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💸 How expensive are acting classes in Plymouth and the surrounding areas?

The rate of acting classes in and around the Plymouth area is about £19 for an hour.


The price of your lessons will vary depending on:

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  • The number of lessons and the duration of each class
  • the objective of your classes (are you wanting to learn professional acting techniques, improve on your self-confidence or maybe you just want to learn acting as a hobby?)

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Many people dream of being on TV but in reality, acting is a very difficult field to get into. Learning to act properly is more complicated than you might think and there are many schools of thought around different acting techniques. This is why acting lessons are so popular.


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There are currently 9 tutors available to teach acting lessons in and around Plymouth.


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From a sample of 1 scores, pupils rated their acting tutors an average of 5.0 out of five.


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“The best acting is instinctive. It’s not intellectual, it’s not mechanical, it’s instinctive.” -Craig MacDonald


Whether you have the gift or not, you might have a strong desire and fire instead of you that cannot be contained. What kind of fire is that you may ask? A strong passion for acting. Since acting is a ruthless profession to get into with many disappointments along the way, you have to really love it to stick with it. Before you make it big time, you have to deal with countless rejections and go to audition after audition trying to give it your all to impress casting directors. Also, it’s worth mentioning, that even the most well-intentioned and hardworking actors to be struggling to find jobs at one point or another in their careers. That’s why the advice received by acclaimed performers should always be taken to heart and as the quote mentioned at the outset highlights, acting should be instinctive. So, if you’re not an instinctive person you might want to work on that. Is there anything else an aspiring performing artist should be aware of? Well, it’s important to state that through the assistance of a personal acting coach, wannabe actors in Plymouth can have all of their questions answered. Let’s take a look at where persons in Plymouth may find acting instructors.

Tips to Become a Better Actor

Though most seasoned thespians will tell you that they have honed their craft through time and work experience, it’s worth highlighting that there are a few tips that may help good actors become great. Such as? Firstly, one suggestion for aspiring actors is to pay attention to how others react and emote. Since acting is pretty much displaying human emotion in a believable way on screen and stage, it’s extremely important for actors to watch how their friends and family interact. By taking a look at how people actually operate, you might display ideas on how to mimic people’s emotions in a truthful way. Secondly, this suggestion might seem a little strange but it’s highly effective. What is it? Talk to people you’ve never met before. By talking to strangers and trying to get to know them, you can successfully learn new stories and discover their personal struggles and how they’ve gotten over their issues. Even the strangest of strangers have interesting stories to tell so pay attention to them. Thirdly, as is the case to pass any important academic discipline, it’s crucial to read and study relevant material about acting. By taking the time to read how-to books and autobiographies from certain actors, you will be able to try new methods and see if you will feel comfortable using them. Fourthly, we greatly suggest that if you want to become a better actor, you ask as many questions as possible. By seeking the answers from experienced ones, you become more aware of how things should be and you learn from the experiences of others. By following the four tips we just mentioned, we are certain that you’ll enjoy a successful career as an actor!

Reasons to Hire a Private Acting Coach

While the more traditional method of learning how to act is attending group lessons at an institute or university, in recent years, there are many who have learned acting through the help of a private tutor. Personal instruction has many benefits for all types of students and acting pupils are wise to hire a private acting coach. Why’s that? Firstly, since you’re alone with the acting instructor, you received personalised instruction without any interruptions and you can learn the things that interest you at your rhythm. Private acting coaches thoroughly enjoy adapting their lesson plans to fit your needs and specific interests. Secondly, although we’ll further discuss this point in the following subheading when acting courses are with a private instructor, they can either be held in-person or virtually; it’s extremely rare for an institute to provide group sessions that are online. Students like the option of selecting between two types of instruction. Thirdly, having a private acting coach is a lot more flexible planning wise than attending classes at a school with predetermined times. You can communicate with your tutor about class times and talk about whether or not you will be available at a certain time. There are so many things that make hiring a personal acting tutor a good idea. Now all you need to decide is whether or not you want to take classes in-person or virtually and we’ll discuss that in the following subheading.

In-Person or Virtual Acting Classes: Which is Best?

Acting courses are extremely engaging and interactive whether you decide to join a group at a learning academy or you take personalised courses with an acting coach. But which is best: virtual or face-to-face learning courses? While it completely depends on the personal preferences of each person, many prefer face-to-face courses since the instructor is in the same room as them and they can act out scenes together without having to use technology. However, for in-person lessons, the student or teacher needs to commute for courses and that can be inconvenient for all parties involved. On the other hand, virtual classes are popular amongst students who enjoy learning new things from the comfort of their own homes without any distractions. Virtual sessions are less popular with individuals who enjoy having their instructor or other students there with them in the flesh. The choice is yours; but why not try both options to see which one you enjoy the most?

Acting Instructors in Plymouth

While it is admirable to hire an acting coach that conducts lessons specifically for you, it’s worth mentioning that most people don’t know where to search for private tutors. Look no further than Superprof! With more than 16 million instructors around the world providing expert instruction to hundreds of thousands of students, Superprof is a mainstay of the e-learning industry. We highly recommend hiring one of the seven professional acting tutors providing lessons in the Plymouth area. Check out their profiles to see if their teaching techniques and past experiences match your needs. Superprof tutors are fun, affordable, and adaptable; hire one today!


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