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Lessons offered by Jennal
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Taught subjects
  • ESOL (English)
  • Vocabulary - English
  • Oral comprehension - English
  • Written comprehension - English
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • AS Level
  • A Level
  • BTEC
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • Diploma
  • Doctorate
  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1
  • C2

Native English Speaker offering English lessons in London and online for students abroad


I can coach those who require support in English for both career and academic purposes.
I am creative in all my classes and prepare lessons according to the students level and needs.
I am fun, enthusiastic, patient and passionate to teach English.


I have taught both Children and Adults here in the UK and in Turkey. I have experience in teaching IELTS, FCE, conversational classes,Business English and assist students with any academic support such as proofreading assignments, CV's and applications.


Rate for online lessons : £18/h


If students wish to cancel a class they must give at least 24 hours notice otherwise the fee for the class will stand if there is short notice given.

Lessons offered by Jennal
In group
The lessons will be held
At the tutor's house
at your home
Taught subjects
  • ESOL (English)
  • Vocabulary - English
  • Oral comprehension - English
  • Written comprehension - English
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • AS Level
  • A Level
  • BTEC
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • Diploma
  • Doctorate
  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1
  • C2

Jennal's CV


TEFL England, London
TEFL Certificate, 120 hours, May 2012
Including: Grammar certificate, video classroom observation, teaching young learners, teaching Business English

Aston University
BSC Psychology and Sociology 2002- 2005 – Pass

Ealing Tutorial College
As Levels (French-C, Sociology-C) 2001-2002
A Levels (English Language-B, Psychology-B) 2001-2002

Bentley Wood High School
10 GCSE’s including Mathematics and English 1995-1999

Foreign Languages
Fluent in Gujarati
Intermediate in French
Beginner in Italian
Beginner in Turkish

Voluntary Experience

Relationship Squad – The Mix – January 2018 – ongoing
The Mix helps young people under 25 through an online forum with topics around mental health, money, relationships and drugs.
My role is to spend 2 hours per fortnight sharing my experiences and opinions to encourage discussions in a safe and non –judgemental form and support young people through their challenges by being open and emphatic.

Crisis at Christmas Project Support Volunteer – October 2017-January 2018
The role was geared towards improving and supporting the better engagement of Crisis Christmas volunteers. I dealt with a high number of enquiries and volunteer applications. This involved answering telephone and e-mail enquiries, assisting with processing volunteer applications and maintaining the volunteering database, assisting with the delivery of volunteer training sessions and community engagement events and generally supporting the overall delivery of the project in the run up and during Christmas.

ESOL Teacher at Ahlan Wa Sahlan – October 2017 – ongoing
This is a local grass roots initiative set up in Ealing to support refugees and asylum seekers with English classes. I teach clients who have a wide range of abilities, come from various backgrounds, and ages. These are sometimes one-to-one classes or group classes. I often teach conversational classes, support students with their homework and preparation for English exams.

UNICEF UK Children’s Champion – October 2016- ongoing
I currently campaign with UNICEF UK on various projects throughout the year. As a Children’s Champion I regularly contact my MP (including meeting them face-to-face and writing letters or emails), engage with my local media, raise awareness of UNICEF UK’s campaigns in my constituency and I am currently setting up a fundraising event. The key role of the network is to help ensure the campaign message is heard at the local level.

Volunteer at Headway North West London – May 2006-Nov 2006
I attended a support group once a month for Headway, an organisation supporting those with brain injuries, whereby I helped provide support, information and services for brain injury survivors, families and carers. I also attended Headway LINK once a week for seven months where I helped facilitate discussion groups and would engage members in arts and crafts, day trips, the design and production of a newsletter, sign posting and involvement with a local horticultural project.

Sessional Playworker – Kids Can Achieve, Pinner – Summer of 2006 for 3 months
I worked with children who had autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy and emotional as well as challenging behaviours for over a month during the summer play scheme whereby my role was to interact with them through games and activities, escorting them on trips out and helping them with basic skills such as eating and going to the toilet.

Mentor - Ealing Drug Intervention Programme - Nov 2005 – Nov 2006
Here I was trained to support new and former service users as they tried to overcome addiction and make changes in their life. As a mentor it was important to provide a positive role model and active support for others just starting out in their road to recovery, helping individuals to consider their options and supporting them to achieve their goals. I was not advising service users what to do, rather guiding them to the process of making informed choices. A key role was to provide information for jobs, health, activities and other drug and alcohol services as well as assisting with forms, providing support during appointments and lending a listening ear.

