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Greater london
Natasha (i'm english despite my name).
(7 reviews)

Offering WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY (Not teaching this). TV Journalism Masters, BBC. 4K quality.

I am offering Wedding Videography and Photography (I am not teaching this). (concealed information) I also offer general photography and filming - (concealed information) Photographer and Videographer with 15 years professional experience -filmed and photographed many, many weddings. Professional Female Photographer and Videographer (Natasha).

1st lesson offered free !

Photographer offering lessons from basic to intermediate and advanced levels including narrative and technical knowledge.

My teaching methods include gathering information from students and building a comprehensive study-plan based around what your requirements are. Not only will you learn about your chosen specifics, you will learn how they relate to other areas in the creative industries (including video production if desired).

1st lesson offered free !

Photography student with over four years of experience, in the photography field. Helping others to learn new skills and develop their photographic imagery.

My teaching method is to approach the designated task and work on how to improve or suggest other methods in which the photograph or film can be developed digitally. I am to work with those who would like to learn more about photography and those who are just starting who may not be as confident with some aspects within photography.

1st lesson offered free !

The Basics of Photography: learn to handle manual cameras and the correct use of light - London

My teaching method is to focus on the basic and essential things and not overwhelm the student with complicated definitions or mathematical formulas. In my years of experience, I have seen many professional photographers know all the technical details and misunderstand some simple essential concepts of lighting and composition.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Every one is a photographer! Some are professionals let me teach you :)

Teaching photography is best done in a practical way the only way to learn photography is with a camera in your hand. When I teach students I put the emphasis on them to learn and experiment with the equipment, to discover what they love and what drives there passion.

1st lesson offered free !

Master of Film Student offering creative lessons in photography and cinematography arts.

Graduate student in Film and TV production at the University of Hertfordshire. Having 2-year experience in freelancing wedding photography and cinematography. One section will cover both theory teaching and hands-on experience. I will also share my experience about how to be inspired and be creative in this job.

1st lesson offered free !

Art & Design Teacher available for small group/individual tutoring in photography: primary to university levels in Cheshire

I am a highly motivated and conscientious individual with an exceptionally strong work ethic. My students are not only able but encouraged to contact me outside of their lesson hours as I give everything I can to each of my students. Every single lesson is bespoke to the student (or group of students) that I am teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

Electrical Engineer and MSc Student, Enthusiastic Photographer I travel around the world in my spare time and interested in being in touch with people’s culture and their communities to archive it by

- Individual and class tutor for graduate and junior engineers to enhance their experience in real onsite work life. - Teaching kids the principles of robotics and coding languages. - Using MS PowerPoint slides and practical practicing. - Weekly workshop in electrical safety and on-site safety controlling.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Professional Photographer & College Lecturer offering Photography and or Editing tuition in Aberdeen

I possess excellent communication and people skills and am an enthusiastic, effective and passionate lecturer with a proven record of helping students progress. I provide a positive learning experience and enjoy sharing knowledge and inspiring and motivating learners of all abilities.

Yardley Gobion
1st lesson offered free !

Freelance photographer and former A-Level photography teacher offering help in MK and Northants

Practical, hands on, fun. I believe that all lessons should give you access to a skill that you can use in the real world. My teaching style is informal and exploratory, I show you the skills and let you explore them on your own. Photography is an incredible medium, somehow schools have taken the joy out of art based subjects with outdated teaching methods.

Market Harborough
1st lesson offered free !

Full Time Professional Photographer with own studio offering lessons and creative advice

I go at the speed of the individual, keeping it a simple, relaxed and light-hearted approach in achieving the best finished results, rather than get bogged down by the technical. The image is the thing, not so much the equipment.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional photographer with passion, smile and massive knowledge about digital photography, from basic to advanced level

In photography the basic knowledge is desirable and I can teach you from the beginning. First will be some theory and after you will know how to do correct picture then we can start with practice. I am sure that I can teach you how to do your dream picture.

Hinton on the Green
1st lesson offered free !

Former photography student at Gloucester university looking to spread my knowledge to budding new photographers.

Being new to tutoring I don't have a specific method for my teaching, what I am aiming to do is pass what knowledge I have on to the students. I will look back at a lot of my past university projects and assignments to help with the topics of what I want to teach them.

1st lesson offered free !

University student in Photojournalism gives photography lessons to future creatives in Bournemouth!

I aim to not only teach the basic photographic techniques and how to use a DSLR camera, but to encourage students to get in touch with their creativity, and to discover their photographic eye.

1st lesson offered free !

In London or SE England? I will make you a great photographer.

The US Navy Seals spent hundreds of millions developing learning techniques to train their special forces soldiers faster. I've taken these and adapted them for photography so you can learn faster and more easily. I now know for certain that photographers/ artists aren't born, they're made. And I use a unique teaching methodology to ensure that you maximise your potential.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional photographer and tutor with 30 years experience available in Dundee and Fife.

