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Greater London
(5 reviews)

Learn to code. Create fun projects with a qualified Computer Science Teacher with over 10 years of industry experience.

My youngest student is 6 years old - he has coded a custom maze game from Scratch without relying on a step-by-step guide; my oldest student was... well… a bit older - she wanted to build a website for a masters assignment! I don’t see the value in running through a tutorial zzz, it’s crucial that all my students learn to enjoy problem-solving and think for themselves...


Katharine - East Finchley - Computer science, programming, and all things tech

I hold a PhD in Computer Science and work commercially in the technology field. I am keen to help students prepare for and excel in their GCSEs, A Levels, and university/occupational courses covering all aspects of Computer Science. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach computer science, all levels, and I help prepare students for exams and exam projects (I won't do the projects for you).

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Lecturer in Computing - HCI, Visual Studio, Web Design, HTML, CSS, Business Computing, Business Studies

My experience is mainly delivering lessons to Degree Graduates on Computing and Business BSc(Hons) courses, and my delivery methods tend to be short theory sessions followed by practical useful real world exercises to help illustrate how the skills and knowledge will useful in the real world.

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Third year engineering student at the University of Cambridge gives programming lessons up to AS levels.

I am using modern teaching methods to make the lessons as interactive as possible and I make sure that the students enjoy themselves and have fun while learning new skills. I am flexible and I tailor my teaching style to each individual student.

Worcester Park
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Professional PHP developer is offering online tutoring on PHP based Web Applications for professionals and students

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

(2 reviews)
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An IT Professional with 15+ Yrs of experience in Programming and Teaching

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. Learning from my own experiences during my studies and job, I always try to provide real world examples that are easy to understand and best suited for the concept. I love to explain the topic using whiteboards and PowerPoint slides. Expect more focus on live examples and so many coding and hands-on sessions.

Greater London
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Experienced Software developer providing - Web Development and Java Lessons in Ilford

• Provided hands on training for IT professionals and college students on below subjects.

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An engineering and computer degree holder offering tutoring at all levels needed

i always works with the current level of understanding of my students and try as much as possible to make each session interactive for easy assimilation for the student and breaking the barriers for shy students to be able ask questions

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Tiverton Devon GCSE A level computer science programming python games raspberry pi

feel comfortable and engage mind into learning. show learning intention( reason why we are learning it) and how it fits in the big picture of KUSQ (knowledge,Understanding, skills and Qualifications) See simple clear example/s (resource/s chunked up) , understand how it works (modelling)...

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Software Engineer offering lessons in computer skills, website creation, tech in the home (i.e. wifi), and basic hardware.

The world of technology is so vast and continuously growing all the time. It would useless to define one particular area to teach people about tech. Therefore, my teaching method is rather flexible and tailored to every individual. I'm based in South West London (near Wandsworth & Wimbledon), but willing to commute and can offer remote support.

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Front-end Junior Developer with the experience of 3 years of training apprentices IT & web development. Learning more skills to spread.

I trained apprentices at the age of 18- 20 dropouts as goverment funding... I teach them with understanding the knowledge of an apprentice, as well as the mathod he/she will understand easily. I am very humble and clam tutor /trainier I like to make an healthy atomsphere around he workplace. hence with what apprentice can be comfortable but at point I am well aware to make and get work done.

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IT Tutor & Conversion Expert offering PC use and web lessons in Darlington!

Your study is guided by you and I will facilitate - you tell me what you want to learn, and I will teach it to you. My teaching style is accessible to everyone, try me! I'm a relaxed and motivated teacher, if you're committed to learning I'll show you exactly how to achieve your goals.

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Essential Computing Science Guidance - Perfect for SQA Qualifications - Scotland, UK

Classes will approach topics in chronological order, ranging from basic concepts to advanced techniques and extra exercises. I aim to make my lessons as interesting as possible to retain focus and interest. Lessons can also be customised for certain areas required by you.

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Web Developer with 15 years of experience gives JavaScript and web development lessons online or in Scotland

Starting from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics and then jQuery, API, GitHub, NodeJS, MongoDB, Angular, React, Algorithms and Data Structures working towards the Web Development Engineer interview. Using a hands-on approach and external resources tailored to each student way of learning, we will understand the concepts, practice coding, learn how to debug code and best practices.

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MSc IT Management Student Offering web design and databases lessons in Cardiff.

I am Bachelor in Computer Science and recently a Student of MSc IT management. So i am able to teach school and college students from basics to advance of HTML,CSS, Javascript by using development tools like Dreamweaver and Structured Query Language(SQL) by SQL Server management Studio and MySQL.

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Automation Help - Learn to write & solve problems with Test Automation Frameworks using Selenium C# and API Testing

I am currently a working Automation Engineer with over 6 years of automation experience. I provide tutoring to those that are willing to learn and invest in their future in order to reap huge rewards in the IT industry. My teaching style is first to understand the level of the student and prepare a plan in which the student can learn at a pace that best suits them.

