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Finding the Perfect Baking Tutor

Despite what many of us think, everyone has the time to learn how to bake. After all, whether it's decorating a cake, baking bread, or making scones, we all need to eat and what better way than to eat something that you made yourself?

You've probably seen that there are tonnes of baking and cookery courses all over the country and plenty of video tutorials and blogs available online, but when it comes to learning new skills, including baking, there are few methods better than learning through private tutorials.

Let's have a look at why you should learn to bake, the challenges you'll face, what aspects of it we learn in school (if any), how private tuition can help, and how to find private baking tutorials in London.

Why it's Important to Study Baking

We need to eat to stay alive but the food we eat is so much more than just the fuel we provide to our bodies. The human race has cooked since it first learnt to harness fire and there's evidence that they've used ovens for nearly 300 millennia. Of course, it's unlikely they were making sponge cake during this time!

Nowadays, food is about so much more than survival and while you can still bake bread to survive, baking also teaches us about different types of cookery from all over the world and promotes the conviviality of sharing food that we've prepared for our friends and family.

A lot of the skills learnt in baking can be used in other types of cooking, too, so by learning more about baking, you'll also naturally expand your repertoire of dishes and skills.

While it's not good for your health to eat cake every day, baking food also allows you to control what goes into the food you eat, allowing you to eat healthier baked products than those you buy off the supermarket shelves or even from your local baker.

Challenges in Baking

Anyone who's watched the Great British Bake Off or any other cooking show will know how easy it is for baking to catastrophically wrong. Even the best bakers make mistakes and you will, too. Don't let this put you off, though. For every poorly decorated cake (which can still be tasty), there'll be a multitude of delicious treats that came out perfect.

One of the biggest challenges faced when it comes to baking is the amount of time it takes. Generally, even the quickest recipes require a decent amount of prep and time in the oven. This means that you'll need to set aside a few hours for learning new baking skills be it through online courses, at a cookery school, or with the help of a private tutor.

Areas of Baking Studied at School

Secondary school students with an interest in baking might want to consider studying a Home Economics: Food and Nutrition GCSE. While it won't be all baking, they'll be able to learn new things lot about the food they eat, what it contains, and what happens to it when it gets baked.

For those who study home economics or cooking throughout secondary school, they'll probably get a good amount of experience with baking as putting something in an oven is a lot safer for young children than having them flambé or fry food over open flames.

Private Tuition in Baking

For anyone interested in getting better at baking, a private cookery or baking course is probably their best option. A private tutor can tailor lessons to you and let you cook whatever you want, as long as they believe you have the level to do so, of course.

Private tutorials are tailored to the student so if you're only interested in getting better at decorating cakes or have certain dietary requirements, for example, the tutor can adapt to you in a way that group cooking courses can't.

Private tuition also works with your timetable as you can schedule your classes for when you're available rather than having to attend a class on a given day at a given time.

Finding a Baking Tutor in London

If you've decided to get private baking tutorials in London, searching for a tutor on Superprof is a great way to find one.

You can look at every tutor's profile, see what their previous students thought of them, and, most importantly, check whether or not they offer the first hour for free. You can use this free hour to trial several different tutors and discuss what you want out of your tutorials.

The clearer you are, the more a tutor can adapt to your needs and the easier it is to find which tutors are suitable. After all, no two tutors are alike and you'll want somebody who specialises in the type of baking you want to learn, whose teaching style matches your preferred learning style, and whose rates and availability line up with your budget and timetable.

There are three main types of tutorial offered by the tutors on Superprof so you'll want to choose carefully to get the most out of your tutoring.

Firstly, face-to-face tutorials are between just the tutor and student and they allow the tutor to adapt each session and the course to the student. Generally, these are the most expensive type of tutorial but they're also the most cost-effective since the teaching is tailored to the learner and every hour is spent focused on teaching one student.

If you are on a tight budget, then you might want to consider group tutorials. You and a few friends could learn to bake with a private tutor for a fraction of the cost. Of course, you won't get sessions tailored to just you as there'll be other students there but you'll all be sharing the cost of the tutors time, which results in cheaper sessions.

Finally, you can also get tutorials online if you've got a webcam and a stable internet connection. While these were traditionally for academic subjects, hands-on skills like baking can also be taught remotely. If there's a particular style of baking that you want to learn or you just can't find any tutors to your liking in London, you can get online tutorials. They also tend to be cheaper than face-to-face tutorials since the tutor doesn't have to pay for travel or provide equipment to their students.


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The average price of Baking  lessons is £21.

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