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Industry professional offering web development and UX design lessons up to university level in London

I use student centred professional approach if it is group or single student. Always emphasising a fun and curious learning approach to make them lifelong learners, which is especially needed in IT industry and will compliment my teaching with guidance with my personal industry experience.

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Computer Science graduate offering maths and programming lessons in the Weald, Kent

I am an enthusiastic student whom is learning as well as teaching, and lessons can either be practical or theoretical. I do not have a set syllabus of topics, so topics will be created according to prior interest. I have a preference to teach individual students or small groups.

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Third year University student with experience in industry offering personalised lessons/revision in computer science and c#

In my lessons, I go over how the concept works and when it should be used, then go over some examples to help the student better understand the concept. If the student does not understand anything at any point in the lesson I am fine with going over what they did not understand again.

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Sun certified Senior Software engineer with 13 years of real time industry experience offering Core Java, Advanced Java, Spring framework and many other technologies related to Java platform for build

My teaching methodology is always based on relevant and specific examples. I first try to explain the concepts and the theory that will be supported by few example programmes. I also try to make sure that my student is able to reproduce a similar programme and he or she has got a good understanding of the concept.

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Mtech cse qualified and 6 yrars expierece and willing to work as t

i can teache on board and by pen paper method of instriction include assignment question which help to enhance knowledge from both sides i m very passionate about my work and user friendly way to deal with students er neha jain india haryana online tutoring cse subjects flexible timing

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Experienced web developer offering to teach PHP based web development to students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

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Development manager with 10+ years technical experience offering personal coaching and support

My method is to first get to know the student(s) and their current level. Once I have grasped this we can then identify the goals that they wish to achieve. This will help me to set out SMART based targets and assist with the development throughout.

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Experienced PHP Web Developer wants to teach PHP based Web Applications development online

My teaching method involves an introductory session to understand what the student really wants. In doing so, I am able to understand what gaps in knowledge that needs to be filled and where exactly to start tuition class from; structuring my tutoring plan accordingly.

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Software Engineer, Training Students and Professionals to be an Industry Leading Developer from Software / Websites / Unity 3D

My classes are remote, but I am always accessable with Skype / Discord always available to my students. There is a private Discord channel that we will set up and will allow you to collaberate with other students, and communicate with me directly.

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Web development lessons in XML, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you are someone who enjoys technology and wants to learn more you're in the right place. :)

I have experience teaching students aged 6 to 17 as an after school coding club and as a summer camp tutor. Currently I'm studying Games Programming at Teesside University where I do extensive maths, graphics programming, Interfaces, Animation, Databases, System's Design, etc.

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Computer science student offering computer programming and computer science lessons in Liverpool

My name is Stephen and I am a Computer Science student studying at the University of Liverpool. My teaching methods are based upon applying computer science and programming to help the student learn with real interactive examples. Programming can be enjoyable and easy if done properly.

Worcester Park
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Professional PHP developer is offering online tutoring on PHP based Web Applications for professionals and students

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

Horsley Woodhouse
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IT consultant with 20 years of experience in creating and implementing modern software.

Completed 20+ years of knowledge transfer in the IT industry from peer-to-peer learning, completing workshops and providing written or online training material in computing for building infrastructure or developing modern software. A big believer in learning through distributed practice where dividing your studies over time intervals is key, through written, visual and conversational teaching.

Greater London
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Experienced Software developer providing - Web Development and Java Lessons in Ilford

• Provided hands on training for IT professionals and college students on below subjects.

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I an Android Developer with a M.Sc Software Engineering with 6 years of experience in Computer Software.

I am a Android Developer by profession. I graduated with a M.Sc in Software Engineering from University of Aberystwyth. I teach at all levels from Primary School to Degree levels. My methods of approaching a subject comprise of a set of protocols, and I believe every person who wants to learn needs to have a definitive focus in order to achieve the end goal.

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I am doing PhD in Machine Learning. I have been teaching for 10 years and have worked in software company for 3+ years. I am good in programming and math.

I live in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. I am ready to teach at any level ranging from primary school student to degree or adult learning. I am good in system design, database design, software development, and programming. On the top of these, i can teach Math and statistics.

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A Gold Medalist in BSc. Software Engineering currently doing MSc. From Coventry University and passionate about teaching programming to students

My teaching method is based on introducing students with the topic , giving them a brief description about how it is related to our real life ,what practical use it has and then explain the concepts and core of the subject. My approach of teaching is helping students first understand the general concepts and then move to the core/ details of topics.

Greater London
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Master degree holder in Engineering offering high quality courses in computing and programming

My teaching way is very bespoke to each client. Some have big knowledge gaps they need to fill and would like a lot of attention and explanations. Some others just want an academic mentor helping them to sharpen what they already know and get valuable advises from people with more experience.

Greater London
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Experienced IT professional wants to contribute my knowledge to primary and secondary school students

I don't teach students in my way. First I examine each student and try to make them understand in their way of learning things. This makes things easier for them and they really enjoy the subject and never forget it.

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University student in computer science teaching programming at any level in Edinburgh

University student with over 5 years experience with programming and tutoring. Happy to teach anyone at any level in a multitude of languages (Java, C, C++, C#, Python). Hope to make programming enjoyable and help you find your preferred language and method.

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IT Professional offering Programming languages, databases, Websites to beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

I prepare a topic for entire class or one to one. I also install relevant software to machines so that they can also practice themselves. I also give tutorials to my students so that they have relevant material.

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Courses in computer science (algorithms and languages, Data Science, Data engineering) by engineer Mines Telecom (Data scientist) in Ile de France

I am engineer Mines Telecom (Data Scientist) following the preparatory classes at the grandes écoles Maths SUP / maths SPE. I offer tutoring in algorithms, programming languages ​​(Java, C, C-shel, Python, Scala) in Artificial Intelligence and many other IT topics.

Paris 16e
(5 reviews)

Data Scientist Consultant gives Python, SQL and Machine Learning courses to students in Paris

I approach learning programming in a very fun way by working on several series of mini exercises. Each series of exercises is focused on a very specific theme, this allows the student to move quickly while consolidating its achievements. I also use quizzes with support bits of code to offer a different type of test but especially another way to learn.

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Private classes and in-company training of Data visualization with Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense

Hello everyone, The study methodology for Data Sciences can be both face-to-face or online. For small groups of students, or for business schools or in-company training, in an individual and personalized way. The data science course is quite complete, so you can contact me to send you the program and you decide which module to study or deepen.

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Web programming courses. I offer you web programming courses. I am a computer engineer

I am an engineer in computer science I propose of courses of support in Math and Info. I am patient and above all always listening. I always reassure myself that all the concepts have been understood before going to the next step.

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C# .Net, SQL, Web application Development, HTML , CSS, AJAX Training- one to one- BANGALORE

I could meet the student in person or contact online through screen sharing . I could share materials and guide the students to crack interviews so that the student is well prepared for a corporate expectations of skill sets and attitude.

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IT professional with 7+ year of experience gives computer classes from high school to college students in Hyderabad

1. I know what are the real difficulties computer science student used to face. I am focusing mainly on basic fundamental. 2. I usually first check student level than decide teaching methodology. It will very student to student. 3. I can still related my self as student so I can really help.

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IT Professional passionate about sharing knowledge and trying to make coding easier for everyone

I make sure that the students get the conceptual knowledge before heading to the complex parts. For that I provide examples during the session. I try to keep the class interactive and try to give real life examples wherever possible.

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