Providing a flexible structure to learning through practical tasks and assessment of a person or groups individual abilities in order to give them the confidence and ability to enjoy the use of their digital or film equipment and software no matter what stage of ability.

1st lesson offered free !

Photographer with 10 years experience gives Photography lessons in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

My teaching method works by identifying gaps in your technical and aesthetic understandings and filling in those gaps on a one to one basis, allowing you to achieve that which is alluding you. Communication is key. The genre of photography is vast and understanding where you want to take your photography is key to finding the correct path to take.

1st lesson offered free !

Belfast based Photographer with 20 years experience in both film and digital Photography.

Easy Learning. Have fun at all levels from beginner to mastery and genius. I teach the love of photography how to apply your passion and tune into your own intuition. How to use research for advanced speedy learning using all modalities available to you.

1st lesson offered free !

Photography tutor helping with digital and film based photography within the north west

I'm a practical teacher I would go out on field trips to improve your photography skills and pushing your creative spark. Encouraging you to trust yourself and see life through a lens. Showing tricks to improve your photography and work faster.

1st lesson offered free !

Photography Tutor: Masters Degree With Over 20 Years Of Experience Online, Travel, Face2Face

I love for people to learn at ease, where they feel comfortable to express themselves so that together we are able to achieve the results we want. I also enjoy teaching in large groups. I always want my students to be open about what they need help with or what they may not understand.

1st lesson offered free !

Degree student in BA Hons Lens Based Media with 10 years experience, offering 1 to 1 online tutoring in photography for up to intermediate level.

Having been a student myself for many years I have come to the conclusion that I would love to be able to teach my craft. I am offering 1-1 online tutorials in photography for anybody wanting to advance in the subject whether it be for professional use or personal. My teaching method is relatively relaxed, I will work with you at your own pace, guiding you along the way.

New Milton
1st lesson offered free !

Photographer with 6 year experience and qualifications teaching others the trade, tips and tricks

Although not a qualified teacher. I have a full photography diploma and have been doing photography since the age of 15 so 6 years experience now. I use a very laid back lesson structure, with a lot of practical work, however some written work will also need to be completed.

1st lesson offered free !

Beginner-Intermediate Photography tuition and service at a Competitive Pricing For All Ages

I am a very keen photographer and videographer currently studying a course in media studies (photography and film making.) I would structure my lessons around the needs of each individual student as to what their aims would be to get out of it, whether that would be a particular genre of photography.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional photographer offering a vast range of industry-standard and high-quality photography workshops

My teaching style is Constructive and learner-centered, which focuses on the abilities of the learner and ensuring that we as a team are able to develop and enhance our skills. I have taught in the adult community sector and I act as a facilitator and my learners have always been a range of mix abilities and age groups.

1st lesson offered free !

Photography tutor with over 10 years experience in the field offering classes

Teaching methodology is very practical based (for obvious reasons) but both theory work and post production classes will be more tutorial based with the options of trying it out afterwards. Small assignments are set in between classes in order to continue learning and gain skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Film Photography in Scotland, fun engaging practical. For anyone who loves cameras and film

I make things very practical. Im a believer that if you don't have a hands on approach to learning, you won't get the best learning experience. I will regularly get work to take away with someone so that they continually have a chance to learn something. Even if its to set a game or challenge.

1st lesson offered free !

Degree level trained Female photography tutor available for all disciplines Doncaster/Sheffield/Leeds/Nottingham/Scunthorpe

I give lessons to pupils of all differing abilities on a variety of topics including: product/pack commercial fashion editorial nature room set wedding portrait I have a First class honors degree from the University of Huddersfield and have worked within the industry for the last 9 years.

1st lesson offered free !

"Learn to Adore What the Photographer Saw" 10 years experience in photography based in Durham

I have developed my own teaching materials which are theory and practise based. I use the EDIP method of teaching, which will give a reassuring learning experience to my students, not only will we look at the theory but we will put that in to practice in realistic situations and environments. We build on close teamwork and individual creativity taking your photography skills to the next level.

1st lesson offered free !

Natural Light Photography: taught by a South West based professional wedding photographer

I prefer teaching younger children as this is where I have the most experience. My teaching method is very laid back - I also teach singing to a group of 35 young children so am very relaxed and patient! We can work together to find what works for you.

1st lesson offered free !

Photography teacher with experience teaching all levels of photography degree level qualified

I normally concentrate on the 30 70 rule with 30% being theory based and the remaining 70% practical. Dependant upon the experience and capability of the student I will tailor the lesson to match.

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Perfect! I spent £250 for photography tuition in London where I did not learn much. However after only afew hours with David, I have learned so much and he is very kind offering me with numerous resources, aiding my skill level.

Mohammad, student
5 days ago

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