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1st lesson free!

Hi, I am an undergraduate Biology student offering advice on health and fitness e.g weight loss, weight gain, muscle toning and conditioning etc...

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I base my teaching’s on the individual. Every human body is different so one method does not work with everyone. I myself am at 7% body fat with 3 years of gym experience and another 3 years of level 3 + health knowledge.


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About Ahmed

I am an undergraduate biology student who has helped many people lose weight and also gain weight. I have given many private 1 to 1s at the gym while giving health and fitness advice alongside the training.



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  • YOUR HEALTH IS PRICELESS. No one can take care of your body or mind for you.  Join me to learn about Health and well-being, in a Holistic way.  COMPASSION, COMMITMENT and LOVE are one of the principle



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  • Transform your body from the inside-out with a programme of organic, nourishing superfoods. Weight loss, detox cleanse, heavy metal removal, skin, hair & nail treatment, gut repair, deep restful sleep



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    For each client I create a specific superfoods programme to complete cleanse the body from the inside, starting with the...

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  • Certified Personal Training that specialises in Weight/Fat loss, GP Referral and MMA Conditioning in London and over 5 years experience helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.



    Designing safe, effective and innovative weight managing programs for clients of all fitness levels and aspiring...

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  • A Science and Football graduate offering lessons on nutrition and healthy living



    My teaching method varies and is dependent on the learner. I like to tailor my sessions to how each individual learns,...

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  • Design Technology student in last few months of uni. My passion is food (food & nutrition, health & social) and I’m looking to help those who would like/need in depth help with their work and addition


    Ystrad Mynach

    I approach my learners with a visual technique, I like to do presentations that aren’t always just full of wiring so...

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  • Doctoral Ph.D. student offering support in Public Health, Epidemiology, Nutrition & Dietetics



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  • 400 hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher and CMA Dip Qualified Nutrition Coach



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  • Offering local, flexible and adaptable tutoring around nutrition, diet ,health and well-being.


    Great Missenden

    I like to make things fun ! Some games , diagrams , spot the differences ,word searches but also some fun facts and...

    • £8/h
    • 1hr free
  • Biomedical student who has studied nutrition on the side offering nutrition and weight improvement classes. Able to provide meal ideas, plans, exercise advice etc.


    Minster on Sea

    My teaching method focuses on individual clients and students on a one on one basis. We spend the first session discussing...

    • £10/h
    • 1hr free
  • Safe, healthy and positive health and weight loss guidance for young teenagers



    Approaching the issue of self image can be a very delicate topic for young teenagers. There is definitely a right and a...

    • £10/h
    • 30mins free