Befriender - Mind Harrow – October 2005 – October 2006
My role as a befriender was to provide friendship and support for people living with severe distress whereby I would assist them in trying to reintegrate back into the wider community and lead a fuller life by engaging them back into social, educational or vocational activities. I had befriended a woman who suffered from severe depression, had experienced domestic violence and who had been forced to get married at a very young age. I was there to be a good listener, be sympathetic and be non-judgemental.

Family Support Worker - Monroe Family Young Centre; an organisation in link to the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust – Summer of 2005 for 3 months
I worked with several families where there had been an issue of neglect or abuse and my role was to carry out observation reports on the families in between their sessions.

Employment to date

Acting Service Manager, Equinox Care Ealing, London (Sep 2016 – July 2017)
After the position of being a Team Leader, I was promoted as an Acting Service Manager.
In addition to carrying out all the duties mentioned just below I also had some other responsibilities which included doing a weekly rota, covering staff absences as well as approving and managing staff’s annual leave.
During this period we had started renovating a lot of the project as well as building an extension. This was very noisy and disruptive as we had lost the use of our communal lounge and kitchen and later on a part of the garden. The contractors were also required to do some work in each residents’ flats as well. This therefore involved both myself and the on site manager meeting on a regular basis to discuss the weeks plans. We also had regular meetings with service users to include them on what was happening and in making decisions as well as any concerns on their part. As we had no use of the communal lounge for almost 4 months, we had to come up with ideas of other ways to run our groups and activities.
I attended monthly managers meetings at head office as well as managers meetings locally and with commissioners.
I dealt with all safeguarding concerns and any complaints.
I also had to deal with conflict and challenging situations and behaviours from service users, staff and families and had to regularly review all incidents that we had in the project.
I sat in on budget meetings and compiled a realistic budget report for my project.
I would carry out workshops and training on a small level if I felt something was needed and lacking and also engaged with our internal learning and development team to get staff onto the appropriate training courses that would be beneficial. If it was not possible to do it internally, I would try and link into local resources for free training.
I reviewed all in house policies and procedures and made sure they were in line with organisational policies and procedures.
I now had more direct contact with the referrals team and managed all voids and supported staff with move on’s.
I was also in charge of ensuring the more complex health and safety practices and testing was in place, e.g. PAT testing, regular maintenance of fire alarms, CCTV system etc.

Team Leader, Equinox care Ealing, London (June 2016 –Sep 2016)
After being a recovery worker for 5 months, my manager promoted me as a Team Leader at Marron House in Ealing.
I continued supporting the team with their administration including keeping up to date support plans and risk assessments.
I supported and supervised a staff team of 5 people. This included monthly supervisions, appraisals and any further support required on a day-to-day basis.
I supported my manager in recruiting new staff when required. This included, going through applications and assisting with the interviews. I was then responsible for giving all new staff a weeks’ induction to the project.
I formed and maintained effective local links with partner agencies (e.g. care managers), service users, carers and the local community. This included me setting up meetings with health services such as the pharmacy as we sometimes has concerns around the delivery of medications. I also started to build a close relationship with the community mental health team and had meetings with the team leader as every 2-3 months, discussing any concerns about the quality of care from care managers as well as discussing what was going well and how we can better working together for the benefits of the service users. I also started to build links from my last post with the local safer neighbourhood team to report any issues re drugs near the area and built good relationships with the local fire department as we had a few service users with history of arson. We encouraged the team to come every 6-8 months to do a fire safety workshop with our service users.
I also built good relationships with the night staff manager. I would ensure to touch base with him at least once a month to discuss any concerns and also things going well and keeping him up to date with any new changes that may affect the night staff as well as reporting any concerns about service users to him.
I became responsible for supporting my manager in completing the monthly petty cash and also got involved in the yearly business plans for Marron House.
As it was still a fairly new service, I supported my manager in ensuring we had all the right things in place to adhere to all policies and procedures. There was a lot to do re health and safety and so I built a good contact with our in house health and safety officer who guided me through what we needed in place.
I produced quarterly reports and statistical information to reflect service performance to Ealing Council.
I often alongside my manager would do the team meeting agendas and sometimes invite external professionals to our meetings to do training and workshops with the staff.
I also assisted my manager when possible to attend meetings with the referrals team and met with potential new service users and carried out an assessment and then would feedback to the team.

Marron House was also going to get renovated down the line and I was involved in many meetings around what needed to be done. I started organising meetings with the contractors who would come over to meet the staff and service users and together we came up with a plan to avoid minimal disruption for service users as well as around safety and trying to work with the service users.

