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I am half French half Iranian, currently a singer and an actress who want to teach French, English, Spanish in London, from all ages to all levels.

About the lesson

I have given English, French, Spanish classes to many different people and range of ages, from all levels : no speaking to those who just want to improve their skills. Thanks to my experiences, basically I can teach everyone.

I think each person is different. So, the style, methods and lesson plan will be different according to the needs, wishes, personality and character of the person. That's why I'm always offering the 1st lesson.

I might give you very gramatical lessons if you just want to reinforce your bases. Even though, I think the best way of learning a language is by practicing : listening and speaking.
Those 2 words are the keys of success ! Why ?
- Listening : to pay attention to the sounds of the language, be familiar with it, understand better and learn new vocabulary.
- Speaking : as you know, for everything we learn, it's easier to understand than to put into practice ! In languages, if you don't try to speak the language you want to know, you will always be shy, scared, and not confident to accost someone and start a conversation.
This is why I'm here : to make you confident. We are not in class. I'm not here to judge and put notes. I'm here to help you, and if I could give you my love for the languages through our lessons, I would be more than happpy.
So I might offer to listen to an advertisement, or a radio, or something on TV about a specific topic for 10 minutes. Then summary of what you've understood, I give you some vocabulary and we can debate about the topic and what you've thought of it.

As a singer and an actress, I like interactivity and I can offer other methods than those seen at school (that are quite boring, between you and me !).
I might offer some improvisation by giving a situation, then you have 5 or 10 minutes to think about it before practicing ! Example : we are in the shop, I'm the customer and you are in retails. You want to sell a new product and convince me.
Or, if we work by group and class, it's even better as we can do some mini plays by improvising ! Rather than sit on a chair and listen to a teacher, it's funnier, you can learn better and surprise yourself with your own imagination.

As you can see, I have many different methods. What I gave you were just a few of them.
I will finish by that : when we like something, we are happy and more open-minded. If you don't like the lesson or the teacher, or both, or that you're bored, you won't want to listen and learn. The best gift for me is when you didn't like the language before, but learnt to like it with me... I think teaching is a common work between the "student" and the teacher. So I hope we'll do a great work together !


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About Kameliya

Since my childhood, I've always loved to help people and teach them. But I've been teaching as a private tutor for 4 years, giving classes of English, Spanish and singing for all levels and and ages. I had many high school students. In addition, I was a director of choir during 2 years, where I had 60 people to lead and teach singing, from 7 to 90 years old. So we can say I'm used to teach one person as well as a big group !

I've worked with high school students who had difficulties to understand and learn a language.
I’ve had to find other methods than those taught at school to make it easier to understand and remember for my students.
I’ve been responsible for increasing their school results. And that make me realize I could work under parents’ pressure and deadlines.
I’ve helped a few students to have better results and to pass their exams. For example, my student Mandy came from 5/20 to 13/20 in a few weeks. Thanks to me, she passed her A-levels in English. She can speak more in English now.
I've succeded in making some of my students like a language, and that is the best result and gift I've had for me...



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