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History Tutor from University of Glasgow 4th year (expected first). Tutoring provided in Glasgow west and city center. To help with Exam technique and revision tactics specifically, as well as general

It is impossible to learn the whole of history's curriculum; however, there are specific ways to apply the knowledge and formulate sound historical arguments. I provide tutoring to improve an individual's exam confidence and technique, so that they can feel proficient when entering in to an exam. The techniques I will teach an individual will be transferable to other subjects of a similar matter, such as politics, English literature, Sociology and other social sciences and humanities.

My tutoring will provide the individual with the skills to:
- Be able to approach and dissect an exam question.
- Be able to use the knowledge in a structured manner.
- Consider counter arguments and understand how to analyse historical data.
- Revise efficiently and importantly know what to revise.
- Present material in a formal but interesting way.
- Question themselves and understand where they may have made mistakes in the past.

I tutor those between the ages of 14 to 18 and are gearing up to either coursework or exams. However, these skills are essential for anyone to learn the values behind being inquisitive. With this in mind, I am able to help children between the ages of 10-13 who are entering secondary school, or have recently started, and need help with understanding basic academic skills.

I teach history, general knowledge, geographical history. For the level(s)secondary, GCSE, as level, a level, BTEC.
I give lessons in person, at my home or the student's home.

Arron's Experience

I have direct tutoring experiences in special needs schools, learning young adults with mental disabilities to think outside the box and look at materials in a different way.
My academic experience is rich. Doing a degree at the University of Glasgow in History has given me the opportunity to give presentations, write reports and essays on a frequent basis. I am on a daily basis discussing the teaching methods that I outline.
I have ran independent revision classes with peers and friends who needed support. This has allowed me to discuss learning in a friendly and independent way that is much different to what is offered in the classroom. I have done this with a variety of age groups, including teenagers.

Arron's CV

Personal profile.
I am currently a student at the University of Glasgow. I am hard working and not facilitated to any specific work or job role. As you can see below, I have experience in various types of working environments.

Degree: (September 2013-2017)
Currently undertaking MA Honours History Degree at the University of Glasgow:
First Year: 100% pass rate in History, Classics and Philosophy
Second Year: 100% Pass rate in History, Classics and Central and Eastern European Studies.

A Levels (awarded August 2013)
History (A), Chemistry (B), Biology (B), AS General Studies (B)

GCSE's (awarded August 2011)
English Literature (A*), Physical Education (A*), Maths (A), History (A), Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), English Language (B), English Media (B), Food Technology (B), OCR I.T for computer graphics (B), OCR I.T for business (B).

Other (all awarded in 2013).
AQA Baccalaureate, Chemistry Olympiad Participant, University of Huddersfield Progression Module

Most Recent Work Experience:

• Subcity Radio:
Currently run a radio show on Subcity.org from September 2016. The show is a soul music based show (Searching For Soul) and plays every two weeks. My roles including ensuring that I pick the music selection and mixes correctly, ensuring that the sound systems function well, and making sure that my content is radio friendly. The position has given me a creative freedom to express, that has brought out a more practical side of my working habits. Choosing the themes of the shows and engaging these with the audience has given me confidence in my ability to present material and allowed me to show this with consistency.

• Oxfam Music:
Volunteer at Oxfam music Byers Road since August 2016. Roles include general retail skills, organization of media and music, and discussing cultural topics with other members of staff and general members of the public. Still continuing this role and has allowed me to express my interests more, whilst giving me a new skill set in shop floor retail.

• The Viper G1 Group:
Bar and floor staff from September 2015- March 2016. Responsibilities included dealing with customers and members of public with bar service, cleaning and general maintenance of the venue. The work gave me valuable experience in bar work, customer service and a great deal of patience. Left due to being underpaid on numerous occasions.

• Depop clothing business:
Set up my own clothing business on the application depop. Began this in June. Roles include online retail with clothing products, marketing and strict punctuality with delivery times. Currently have a five star rating and fifty positive reviews. Continuing this today and the skills learnt have allowed me to be transferable into retail and most general customer service roles.

• Marie Curie Cancer Care Fundraiser:
Was involved in door to door fundraising for the charity through a feeder company. Did this during May 2015. Roles included direct involvement with the public, communicative skills and resilience. Left due to personal reasons.

• Air BnB host:
Ran room on Air Bnb successfully from June 2015- August 2015. Still continue to do this when I have the time. Job roles include being a host to travellers visiting Glasgow, online marketing and communication through barriers such as language and culture. Have a five star rating and an Air BnB recommended status. The role was enjoyable and has given me some valuable skills which can be transferred into management and hotel work, general public roles and hosting roles.

• The Arches:
Member of the general staff and promotion team for club nights from September 2014 – March 2015 Roles included ticket sales, setting up parts of the venue for the evening and promotion of the events to members of the public. Unfortunately The Arches licences were removed, which concluding in all staff lost their place of work. However, the job gave me great experience working within a team environment, promotion and sales, and general interaction with the public.

Other Work Experience (Please do not hesitate to ask me to elaborate on these):
• Radio 1 academy training and experience in journalism, radio, television and media throughout April 2014.
• Writer and part time journalist at Qmunicate magazine September 2013-September 2015
• Lab assistant for chemistry department for Huddersfield University throughout June 2012.
• Cafe waiter at Hampsons Garden world between March 2011- July 2011
• Classroom assistant at special needs college between June 2010- July 2010

Other Qualifications:
• Class B full time driving License from 07/02/2013
• Level 2 Award in Food safety in Catering (9th December 2011)
• First aid certificate of training (September 2011)
• Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership (19th July 2011)
• Level 2 Award in healthy food and special diets (28th April 2011)
• Currently A Orange Belt in Judo (15/02/2017)

Personal Information and Interests:
• Sport, physical activity and well-being. Currently fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK by running Tough mudder event in June 2017.
• Music. Play guitar, collect vinyl and based my dissertation on Northern Soul music.
• Reading, poetry and spoken word.
• General history and travel.
• Politics, debate and culture.
• Language. Currently learning how to speak Polish.

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