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1st lesson free!

This is my title for my advert but i can not be arsed to right a proper one

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About Benny-the

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    I would teach and share my knowledge by adapting myself to each student. So if they are more visual learners then I would...

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  • IT professional with 16 years of experience helps acquire new computer skills


    If you have ever thought about making use of computers to achieve a specific objective for your personal use or business, be...

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  • 2nd Year PPE Student teaching GCSE and A-Level Computer Science covering coursework help AND exams.



    Computer Science is more popular than ever these days, as it prepares you for work in a wide variety of fields. However, it...

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  • A Computer Science Lecturer with a PhD from Imperial College London, who has tutored in Computing for more than nine years.



    4.9 (30 reviews)

    *****To help me decide if I can help you and have a more efficient first lesson, can you please list the subject and topics...

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  • Engaging, professional and qualified Computer Science Teacher with 18 years experience, offering Computer Science tutoring, up to GCSE level, online or in the North West.



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    I will provide support to students outside of tutoring sessions, when necessary, using Email and Zoom. I like to use a...

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  • University lecturer with 15 years of software development experience offering private tutition online & in-person in London



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    I am looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge in computer programming with anyone who wants to improve their...

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  • Become a Web Developer Now! I offer tailored individual or small group classes - All levels



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    I'm a web developer with 10 years of experience in both front and back-end development. I had the opportunity to work on...

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  • Excel Training Session for Beginners who need to Learn the Fundamentals in Excel and take their skills to an advanced level.



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    My teaching methodology or style is dependent on the needs of my tutee. I am absolutely adaptive to my tutee's needs and I...

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  • Computer Science/IT students offering Computer Networking or some other IT fields should opt-in. Have got 9years of experience in the field.



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    I am a Computer System and Network Administrator with a couple years’ Experience teaching and delivering technology...

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  • Fashion and graphic designer offering professional lessons in Adobe Creative Suite. Specialised in Photoshop and Illustrator (+ demanded), but strong skills on Premier Pro/ After Effects/ InDesign



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    I will taught Adobe in a way you will find it intuitive to end up mastering it. My students make huge steps on their firsts...

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  • Academically Trained PhD Candidate Expert Tutor in Python, Jupyter notebook or Data Science, Data Analysis, Quantitative Methods and Data Visualization using Pandas and related packages



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    EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION - PhD Candidate, current research focused in Machine Learning for Asset Pricing (Finance) -...

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  • IT engineer with 12 years of experience willing to offer coaching on all computer related technology - excel, word, powerpoint, outlook, sql, testing, business analyst, automation and much more



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    Being an IT Engineer, I can easily teach basic skills like Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word along with skills like Testing...

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  • Adobe's Creative Suite lessons (5 years experience in design, web, photography and video)



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    I give lessons to anyone who is starting or already knows the basics and want to take their craft further by structuring the...

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  • Computer Science student offering support with GCSE and A Level Computer Science



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    Generally I aim to teach based on whatever course content needs the most focus on. I try to use diagrams and interactive...

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  • Computer Science Student offering Javascript, Python, Html, CSS, Nodejs, P5JS programming tutorials.



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    My teaching method mostly I focused on practical example. Understand the programming or computer science concepts with the...

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  • Professional game designer and Experienced Unity Developer keen to show a creative coding approach to learning.



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    I learnt by doing, so I teach by doing. In the past I have found that the best way to tackle something that you are...

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  • How to acquire the basics to become an ethical hacker? On Paris (face) or elsewhere (web)


    Paris 18e, France

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    I am a computer enthusiast. My classes are for those who want to discover this beautiful science. My teaching is based on...

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  • Autodesk Maya authorized specialist with 13 years of experience in animation and modeling offering private ONLINE lessons



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    Hi there friends! Since I remember myself I was drawing and making animation. even when I was 4 years old I was drawing...

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  • Learn the data management and data analysis using Stata, SPSS, Minitab, Statgraphics, and Nvivo.


    Kingston upon Thames

    5 (29 reviews)

    Relevance and the suitability of methodological choices: the emphasis is laid upon assessing and illustrating the most...

    • £60/h
  • Experienced teacher and PhD researcher offering lectures related to Computer Science subjects



    5 (7 reviews)

    My teaching method involves regular short quizzes and presentations with discussion of different practical examples that ...

    • £23/h
    • 45mins free
  • IT teacher for IT initiation, understanding and knowing, easy using your computer, tablet, smartphone, internet, google chrome, mozilla, safari and Apple, Macintosh of course - Paris


    Paris 6e, France

    4.8 (42 reviews)

    Teaching IT since 2017, I adapt my courses to the profile of the person taught and whatever their level, objectives and...

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