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Traditional Cake Baking & Decorating lessons - Including Old Fashioned Bakes, Gluten & Dairy Free cooking

I start with basic steps and progress to more advanced work. This means that every main step that is needed to create a bake has been covered. I don't expect people to know certain things. I teach everything from how to store the ingredients correctly, to what you can cook with them.

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Greek Chef with Mediterranean influences gives tasty cooking lessons in South Manchester

I would like to teach people who want to learn how to cook or love cooking some awesome tricks. Easy, hearty meal recipes that anyone can create and enjoy.

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Chef with 18 years of experience offering Cooking lessons in and around Dorset

Either group classes or individual lessons are available. Both involve practical demonstrations rather than sitting through a talk. Whether you want to cook the weekly food for the family or learn to cook something fancy for a dinner, lessons can be flexible.

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Exeter Student and food enthusiast, keen to help others find a healthier way of eating!

I love a one-on-one approach where I can explain how to create and cook in an easy and understandable way, as well as sharing nutritional information which will help you to learn how to nourish you body and mind properly.

Corfe Mullen
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Professional chef , GCSE , A-level and NVQ levels 2 & 3 Calm and conductive , just want to help people grow in there creativity and helping with the little things when starting in a kitchen that you w

My teaching method is to discuss what your levels you are at and what you know , then to see work you have done before discuss recipes and improve your recipes for specific dietary guidelines and discuss work to standards that are exceptable by the Enviromental health department . Then work from there to help you improve.

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Certified Health Coach with over 20 years medical experience, offering healthy cookery classes

I make all my classes very practical, easy to follow & fun to take part in. I will teach you how to create delicious, healthy meals that are simple to make, from every day ingredients.

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Experienced chef available to teach healthy cooking to novice cooks and university students

I like to understand what my students objectives are and tailor their teaching to their learning objectives. I also want them to have fun whilst cooking and create some fabulous and tasty meals. I will provide a range of different options to learn each lesson and teach each step, and give valuable advice for each recipe.

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Former high-end chef offers classes in cookery and health for individuals or groups

I am happy to teach on a question and answer basis in addition to demonstrations by pre-arrangement. Get in touch to discuss what you would like, and I will happily provide this for you.

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Self taught; comfort food enthusiast vegetarian/vegan cook; eager to share recipies (London based)

We have a chat about your dietary requirements and then we meet up and I share and discuss recipes with you that you can incorporate according to your lifestyle. Lessons are 15/h and after sharing recipes you can pick the meal you would like to learn how to cook while being supervised.

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Gluten free baker with 30 years experience, knowledgeable on alternative flours and traditional recipes

I use hands-on methods. I prefer minimum ingredient techniques, avoiding difficult to find ingredients. I can advise on sourcing flours, no - flour recipes, substituting in non gluten - free recipes, healthy cooking, entertaining, accommodating other intolerances and diets, recipe books, and equipment.

Mill Bank
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Chef with 15 years experience in 'cucina povera' offering lessons in english or italian

I believe you teach through example and learn through experience, my classes are practical we will cook what we decide and any relevant theory,history and traditional application of a recipe will be delivered orally whilst engaged in hands on cooking.For extra depth lessons are available in Italian.

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Food Technologist offering cookery lessons to adults and children in and around Cardiff

I teach basic through to advanced cooking skills in one-to-one or group situations and can accommodate requirements including gluten free and vegan diets. I can teach you about meal planning, nutrition and seasonal ingredients and help you to build your own portfolio of recipes.

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Home cook with previous experience in Professional kitchen giving basic cooking lessons

I like to cook without recipes and use my own knowledge of flavours to cook a nice meal, I would like to pass on that knowledge so when you need to cook a quick meal you can open the cupboard see whats in there and can instantly know a nice meal you can make.

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Experienced student offering cooking lessons and instructions in contemporary healthy lifestyle. Colchester based.

My methodology is to start of easy and then build up towards something more complicated. Of course, I will work toward and by student demands, but essential knowledge is key. I will work with students on understanding, interpreting and even tweaking recipes. My aim is to ease them into experimenting, as it is the best way to learn your way around the kitchen and cooking.

