and coursework support in a variety of programming languages. - Tell me about your qualifications.


David - Cannock - Website creation

Be all you can be - Which subject(s) do you teach? I mainly teach computer programming which includes a wide variety of technologies and languages including html, xhtml, xml/xslt, c#, asp, asp.net, visual studio, javascript, databases, web sites & applications as well as traditional desktop applications.

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