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Greater london
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Animation and Affereffects tutor London Maya 3ds max Unity 3d and game design

Help In Projects One to One Interior designers and Architects We are open from Monday to Sunday 9 Am to 9 Pm We charge 30 to 33 Pounds Per/hr (Rates may vary on Weekends).

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Maths tuition up to A level, Advanced Higher in Edinburgh and beyond

uition is one-to-one and given online or in person in the tutees own home. I ask all tutees to aim high and consider obtaining an A grade. My method is: *at all levels we will work on a review of previous maths.

Central London
(3 reviews)

Hemant - Central London - Statistics

I have wide experience of teaching students from a wide range of different nationalities in London, for example: Russian, European, Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Middle-East, American, Latin American and African. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I have past & present experience of teaching Finance, Accounting , Economics and Business management - Tell me about your qualifications.

Wembley Central

Jeel - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Computing. KS3, GCSE and A levels.

Dear Parents and Students, I am 26 years old, I teach because I enjoy it and I love teaching. Tutoring is my passion along with many other aspects of life which include investing, public speaking and volunteering. - Which subject(s) do you teach? A - Levels - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Computing. GCSE - Maths, All Sciences, ICT, Computing, Economics.

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Doctor in theoretical Computer Science gives Maths tuition in Portsmouth and online

I offer private tuition in Maths for GCSEs, A-levels / IB, face-to-face in the Portsmouth area or online, via Google Hangouts or Skype, with webcam, whiteboard and screensharing. Each session is carefully thought out so that the student gets the most out of it, on specific topics they have chosen, working on theory, exercises and past exam papers.

Central Hounslow

Nikhil - Central Hounslow - Maths

Hi. I love to help people grow so enjoy training people to help them improve their skills in Programming, Algorithmic Trading, Data Science, Mathematics and Finance.

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Doctor & Professional Engineer expert in Tutoring offers maths and physics lessons in London

My philosophy is that tutoring is more than just teaching, it is also about mentoring and about building a trust with the student to appreciate their individual needs and aspirations. My approach is not just to give the answers but to enable the student to find the solution using their own latent talent.


Nikos - Southfields - Maths

Exceptional Mathematician, Physicist, and IT Professional committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with his students. Can prepare for new exam systems in GCSE and A-Levels.I have prepared students for Oxbridge entrance successfully. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths, Further Maths, Mechanics, Statistics, Computer Science and Programming (C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, SQL, etc.

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Mature tutor offers patient teaching in mathematics to GCSE and A level.

Attempt past papers to identify weaknesses and then Google to support. Each lesson to check times tables. The most common reason pupils fail in mathematics is as a consequence of losing confidence. My earliest priority would be to remedy this by ensuring that lower order concepts had been fully understood. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Mathematics and Information Technology.

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IT Practitioner and tutor with 15+ years experience in tutoring, training and programming. Tutor in Poole, Dorset

I hold a master of science degree in IT and a software and academic professional with excellent computing and programming skills. I teach computing for students of any age and levels. Conversant with modern technologies, curriculum and techniques. My method of teaching students being, prepare, teach, test and support.

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Computer and Software Skills in an easy, intuitive and structured manner

I am an experienced and student oriented tutor, with confident that I can provide expert and proper tutoring and guidance for your requirement. Tutoring and training has been my passion. I used to train my office staff on IT and other technical areas. I have also tutored students in GCSE and Degree level programs. I assure you Communication in clear, flowerless English (IELTS 8.

North Shields
(2 reviews)
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Teacher with 14 years of experience teaching Maths to GCSE in Tyne and Wear

I am a friendly, patient and flexible tutor. I can come to you are you can also come to me. I provide all the resources and exercise books for each meeting so you just need to turn up. I use a mixture of videos, presentations, text books, printed text and verbal resources to instruct and offer guidance and support with students who with different learning styles and preferences.

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University Radiography student offering to tutor Maths, Biology, and English for all academic levels.

I assess each student's academic capability and formulate specific lesson plans to achieve their goals by guiding them to their highest potential. I write the objectives and goals with the student and use various learning styles to make the lessons entertaining as well as educational.

1st lesson offered free !

Students offering maths and further maths up to university level (including online tuition)

My teaching methodology is based on certain principles:-1 1. First lesson is for familiarisation with students and get to know their expectations and to build confidence. 2. Systematic approach to each topic student needs to learn with focus on exam-type of questions, marking scheme and any other student requirement. 3. Homework to encourage independent study and build student confidence.

Horsley Woodhouse
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IT consultant with 20 years of experience in creating and implementing modern software.

Completed 20+ years of knowledge transfer in the IT industry from peer-to-peer learning, completing workshops and providing written or online training material in computing for building infrastructure or developing modern software. A big believer in learning through distributed practice where dividing your studies over time intervals is key, through written, visual and conversational teaching.

