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  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Physics
  • Trigonometry
  • Chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • All Levels

Engineering Second Year Student with Excellent GCSE and A-Level Knowledge Tutoring Group or Individual in Maths, Physics and Chemistry in London


My teaching methods are catered to the needs of every student, you can be assured to experience an engaging class with many resources. These teaching methods have been applied from my own personal experience in being a student and understanding which tutoring methods helped me best. For example, I will not only just cover topics simply from a textbook but I will prepare your knowledge for your future in the subject as I believe advanced skills from a young age will prepare you best for success.


I am studying Aerospace Engineering in Second Year, predicted First Class. Tutoring unprofessionally for years and starting professional tutoring by many recommendations from past students. Past students have achieved excellent results and improvements in exams. Expertise in targeting Exam Board questions. Flexible and reliable


Rate for online lessons : £5/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £60
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £90


Rates do not vary from Level

Lessons offered by Ranmini
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Physics
  • Trigonometry
  • Chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • All Levels

Ranmini's CV

From Aerofoil to flight systems, disciplines of Aerospace engineering can be applied universally. At the forefront of physical theories, manufacturing advanced systems has always held a fascination in me. This part that is applied by testing prototypes and various disciplines to create a future is what truly separates Aeronautics from any other field. For this reason, I have always been concerned with how they impact the society we live in today. Coupled with the fact that I have always appreciated the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of equations of motion involved in Mathematics and Physics, I decided several years ago to embark on a career in engineering.

Queen Mary, University of London – BEng Aerospace Engineering Year 1 (Past)
Thermodynamics 1 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
Exploring Aerospace Engineering Mathematics and computing for engineers 1
Mechanics of Fluids 1 Mathematics and computing for engineers 2
Engineering Mechanics: Statics Engineering Design Methods
Transferable skills for engineers and material scientists

Queen Mary, University of London – BEng Aerospace Engineering Year 2 (Present)
Aerothermodynamics of Fluid Flows Engineering Materials for Design
Control Systems Analysis and Design Grad, div and curl: Vector Calculus for Engineering
Design for Manufacturing Low Speed Aerodynamics
Engineering Instrumentation Solid Mechanics

Queen Mary, University of London – BEng Aerospace Engineering Year 3 (Future)
Computer Aided Engineering for Solids and Fluids. Aerospace Design
Individual Project Aircraft Propulsion
Stability and Control of Aircraft High Speed Aerodynamics
Aircraft design

St Dominic’s Sixth Form College - AS LEVEL 2015 - 2016
Art & Design - A
St Dominic’s Sixth Form College - A LEVEL 2016 - 2017
Mathematics – A Chemistry – B Physics - C

Bentleywood High School – GCSE 2010 - 2015
Mathematics – A* English Language - B
Further mathematics – A* IT – A*
Core Science - A Religious Studies - A
Additional Science - A History - A
Further Additional Science - A Art & Design – A*
English Literature – A*

University Projects
Instrumentation Problem Based Learning – Robotic Arm Circuit - Year 2
• Leader responsible for all distribution of tasks and deadlines, various team meetings and research
• Utilised collaboratively even with limited team members to produce professional report
Design for Manufacture - Self-contained Device - Year 2
• CAD modelling and design, Power testing and calculations to determine efficiency based on algorithm
• Research of parts and materials, networking with companies to obtain quotations
• Project planning by producing a gantt chart to highlight responsibilities and deadlines
Engineering Design Methods - Internal Pipe Climber - Year 1
• Transferrable knowledge from SolidWorks to Creo to model and design instrument
• Implementation of deadlines to ensure time was managed
• Detailed engineering drawings, indicating journey of development with correct features such as tolerance
Control Systems Analysis and Design – Fluid Level Control – Year 2
• Designed a PID controller using a MATLAB code and validate the control performance from real-time experimentation and interpretation of results with the use of Laplace Transformed, as studied
• Acquired hands-on experiences in building up a real-time control system, utilising PID controller tuning, actuators and level sensors or transmitters
• Developed expertise in electrical components and schematic diagrams of hardware and software
(Drivetrain Team) Queen Mary Formula Student 2017 - 2018
• Explore the influence of motorsport such as the computational fluid dynamics that dictate the aerodynamic development to create a sustainable, effective and fuel-efficient car as I learnt paramount principles through independent research of pedal box design and functionality
• Provided limitless opportunities to connect with large scale competitors such as Ferrari and McLaren, also engaging with people from IMechE and mechanical companies
• Testing prototypes by running stimulations through CAD, particularly SolidWorks as a beginner, under pressure to produce a model of a pedal box forced me to learn advanced skills
British Airways at Heathrow and BA Engineering Base Jun 2016
• United parallels of aerodynamics and mechanical structures in real life systems
• Progressed theoretical and practical understanding of mechanical structures, scheduled flight arrival and departure times to manage air traffic control alongside officials
• Exposed to a comprehensively evolving field of engineering; the immense scale of job opportunities and the influence engineering has over manufacturing
• Developed good relationships with colleagues and created useful links with workers who expressed the availability of a position at the company for me
• Assessed various flight decks and engines to determine the suitability for the aircraft to service passengers (structural damage of aging and flying at high altitudes)
Willesden Centre for Health and Care Jun 2015
• Experienced first-hand how advancements influence technology - monitored patients involving x-ray and MRI as an extension to my studies of NMR spectroscopy and electromagnetic radiation
• Conceptualised my strategic analysis - exceeded daily handling of tasks due to developing clear knowledge of administrative tasks, allowing additional time to assist nurses and ward managers
• Implemented importance of customer relations and workplace etiquette - underwent collaborative administrative tasks, handling of patient’s relatives and emergency services departure and arrival
Peace Hospice Care Literature and Media Store London 2014 – 2015
• Calculate daily selling’s with the manager - familiarise the importance of financial records
• Maintain an efficient recycling system hence develop organisation - required monitoring of books
• Work with postage officials and customers to resolve issues - providing customer service and from a young age, developed confidence in working with adults by developing a status as a proficient worker
Co-op London Oct 2017 - present
• Widened my ability to take initiative and work well under pressure - ensuring strict deadlines are met as successfully demonstrated in my ability to simultaneously complete various tasks to high standards
• Rapidly established a prominence within the team - serving one of the largest number of customers
• Bronze and Silver Arts Awards: utilized the principles of art, exceptional skills, full marks in modules
• Poem published in 'Poetry Maters' and became a young author, won a competitive scheme aimed at targeting students to provide a platform to express literature
• 'Leader of Learning' program: taught mechanics to students in AS Level
• DofE Bronze Award involved me in a project to teach art enthusiasts primarily from personal study, physically challenging opportunity, time consuming yet time management was not difficult
• UKMT Bronze Award: from an emergence of interest in this mathematics competition, it was apparent that Mathematics was a groundwork which verified to be a pioneer of my interest in engineering
• Various societies within university including Engineering Without Borders
• IT: intermediate level of Word, Excel, MATLAB and CAD software such as Creo, SolidWorks, MATLAB
Available on request

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