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Level 2 UKCC Badminton Coaching in Nottingham/Sheffield. International playing experience with 5+ years of coaching experience with groups and individuals of adults and children.

I have coached both 1-2-1 and group sessions, each with junior and adult participants for several years. For the past two years I have been the head coach of a club in Nottingham. I tailor my sessions to the individual(s), focusing on specific areas for improvement.

1st lesson offered free !

Effective badminton coaching available for players who want to be the best!

I will focus mainly on one or two aspects of the game each session as it allows the student to improve consistently and therefore they do not take in too many technical bits of information straight away. This allows the students to understand the process better thus being more effective.

Greater London
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A sixth form student studying Business and Food Science. love teaching and have been playing playing badminton at a fairly high level for about 5 years.

My name is Joel Winston. I am 16 years old, which shouldn't freak you out, give me a try first. My techniques are to start from the bottom of the body starting with footwork and moving up to the head and the mindset of the game. Im very patient and have taught many people in and out of school and believe me, you are not the worst i have trained.

Muhammad taufiq
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Badminton learning for any level, experienced player for 15 years and coaching for 1 years

I can teach any level from amateur to professional. I can teach as young 5 years old to start with. To book for the session either you book the court or I'll book the court at University. I am a Malaysian so I use lot more tactical stuff in my teaching. For amateur and beginner I will focus more in basic things like foot work, grip and shots.

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Polish girl studying in the UK offering tennis lessons in Bangor, teaching experience

I base my classes with kids on the Play and Stay technique. I believe that first they have to learn to love the activity and then we can start polishing their skills. With adults I like to start playing right away and correct any flaws or give extra advices.

1st lesson offered free !

College student in law, gives sports lessons (running and badminton) for beginners in Leeds

i am a friendly, easy going person, who studied a level psychology and sociology, and gained A* in both. i am happy to use my very detailed notes to go through past papers and revision with anyone who may be struggling. i am patient an have a very effective teaching strategy. please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Current student (KLB) and a Coach at Almondsbury tennis club, can do Charfield area!

Looking at the development of a player at any level. Looking primarily at tennis ability, shot-making and movement. However also looking at the fitness of a player trying to improve the physicality and the overall strength of a player as well.

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Part time badminton coach. Able to coach all levels; beginners to advanced players

My teaching method is towards a more patient approach rather than the typical aggressive coach as I was coached by one and understands that a little push is good but pushing students too much will lead to them losing interest in the sport completely,

1st lesson offered free !

Physical Education student offering badminton skills to others keen to improve their game!

I base my classes on skills that need to be worked on, drills to improve these skills and fun activities.

Greater London
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Badminton is one of the best gane in the world....you all should learn this and make your country proud...

I am student of pharm.d..... I am one of the best player of badminton....No one can beat me in badminton easily..

1st lesson offered free !

Badmi nton go ld med alist at evry champi onship all over india

I am a goo d tea cher so you can enjoy by learing bad minto with me on li ne

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

International student from Japan. Now I study in University of Leeds. My major is Turkish language.

I can teach badminton to students in different level. I will start from teaching basic skills, and also teach advanced techniques.

1st lesson offered free !

UKSport qualified badminton coach, giving coaching and lessons in London during Summer

Lessons will be focused on developing strong foundations in badminton to help the player develop quickly. These foundations will be mainly focused on footwork (to improve retrieval of shuttle and court coverage) and also fingertip/wrist/racket technique (to improve hitting ability in terms of power, accuracy and deception).

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Qualified and Experienced Racket Sports Coach located in Blaenau Gwent, South Wales

I am a very adaptable coach and can plans sessions for beginner players to advanced players. My coaching lessons are specifically focused and tailored around specific areas of an individual or group which aim to improve their game overall. I am very meticulous and plan sessions in advance.

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Engineering student at Sri Vasavi Engineering college with past experience gives badmintion coaching for starters and intermediate students.

My aim is to provide simple badminton drills and coaching that will teach players of all ages and abilities how to play badminton, and develop game specific techniques.

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SPORTS COACH and versatile allowing you to pursue your individual goals

Dilpomé teaching of sports activities for 4 years now, I offer my skills for different purposes: - weight loss (overall, thigh gap, ...) - fitness - initiation or specialization in a physical activity courses will be at your home or at a public place, with your own equipment or that I bring as needed.

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State level Champion Table Tennis player with 12 years of experience gives tuition about this amazing sports

Students should chose a tutor based on : 1. He/She has a good communication flow that can match his/her teaching style. 2. He/She must have a good understanding of that subject both in theoretically and practically. 3. Must be patient with students growth and compassionate his/her style of grabbing knowledge from a tutoring session. 4.

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Students in engineering collegeous can be a university player or a state player represent

My teaching process is to make fit to play multiple games and techniques for game score balance. Even in loosing time. giving ideas racket using in different styles.my teaching for degree students for university selections.

1st lesson offered free !

Basics that can lead you to become a great sportsperson in you.

I was a great learner as I never took classes for practicing. whatever I have achieved today is with my passion towards the game and I will surely advise my fellow people to follow the footsteps to accomplishing great things in life.

1st lesson offered free !

Lets play Tennis and Enjoy our life out of stress and tensions :)

⦁ Have trained players of U-12 & U-14 of the nation ranking in the top 10.

1st lesson offered free !

Physical education Teacher and Sports Teacher and professional Badminton player Playing over last 6 years and Having good knowledge of it. Represented university national championship 3 times in Badmi

Teach students according to their ability by knowing them, also knowledge of there strong point ,in which east they are good and can adapt quickly

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

My name is Chris and I have been playing and coaching badminton for over 7 years.

Basic Skills to Advanced Skills I have student between 3 - 45 years old.

South Pampady
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1st lesson offered free !

I have being playing badminton from past 5 and love to coach it as well

I have simple concepts like learning from my mistakes and practice it til i make it my best shot in future

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Pro badminton player and coach, specialized in attacking and defensive play f

My teaching will be based mostly on basics and fitness.

1st lesson offered free !

Simple techniques thought in an unique manner to achieve it quicker and accurate.

I go step by step, where practicing more and correcting the flaws is my style of teaching. Hard work can only pays you back.

1st lesson offered free !

If we have to learn something we must begin it from the basics...

My teaching method depends on practical knowledge rather than on theoretical work....

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