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Experienced Afrikaans teacher offering online assistance for Afrikaans students up to university level

I believe that good subject knowledge ensures interesting lesson material. By encouraging students to cultivate a regular reading habit (in Afrikaans), I strive to instil a love for the language. My lessons regularly employ humour and irony, as well as memory-enhancing techniques.

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Hallo! Kom ons tiekiedraai en maak makietie! Dis Afrikaans, die mooiste taal ter wereld!

I am a laidback tutor who you can see as just another person to have a conversation with! Here and there I will help you along when you get stuck, but it is more about keeping your words going and building confidence in how you speak! The learning will happen by itself!

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Everyone is different and therefore, everyone learns differently, No matter how quickly or slowly you learn, im confident that i will get where you want to be.

If i am helping someone learn Afrikaans, i like to start at the beginning, as it is just like how a child would learn how to speak. I then like to buid on everything we have learn until they have reached where they want to be.

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Lively Native Afrikaans speaker fully bilingual in English as well super stoked and excited to teach more people this beautiful language.

My preferred method is to understand what your main problematic areas are and tackle that first. As soon as a wall is broken down it will be easy to build new stronger foundations.

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Qualified and Experienced Educator here to help you improve your results, guaranteed!

I have a Bachelors Degree in Education as well as 4 years experience in teaching all primary school subjects in English/Afrikaans. I can make you fall in love with Maths with results guaranteed! I assist each student according to his or her individual needs and strenghts. I'm a born teacher that is driven by the success of my students.

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Afrikaans Language Lessons - Afrikaanse Lesse beskikbaar - kom leer saam my

Teaching methods need to be flexible to suit the needs of the individual and skill. My lessons focus on pronunciation and listening comprehension, so that you can start practicing what you learn. Included are basic grammar lessons, simple words and phrases in the Afrikaans language as well as links to resources and further information about Afrikaans.

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South African lady immigrating to the states, home language is Afrikaans and have a tutoring knowledge

I believe that each and every person is different and I will work my method around their needs. I will ask them what they prefer and how I can be of best assistance to them.

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Arabic language teacher I am amr fathy. I teach Arabic language. I teach Arabic language 8 years ago.

My teaching method is speaking, writing, listening and reading. I teach Arabic language using 4 skills in the lesson. I teach Arabic language as a second language. I use the smart board in the teaching of language.

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Learning Made Easy: Learning is FUN (Master's Degree - Instructor, Masters in Psychology) also; Health & Fitness (mind, body, & soul)

I have a Masters in Psychology, with a second unfinished Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling , I prefer life being a life coach. I love aiding people with transitional phases of life (maximizing fun through healthy living & FUN). I have a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in African American Studies and am NO stranger to diversity).

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French and Wolof lessons for all levels from NATIVE in Dallas

I'm originally from senegal I teach french and Wolof, languages are keys to many doors I to teach these languages using a simple tool but necessary to be fluent which is 100% involvement of the student.

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