Recovery Worker, Equinox Care Brent and then Ealing, London (November 2015 – May 2016)
After having worked as a recovery assistant for Equinox Brent, I was then promoted as a Recovery Worker in Brent for one month and then moved to another project Marron House in Ealing. This project worked with 15 mental health service users all with medium – low support needs. Majority of the service users were all male.
I had a case load of clients whom I key worked which included creating Mental Health Recovery Star support plans and risk assessments with service users. I would meet them monthly to touch review their progress on their goals and I would also have weekly key work sessions to support them with their goals and any other issues or concerns that may arise.
I had to deliver life skills training and support to prepare service users for successful resettlement into independent living.
I also supported them to maintain their tenancies by assisting with budgeting and giving support with any debts they had.
I supported service users to establish social networks and undertake meaningful activities to assist them to develop positive coping mechanisms and to socially integrate. This was done by encouraging them to join in house groups and activities as well as joining a group of their interest outside the project.
I promoted and encouraged good health and wellbeing. This was integrated through a healthy cooking group we had in the project, as well as a service user led gym group and a regular walking group.
The role involved building relationships with the client’s families who were part of their recovery. This included having regular face to face meetings with family and the service user to update them on the progress of the service user; what went well and what needed to improve and discussing how we could all work together on a particular area of concern (with the service user’s consent) as well as communication with other mental health professionals and GP’s. This included attending regular CPA meetings with Care Co-Ordinators.
The role also involved challenging situations and behaviours and due to some clients also having drug and alcohol addictions, we built a good relationship with the local safer neighbourhood team and local drugs support agencies.
Move on was also key and when both myself and client felt they were ready to move, we would start discussing resettlement options for service users and assist them to successfully move on to an appropriate long term housing option. This would also be carried out together with any family members and the named care co-ordinator.
I attended monthly team meetings where we would discuss various topics for the previous month and we would all take turns in doing a presentation on an agreed topic.
I also had to manage some quite distressing situations, e.g. when a service user was going through a mental health relapse.
As this was a brand new service that the organisation had taken over and all the staff apart from myself were new to the organisation, my manager was really impressed with the quality of the support plans and risk assessments that I was doing with my key clients, she got me to train all the team in how to do them and I was also responsible for approving/rejecting them as well.

Recovery Assistant, Equinox Care Brent, London (July 2014-November 2015)
I supported service users with mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and challenging behaviour to maximise their independence and to ensure person centred recovery focused support.
I enabled and encouraged service users to find out about local services and facilities within their community and facilitated access to alternative services where specific needs were identified.
I liaised with other external agencies, complimentary therapies and community groups on behalf of our service users.
Engaged with community events, meetings and forums to promote the service.
I was given a responsibility of Service User Champion which involved supporting the projects Service User rep in organising and facilitating groups and activities within the house such as art group, music appreciation group and cooking group. For those who do not enjoy groups, there was also space for them to do individual and one-to-one activities/outings.
Along with the service users I facilitated the publication of an internal newsletter which was published every 3 months.
I assisted Service Users in chairing their communal house meetings. This was an opportunity for service users to voice any issues, concerns or ideas in improving the service. We also discussed up and coming events and activities for service users to get involved in both within the organisation and in the community.
I also raised money for the project by doing a 10k walk and encouraged another service user to do it with me.
I was also a key worker for a female service user. I carried out risk assessments and risk management plans and monitored and reviewed them accordingly.
I also carried out support plans with the involvement of the service user where we came up with agreed SMART goals.
I utilised knowledge, skills and experience to recognise difficult or challenging client situations and used appropriate communication skills to de-escalate the situation.
I undertook housing management activities such as following up maintenance issues, preparing void rooms, regular health and safety checks and collecting service charge.
I assisted service users with budgeting skills, benefits issues and arrears which supported them to sustain their tenancies.
I liaised with other care agencies such as the community mental health team, drug and alcohol agencies, GPs, hospitals and the police.

Freelance Progress Quality and Support Executive, Confident Living UK, London (March 2014 – July 2014)
Quality control: I ensured and developed the quality of our personalised courses so that they consistently and genuinely provided value to members, or where needed, I informed decision making on quality.
Recruitment that promoted genuine value for members: Prospective members were interviewed, to understand if they genuinely benefitted from our coaching/tuition
Process and organisation: Prospective members that we could best help were provided with a consultation and matched with an expert
Provided a support network for members and tutors and builded long-lasting relationships: This was achieved by supporting them in passing English tests, helping them gain a job and feeling more confident in using English language in their daily life.
Open communication between myself and the member: Testimonials and feedback were collected and shared with the team when needed.
Management of tutors, proof-readers and mentors: This included rewards and disciplinary actions.
Organisation and process: The personalisation process and open communication process between company and member was continuously improved and implemented using my own experience and expertise, using the feedback received, and in-line with our overall missions and marketing efforts.

