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Lessons offered by Rebbecca
  • Individual
  • In group
The lessons will be held
  • at her home
  • By webcam
Taught subjects
  • Reading
  • Phonetics
  • All Levels

Home educator offering tutoring lessons in phonics sessions and learning to read


My teaching method is a self learning approach. I support my son at his pace and introduce for reading through his interests as well as when outdoors noticing words and letters. I spend weekly moment through the week on the reading and encourage a natural love for learning. I use blending with two letters and gradually build to three letter words to familiarise the approach to the phonics. I use resources which have been very effective with his reading ability. I encourage spellings, games, comprehension, rhyming and definitions. I also use matching and building words with magnetic letters, images and real life things. From this I have incorporated his writing skills and worked with him to build on his fine motoring skills. I approach each development of reading at the child's pace as I believe this should be an enjoyable learning experience.


I am a home educator who has spent the past over 3 years teaching my son to read from his shown interest in the alphabet and books. I now support my son with reading at level 3/4 stage with his support of his primary school and throughout his Montessori preschool previously.


Rate for online lessons : £22/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £20
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £20


Payment is due 72 hours prior to session.

If the Client or Student cancels an arranged Lesson less than 24 hours before the Lesson is due to begin, for a reason other than an accident or an emergency, then the Client shall be obliged to pay a cancellation fee amounting to the full amount of that cancelled Lesson's fee unless a mutual alternative agreement has been made between the Client and the Tutor.

If the Tutor cancels an arranged Lesson less than 24 hours before the Lesson is due to begin, for a reason other than an accident or an emergency, then the Client is entitled to ask that a subsequent Lesson, up to the same duration, be offered by the Tutor at 80% of the agreed Lesson Fee unless a mutual alternative agreement has been made between the Client and the Tutor.

Lessons offered by Rebbecca
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • Reading
  • Phonetics
  • All Levels

Rebbecca's CV


I am a self-motivated individual adaptable to change. A valuable team member who thrives in working under pressure to achieve results and dedicated in completing my work in a timely manner. Committed to taking pride in my work ethic and wholeheartedly passionate for the subject of Mathematics throughout my life and these values infuses tutoring Mathematics to others. Possessing an analytical approach to plan and develop students researching different avenues for their tailored tutoring sessions.
Following my career break, I have decided to re-establish my Educational career as a teaching assistant which will further develop my teaching skills and play an influential part in supporting individuals or a group of students in achieving their personal goals in their studies; currently a member of the Tutor’s Association and on the Prince’s Trust Business Enterprise program to develop my tutoring company.


10 years’ experience tutoring in Mathematics, Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning and Piano and over 3 years’ experience working as an Managing Information Analyst for a leading UK bank.
Working independently from home, responsible for reporting to a Macro Manager (Senior Team Leader) located in another city and consistent with maintaining a high level of open communication.
Proficient in Skype (online tutoring), Internet, Video conferencing, Windows, MS Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, Publisher and PowerPoint), Q & A Level 3 in Excel, VBA and Access.


August 2014 – Present Maternity Leave and Career Break

- Deciding to home educate my child covering the core subjects and following the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Proactively monitoring and reassessing targets in success achieving 95% on the 24-month assessment.
- Possess the ability to breakdown complex situations\ideas into smaller parts to convey to my child. Boosting self-confidence by sustaining self-belief when accomplishing tasks and revisiting capabilities from overcoming challenging tasks.
- Adapting methods of open communication based on ability and learning style of the individual, introducing creative and effective solutions to problem solving with the emphasis on cultivating a dialogue. These methods have resulted in my child understanding and interpreting instructions.
- Proactively reading Level 2 books daily at the age of three phonetically and tricky words in stages and enhancing knowledge by building up to 7 letter words with letter magnetics or molds, matching sounds with letters or groups of letters to spell words. Developing understanding and comprehending a story being read using drama skills. Thoroughly enjoying reading and moving onto further stories.
- Supporting markings, creativity and writing skills to develop fine motoring skills to build confidence in writing individual letters, numbers (1 - 10), first name and last name. Using real life visual aids for example, buses, posters, public transport boards, signs to enhance their interest in reading and number recognition (1 - 100) unlocking their potential and understanding.

May 2003 – July 2016 Mathematics, Verbal/Non-verbal reasoning and Piano Tutor, London
- Practice a partnership between the student, parent and myself empathising with students in overcoming challenges, creating a non-judgmental open policy environment to understand the topic covered.
- Independently working on encouraging students empowering their abilities to achieve objectives by goal-setting, coaching, decision-making and problem solving.
- Providing feedback to student and parent/guardian on the students’ progress and ongoing achievements to fulfil with one to one support to students.
- Adaptable with covering any material for the session: homework, classwork, revision, exam work, created worksheets and homework to support students with further knowledge on a subject matter.
- Boosting confidence and determined to encourage students with taking ownership of their own learning.
March 2013 – August 2014 Managing Information (MI) Analyst, UK & Ireland MI Team,

- Managed the team in the production of 100 Standard Operating Procedure documents. Reviewed and conducted quality assurance checks on the documents to assist with the development for all staff trained in the UK and Chennai (via webinar). This resulted in staff’s capability to produce all MI reports with increased efficiency, minimal errors and complaints.
- Monitored the Problems & Countermeasures and Non-conformance logs to get reports fit-for–purpose and other raised matters to manage the team’s continuous improvement
- Managed the Group Ops Story vision discussions for the MI Team to achieve utopia by setting objectives and actively encouraged feedback on improvements required to formulate action plans

January 2011 – March 2013 MI Analyst, Business Manager Support, Wimbledon

- Provided Managers and Regional Manager Directors daily, weekly, monthly and yearly MI reports and adhered with Service Level Agreement (SLAs) meeting objectives set by stakeholders.
- Created new electronic MI systems and trained staff’s IT skills to allow the teams to run efficiently
- Adhered to confidentiality and data protection by backing up data and encrypting reports


2017 Business Enterprise Program Princes Trust, Croydon
2013 Coaching The Coaching Academy
2011 Bachelor of Science Degree, (Hons) Mathematics University of Brighton
2005 A level, Mathematics Croydon College
2005 C&G, Computerised Accounts and Book-keeping Carshalton College
2005 NFCE, Life Coaching (Distance Learning) Newcastle College
2004 AVCE, Business (Double Award) John Ruskin College
2002 GCSE, 12 A-C’s (includes English & Mathematics) Harris City Technology College


2011-2012 New Hope Primary and Junior School, Jamaica (4-weeks)
2012 -2013 GCSE Success (Year 9-11), Clapham Junction, UK

- Provided one to one and classroom-based support to the teachers, tutors and pupils
- Building confidence by developing social skills adapting to their culture’s education practices
- Built a rapport with students in the Alternative Secondary Transition Education Programme Leading the lesson with interactive activities which positively encouraged, involved and motivated the students in contributing. Contributed in school events ensuring the health and safety of pupils.


- Prince’s Trust Level 1 Award and continuing on to Level 2 Award in Exploring Enterprise
- Nominee for the Miranda Brawn Scholarship Award
- A long-term commitment of over 12 months tutoring services per student gaining overall more than 300 hours tutoring experience.


- Event planning, coordinating event and designing the leaflets, invitations, seating plan and invitations for the event. Organising excursions, travelling and experiencing different cultures.
- Reading development books, listening to a variety of music, baking, hosting gatherings, pampering myself and playing pool and co-hosting board games days. Creating Business Marketing platforms.


Available upon request

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5 hours £20 Not available £110
10 hours £20 Not available £220
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