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Doučovanie Angličtiny ONLINE od študentky z Anglicka - Angličtina ako cudzí jazyk, konverzácia, reading comprehension, written communication, vocabulary, príprava na testy, certifikáty, maturity

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Valentína is one of our best tutors. They have a high-quality profile, verified qualifications, a quick response time, and great reviews from students!

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cena: 20€/60 min
Som certifikovaná držiteľka diplomu TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) overeného Britskou vládou. Zároveň mám CAE certifikát na úrovni C2 proficient a už štvrtý rok žijem v Anglicku, kde práve študujem na magisterský titul.
Učím angličtinu ako cudzí jazyk online cez Zoom/Skype/Google Meet pre študentov v rôznych vekoch (8-65) a z celého sveta. Hodiny prispôsobujem Vašej potrebe a uprednostňujem najmä konverzáciu (ako rozviazať váš jazyk na rôzne témy), ponúkam však aj written comprehension a reading comprehension guidance. Viem pomôcť s prípravami na maturity či iné testy, pre dospelých napríklad prispôsobiť hodiny témam súvisiacim s Vašou prácou, a doučiť aj drobné nuánsy najmä britskej formy anglického jazyka.

Viem Vám pomôcť zlepšiť sa v komunikácii v anglickom jazyku, nezáležiac od vášho terajšieho levelu, a tiež vysvetliť gramatické princípy pre rôzne kategórie pokročilosti.

Prvých 20 minút z lekcie ponúkam zadarmo, potom príjmam platbu prevodom na slovenský účet/Paypal.


  • ESOL (English)
  • Accent Reduction-English
  • EFL
  • +2

    British English

    Cambridge First Certificate FCE


  • English


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About Valentína

Volám sa Valentína a študujem magisterské na univerzite vo Veľkej Británii. Som držiteľka certifikátov TEFL a Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) na leveli C2 - proficient, a vyučujem angličtinu online cez Skype s výborným hodnotením.

Superprof interview:
1) Do you speak this language fluently because of your origins or because a teacher inspired you to learn?

I have grown up in Slovakia and learned English as a second language since kindergarten. It wasn't until secondary school when I developed a real interest in the language and culture, in part through my love of movies and art cinema played or subtitled in English, and in part, thanks to my precious English teacher at school who made learning interactive, fun and enjoyable - thus inspiring me to see my future self providing the same during my travels

2) Is there a typical word, phrase, tradition or behavior in the language that you particularly like?

I have grown used to the British culture of strict queueing policy and apologetic politeness - to the point of saying sorry to things which are not my fault at all (the so-called British syndrome). I like that people are kind to one another, albeit slightly distanced.

3) Why does speaking this language matter to you?

I have been a passionate traveller since young age thanks to my parents and their parents before. Being so inspired by new cultures from such a young age made me realize the importance of integration and communication when travelling and discovering. English is the ground zero of facilitating understanding between people from opposite ends of the world, and even opposite world views - but it's not the end! I like to constantly learn new languages of countries and cultures that I like the most.

4) What is the main difficulty in learning this language and what can help the process of learning?

I find that students' first language will affect the most how much students can extract the meaning of words and sentences, as compared to drill-memorising. Pronunciation needs to be actively memorised since words in English are written differently than spoken. For this, coming into frequent contact with listening or speaking is essential. I always recommend watching interactive content like youtube videos or subtitles movies, and reading books whilst listening to the audiobook, if available!

5) What makes you a Superprof in language?

I am passionate about helping others towards successful communication because language-learning is my personal favourite activity. I consider my work as a tutor highly rewarding and meaningful and I am ready to help individual needs to achieve the best results in learning.



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