Freelance English coach/mentor, Confident Living UK, London (July 2013-June 2015. I now freelance as the company no longer exists.
I was teaching adults English, assisting in Business English, general conversational English, writing coaching and IELTS preparation.
The job involved support planning and report writing which meant that I had to be organised but also creative in the production of the lesson.
Communication was important, so I had to think of different ways to teach the lesson in order for the student to get the most out of it and enable a good level of understanding.
From 2016 I then built up my own client base, usually through word of mouth and have taught mainly IELTS as well as conversational classes. I also support students with job and educational applications. These classes are mostly online.

Private TEFL Tutoring, Istanbul, Turkey (September 2012-June 2013)
I had been tutoring adults as well as children. I was teaching Business English, general English, conversational lessons and helping students with University English exams.
I used a range of course books and materials and also a variety of audiovisual aids. There was a strong emphasis on dialogue and role-playing, but more formal exercises, language games and literature were also used in the lessons.
The content of lessons varied depending on the reason why the students were learning English, e.g. whether it was for business use for adults, school work for children, improving daily conversational skills etc. The aim of each lesson was to encourage the students to communicate with each other using the structures and vocabulary they had learnt, and to improve the four basic language skills: listening; speaking; reading; and writing.
This job entailed me to be efficient, creative and having good communication skills.

Private Psychology Tutoring, London, UK (July 2011-Ongoing)
I tutored students from all backgrounds and all ages in Psychology at GCSE Level and A Level. This required me to have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
I demonstrated enthusiasm in the topic as well as inspiring enthusiasm in the students.
As well as teaching students what to learn I also taught them how to learn. I provided students with study skills, good study habits and how to break down complex issues so as not to be overwhelmed.
Evaluation was also important so the student could see where improvements could be made. I achieved this by getting students to complete homework assignments and tests as well.
Overall I had to ensure that I planned lessons that were appropriate to the child’s age, ability, motivations and learning needs.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Support Worker, Sweet Tree Home Care Services, London, UK (January 2008-August 2012)
My responsibility was to care for and support service users within the community who had brain injuries, mental health conditions, neurological conditions, e.g. Huntington’s disease. I also worked with the Dementia and learning disabilities team. The care ranged from personal care, assisting with medication, companionship, housing, finance support and assisting with Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy programmes.
I contributed towards the planning and implementation of a comprehensive programme of social, leisure and vocational activities based on the client(s)’ assessed needs.
I facilitated the development and practice of those skills necessary to enable the client(s) to live within the community and experience a good quality of life within a range of living options.
I had managed a small team to ensure the client(s) assessed plan has been followed through, therefore requiring me to be a good mentor.
I often had to also be able to manage a caseload, and this involved me being organised. Sometimes, some service users would have behaviours that were challenging, requiring me to be able to problem solve, be safe and staying calm.
Some clients were non-verbal and therefore communications skills were key here.
Majority of my job however involved me to use my initiative and be creative in coming up with ideas for activities for client(s) whose needs are solely companionship.
Team work was also very important as my job often involved liaising with other colleagues and professionals, e.g. Speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers and psychiatrists where I had to often assist in carrying out each service users care plan.

Play Worker, Kids Can Achieve, London, UK (November 2006-October 2007)
I supported children with Special Needs between the ages of 3-12 with their education through play. This would require me to be creative in the way I taught a child, e.g. during a maths lesson I would sometimes teach through games.
I assisted with the planning, preparation, running and evaluation of play opportunities and to keep and maintain administrative records as required.
I had to build positive relationships with the children and their families.
I was solely in charge of one pupil with ADHD and learning disabilities and so I was responsible for lesson planning, following the plan through but at times the plan wasn’t always appropriate so I would have to be able to think fast of other ideas. I would also provide positive feedback to the child but also give extra assistance wherever the student struggled.

TEFL Certificate 2012
Risk Assessments 2017
Mental Health Recovery Stars 2017
Team Leading NCFE Level 2 2017
Safeguarding of Vulnerable adults 2015
First Aid – 3 day course 2015
Data Protection 2015
Fire Marshal Training 2015
Motivational Interviewing 2015
Equality and Diversity 2015
Brain Injury Awareness 2009
Epilepsy Awareness 2010
ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) workshop 2013

Equinox Care Brent Step Down Service
Gerdy Grafendorf, Service Manager
33-35 Essex Road
NW10 9PG
Telephone Number: 0203 481
Email: (concealed information)

Social Interest group
Susan Smith, Area Manager for Equinox Care
Central Office
1 Waterloo Gardens
Milner Square
London N1 1TY
Contact Number: (concealed information)0
Email: (concealed information)

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