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Online 10 Lesson Algebra Foundation Course for Year 6 to Year 10 Students

    • Lowestoft


Duration : 10 - Price : £200.00 - Place : ThetfordI offer a ten lesson online training course in algebra for students between year 6 and year 10. Being strong in numeracy unfortunately does not guarantee success in key stage 3 and GCSE mathematics as questions become increasingly based on algebra. However, basic algebra is not difficult to learn, and getting comfortable with the basics is necessary in order for students to approach the more advanced questions they will encounter in year 10 and 11. This course provides a foundation in algebra, such as solving for x, substitution, simplifying, elimination and other skills that aims to make students comfortable with dealing with 'letters' in maths as well as giving them skills which are absolutely essential to succeed in key stage 3. Lessons are given one-on-one and are tailored to the student's ability.


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I've been giving lessons in mathematics for over five years in both the United Kingdom, as well as in Canada. During these years I've learned that even students who are struggling in maths can learn basic concepts in algebra as early as year 6 (and in some cases earlier), which provides a great opportunity to get students comfortable with this type of mathematics from an early age so that they will have the confidence to approach these types of questions in key stage 3. For students already well into key stage 3, or even year 10, sometimes a key issue is not so much their numeracy ability but the fact that they find algebra intimidating and did not properly learn the foundation needed to succeed in it, leading to significant problems later on. For these students, this course can help them catch up in learning the essential algebra skills that are vital to succeeding in GCSE maths.

Practical information

  • Duration of the training course : 10
  • Price of the workshop : £200.00
  • Place : Thetford
  • Maximum number of students during the training course : 5
  • Audience concerned : courses for children
  • Course materials are provided to each participant
  • Validity of the workshop : all year around



  • 5h: £100
  • 10h: £200


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