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Computer Science student offering Computer tutoring around Hertfordshire. Able to travel or at home

I am very flexible as to the needs and teaching style of each and every student. I am able to provide a large array of computing tutoring from Microsoft word up to programming as well as Adobe Products.

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Computer science student offering programming lessons up to A levels in Derby

I have just completed my undergraduate degree in computer science so I am confident in taking classes for students up A levels. I am looking for students with little or no programming experience hoping to build a career in web development or programming.

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Computer Science teacher with exceptional SQA pass rate. Friendly and reliable service

I aim to split any course down and tailor make my resources to you. This will involve getting to know you and what you are great at, as well as where I could support you best. This means that you will end up with a completely bespoke course.

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Programming and designing dynamic and interactive web pages and usable mobile apps.

You will recieve one-to-one tutoring using a step-by-step approach to designing and building active web pages. You will also learn how to program elements using javascript and css to create interactive pages that can be used as the basis for useable mobile apps.

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IT Professional delivering Courses that provide understanding and skills in 'Information Technology'

My methodology involves creating a course that diagnoses the learner's learning styles, goals, their expectations and aspirations and showing them how IT helps them to make the best of these. The lessons include practical skills and conceptual knowledge acquisition. The course is engaging with a lot of different types of interactive units, depending on the learning styles.

Welwyn Garden City
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MS Graduate offering help to Students looking for Maths and Computer Science Subjects

Taking classes currently both inhouse and online training in Programming languages ( Java, Advanced Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS etc) and tutoring Maths from Std. VIII to Std. XII. Indepth concepts of each particular topic will be taught and in addition, assignments will be given to enhance the knowledge.

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Let's dig in, Computer Basic to professional level,with a teacher more than 16 years of experiences in public and private schools.

My teaching methodology is based on teaching using active learning groups, give the student all the possibilities to be creative, Thinker, self-reliant, free to choose. Ahmad Khalaf is a teacher giving lessons for girls from 5 to 12 grades in technology and computer, math classes from 5 to 9 classes.

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Software Developer with over 7 years of commercial experience. Currently offering tutoring for anyone seeking to develop their skills in the areas of frontend development, server side development. dat

I first start out by taking time to understand the goals of each student and customise tutoring to help them achieve their personal goals. I seek to offer perspective and give the student the tools they need to continue learning independently.

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Engineering PhD student offering coding, essay writing, and engineering mathematics tuition online

I normally teach using small projects so that topics can be introduced and then used to show why a new method or topic is worth learning and what you can do with it. I also really enjoy teaching essay writing, problem solving, design and the softer academic areas that are often overlooked as well as the more traditional aspects of engineering.

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QTS Computer Science Teacher, Digital Media, extensive HTML and CSS knowledge, Liverpool

I adapt my methods to suit the student, I both give and show examples so productive practice can take place with confidence outside the 'classroom' environment. I am a strong believer in practice and mastering your craft over time.

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I will make sure you will be an expert when it comes to coding and being a software developer.

I have an excellent understanding of languages and which will help me teach students about each and every code of the coding concept in an easy way. I can provide coding techniques and how to code in a very great way. I will teach you coding from start to the end. I will have quizzes for you every week and every end of the sessions to make sure you know how the code works.

Fort William
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Experienced University Tutor specialising in Computer Arts and Programming. Technical Animation background.

I value you the students time and make it clear why they are there and what they can expect to achieve. I have a target for every pupil but am willing to take them as far as I can in the time available.

1st lesson offered free !

Patient educator of Maths and any Computer science subject. Homebased or online

I find the strengths and work on the weaknesses of each individual student. I believe that everyone has the ability to learn given the right motivation and chances in life. I have not found a learner yet that cannot learn.

Greater London
(4 reviews)

Learn how to build and manage Wordpress websites including HTML, CSS, PHP and server/domain management, London

Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Wordpress installation and understanding how to use the dashboard to get the most out of your blog/website by adding media such as images, galleries and movies. Take the experience further with theme customisation, plugin selection and management.

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Perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Alberto very much. He has been very helpful and patient as a tutor and encouraged me to ask questions to fully understand the concept of JavaScript and coding in itself. I will recommend Alberto to all future...

Mariam, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Lee was able to help me put my website together in a very short space of time, I strongly recommend his tutoring, his knowledge and understanding can help people of all levels.

Yuri, student
7 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! A lovely tutor, who has a passion to teach. Unfortunately we couldn't continue due the java programme I am used to, but definitely recommend to anyone who needs to learn Java!!

Ayesha, student
9 months ago
(1 review)

Let a private CSS tutor help with CSS homework, CSS questions, and exam prep.