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Vegetarian cooking and pastry without gluten, lactose or even raw Bordeaux Metropole.

I base my classes on my experience. I can cook without gluten, lactose or even raw. I love sharing anecdotes and tips during my performances. These courses are aimed at any type of public. I speak English and Spanish. I only travel to Bordeaux Métropole. We define before making an appointment of what you want to learn.

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Professionally trained and certified chef from East Coast Canada. Here to help you cook your next meal.

I base my lessons off of learning how to master the basics so that both simple and more advanced techniques can be accomplished with greater ease. Patience is key in any learning environment, but especially so in the kitchen. I will take you step by step at your pace untill you get to where you want to be.

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Hello I come from France, I would like to teach you, all about cooking, I made many trips in the world to learn each specialty of each country, if you want to start a course with me contact me.

all the classes are good-humored and the help I will teach you every little detail to learn to make you a little chef. I will teach you that pastry, starter, main course and dessert all the necessary knowledge of traditional cuisine.

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Alkaline chef offering plant derived cooking lessons in New York with 7 years experience.

I approach each topic in detail and in terms of replacing foods that may be detrimental to our optimum health with foods that offer the same or a similar experience with healthier ingredients. I find it important to point out how some of the less healthy methods we commonly use may not be necessary.

North Beach
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Healthy Lifestyle Cooking & Education. Perth, Western Australia. Diploma in Clinical Nutrition.

He bases classes on easy to prepare, all natural ingredients and an educate, serve and dine experience. You will learn in a fun and easy to learn environment and your taste buds will be delighted. Enquire now to begin your educational journey.

North Arm
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Learn to cook wholesome meals for yourself and your family. Experienced and passionate home cook.

I base my classes on fun and practical experience in the kitchen. I take the time to go over food choices and individual dietary needs. Lessons will be focused around creating meals while learning new skills in the kitchen and then of cause eating what you have made.

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Healthy Cooking Classes and Recipes (general, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free and EASY!)

My teaching methodology is that YOU should believe in what you do! This is where you find your niche (in my opinion). My food techniques are for everyone, beginner or intermediate, young or adult. I love recipes made from scratch, with high-quality ingredients, As a tutor, I just want to share my knowledge, passion and appreciation food whole, and healthy food with other foodies.

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Young Man Au pair on Saint-Martin de Belleville gives free gluten and vegetarian cooking classes . Cooking training in the best school in Belgium.

Hello, My name is Xavier, 21 years, and I arrived as a young man Aupair in Saint-Martin de Belleville. I followed a comprehensive Cooking training in the best school in Belgium. Being afflicted with Celiac disease (free gluten-No more contagious) I became more interested in the gluten-free cooking and have some experience.

Colorado Springs
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Culinary graduated giving cooking lessons to individual or group of people online

My method of teaching is more hands on I will teach some methods that they would need and the reasons why they should do it the way I do but then I will do it myself step by step then they have to do it why I supervise

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Family members love my home-made Indian dishes, hence keep on experimenting and inventing new recipes, which I often share and teach others.

I use very simple and easy-flowing teaching techniques because cooking Indian could be complicated and Healthy recipes are not very common. I use comparison or substitutes (if necessary) of ingredients used to break the cultural barriers and give my students a sense of comfort.

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Am a culinary student at international hotel school, and offering cooking classes

My teaching is base on food obviously, so we could have our classes in your place...

Paris 3e
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HOLA AMIGOS - Venezuelans Brothers to give Paris during Latin cuisine to high at any level

Hola Chicos, Aten-te Aute means on venezuelan Pemon language, The place to be! For my brother and I, our home is where our food is. It doesn't matter in which part of the planet we are. We are a family team from Venezuela that propose to discover and share our culture and our experience around the world.

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Pastry Chef looking to share her recipes and love for food & dessert

My teaching method is... hands on, moving at your own pace.

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Bakery and fitness, vegetarian and vegan pastry for adults and children in Bogotá.

Depending on the recipe, a specific time is stipulated and after that the theory is worked on as the recipe is prepared. Classes 100% didactic. They are classes for beginners and for those who already have knowledge, for adults and children.

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