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Finding the Perfect Drum Tutor

When it comes to music, the drums are a pretty special instrument. While a drum can be tuned (and it should be), it's one of the few instruments that doesn't rely on pitch to produce melodies or harmony. That's not to say the drums are any less of a musical instrument and in many types of music, the drums play the most important role in providing the rhythm for the piano, guitar, etc.

Since playing the drums is so different to a lot of other musical instruments, there's a certain appeal to learning to play them and even though it can take years to play proficiently, more and more people are looking for a drum teacher with experience to help them with lessons.

With that in mind, let's look at why you should learn to play the drums with a teacher or tutor, the challenges that you'll face, and how you can find private drum tuition.

Why It's Important to Study Playing the Drums

Just because the drums can't play a melody, that doesn't make them any less important. For everything they lack in pitch and tone, they make up for in rhythm. Playing the drums can be incredibly complicated and for many students, they just don't know where to begin.

While it's quite easy to hit a drum and make an acceptable sound, playing the right rhythm and keeping time is something that you have to learn and practise regularly. The drummer's main role in a band is to keep time and even if you feel you have a pretty good sense of rhythm, you just have to play along to a metronome to see how much you could improve.

Then there's also all the drumbeats and techniques you need to master to become a good drummer. A drumbeat requires a lot of coordination and you'll often need to break down a single drumbeat into parts before you can start playing it.

To be an exceptional drummer, you'll also need to know about the impact drums can have on music. Without studying how to play the drums, you'll not have an understanding of different genres, how the drumbeat can change the whole feel of a piece, and how your playing has to match what the rest of the musicians are doing.

Challenges in Drumming

Studying how to play the drums will help you to make better music but that doesn't mean it'll be easy. The drums, despite often being hidden away at the back of the stage, are a complex instrument and can take years of tuition to master.

Gaining a sense of rhythm will be your first challenge. To play the drums well, you need to be able to keep time without the help of a metronome. While you can use a metronome to help you practise, during most performances, you'll need to make do without one. It can take years of practice to develop a good sense of rhythm and timing, though a teacher can help you with this.

There's also a huge level of coordination required to play the drums well. Even the simplest drumbeats have you independently moving both your arms and both your legs. You'll need to learn how to coordinate and use each of your limbs independently and much like independently using your hands when you play the piano, this can take quite a while to master.

Finally, several practical constraints are unique to drummers. For one, a drumkit takes up a lot of space and you'll need somewhere at home to store a drumkit and a way to transport it if you're practising elsewhere or playing gigs, something which anyone playing the guitar or the bass doesn't really have to worry about. Piano players might feel your pain but even they can get electronic pianos which are much lighter!

Drumkits are also incredibly loud. While you can get practice pads to soften the noise when you play, you need to practise without them on. The drums aren't an ideal instrument for people who live in small flats or share walls with their neighbours. That said, electronic drumkits make a lot less noise and you can play them with headphones on.

Private Drum Tuition

If you want to learn how to play the drums, private tuition is the way to go. After all, the drums, given their size, are one of the few musical instruments you can't learn in a class with several other students as no one would be able to hear themselves playing!

Fortunately, private tutorials allow you to learn exactly what you want from someone with experience playing the drums and teaching how to play them. You can find tutors who specialise in certain styles of drumming or different genres of music, too!

When it comes to playing the drums, a private tutor will ensure you don't pick up any bad habits and that you learn quickly and effectively. After all, each session will be tailored to you, how you like to learn, and what you want to learn.

A benefit of private drum tutoring is that some tutors will even provide the drumkit. This is especially handy if you're not quite ready to invest in a kit (they can be expensive) or you don't have space at your place to keep drums or are concerned about angering your neighbours or the rest of your household.

Finding a Drum Tutor in Glasgow

If you've decided that you're going to learn how to play the drums with a private tutor, it's never been easier to find one. Just search on Superprof and you'll be able to view their profiles, compare their rates, and see if they offer the first lesson for free.

Use the free lessons to try out a few different tutors before deciding who's right for you. Chat to each potential tutor about your musical tastes, why you want to play the drums, and how you like to learn. This will allow them to tailor each session to you and provide a bespoke service that you can't always get in a music school or conservatoire.

If you can't find any suitable teachers in Glasgow, don't forget that there are tutors all over Scotland and the world who can teach you online. While online tutorials are better for music theory, they can teach you techniques, put together a practice programme, and guide you in your learning.

Whether you want to play drums in a band or just as a hobby, search for them on the Superprof website and find a professional drum tutor who's ready to teach you whichever styles of music you want to learn about.


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