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Creative, Attentive and Passionate Maths & Physics Tutor (PhD) here in Northern Ireland

I aim to rebuild a student's confidence in their chosen STEM subject with one-on-one tuition tailored to their specific educational needs. During my tutoring sessions, I will often be filling in background information on a topic that a student may have missed, offering different explanations for key concepts, and encouraging repeated practice of a subject.

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Qualified teacher in Manchester with 15 years experience as a tutor and examiner.

We start by getting to know each other and look at potential learning materials and examples of what can be achieved. We then plan a learning framework enable you to maximise your time and effort. I take a bespoke holistic approach to empower you to achieve your learning and other goals. We look at past papers and other real-world ways of assessing your skills and knowledge.

1st lesson offered free !

Master's graduate of Human Evolution offering Maths and ICT lessons in Sheffield!

I am a Master's graduate offering lessons in Maths and ICT from Primary School level up to GCSEs. I believe both Maths and ICT are very practical subjects where practice makes perfect. So my lesson structures will consist of me identifying your main problems by going through examples step-by-step, making sure you understand the topic.

Amy hoang anh
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Computer Science student in Portsmouth, just graduated from Military Sixth Form College

I give lessons to GCSEs and A level students, even students in year 9 or below if necessary too. I like to just hear from my students on what they want to know and understand better and then work around from there. If a student is just beginning the topic, then we work with the textbook chapters or whatever medium they have that we can work with too.

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Maths an experienced and well qualified tutor helps you pass your exams

Helpful one to one tuition which will helps you work out your strengths and weaknesses and plan a teaching programme to built on these areas. In some of the schools have taught at I have a pass rate of one hundred per cent.

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Mathematics and physics masters student offering maths and physics lessons around Stockport

I teach mathematics and physics both up to A2 level (as well as GCSE and below) and can teach mathematics at an undergraduate level. I am willing to teach in a range of styles, however what I prefer (and recommend) teaching is a more in depth understanding of the material taught on the course.

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Aerospace Engineering student providing a range of Maths and Physics tutoring in Kent

I feel confident teaching classes up to and including A level students. I like to start by focusing on areas that students struggle with and finding a way to make it easy to understand before going on to practice. For GCSE and A level students I often find completing a past paper in the subject is the best way to identify areas which need improving.

Blue Bell Hill
1st lesson offered free !

Mathematics Student looking to teach maths and physics around Maidstone, with previous experience of tutoring.

My teaching method is to give a general understanding of the topic and to follow it up immediately with questions focused on targeting those areas to identify weak areas of understanding. I feel like this method helps build a robust understanding of the topics covered.

1st lesson offered free !

Enthusiastic young Electronic Engineering student providing excellent tutoring in Maths and Physics!

Find out the level my student is at and understand where there strengths and weaknesses lie. This may be done through looking at a question or asking the student what they already know about the topic we're covering in that session. Then slowly work through the topic or question ensuring the student understands why each step is taken not just what each step is.

1st lesson offered free !

Soon to be an A-level student, can teach Mathematics all the way to GCSE level

My teaching method relies on honesty between student and myself, I am able to teach from basic levels to advance level, strengthening the student's foundation or building upon already established knowledge. I am willing to make sessions tailor- made to the student's exam board. I like to use a variety of tests to gain an accurate on the student's ability and development.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering student offering C,C++, JAVA,SQL and Cloud computing classes in London

My teaching method would be class room training and also I can come to student house if they prefer. I will be teaching very practical rather than theoretical.Will teach from basic to higher levels with proper demos and information about the subject.

1st lesson offered free !

30 year in IT building computers, websites and a range of software from office to adobe.

I teach IT so you never stop learning. I have been using computers since the late 1980's and have been using the Internet from the start. Method: Answer the student's questions and give an example, if the answer not immediate I tell the student I will have it next time we meet.

1st lesson offered free !

A passionate tutor to teach you how to conquer the world at a very little age.

Understand the student, their confidence level on each sector , giving easy tips to oversome weak side. Be very friendly to them, ask questions which make them think and grow gradually without giving much stress. Make them smart for the World.

1st lesson offered free !

Aeronautical Engineering student offering tuition in maths and science in East London

I am an aeronautical engineering student going into second year next year. In my previous experience I have based my teaching methods on whom I have to teach. For example, when teaching a primary school child/ someone who is learning a topic from scratch, I focus on making sure the student understands the method.

1st lesson offered free !

Manchester - Computing and programming tutor with BSc and 15 years work experience

I start my teaching by giving the student an understanding of the concepts involved in what they wish to learn, progressing to practical examples with close supervision. Subsequent lessons will revisit previous topics to ensure an adequate understanding for the student.

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Perfect! Jason is both professional and delightful, a credit to himself and his profession. His friendly relaxed approach instills confidence and makes for a very pleasant and enjoyable tutoring. I would not hesitate in giving my highest praise and...

Michael, student
10 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Julien is an incredibly nice and gifted animator. I'm very excited about our future lessons.

Kevin, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

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