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Hindi is one of the few languages that have over half a billion speakers worldwide. The Indo-Aryan language is one of India's official languages - members of the parliament, and the judiciary use Hindi for communication. Other countries that have a significant number of Hindi speakers include Fiji, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa, Singapore, Tobago, Suriname and Guyana.

Linguists believe that Hindi and Urdu originate from the Hindustani dialect. Although they are of the same dialect, the two are slightly different in various ways. First, Urdu has more Persian vocabulary, while Hindu has more Sanskrit vocabulary. Another difference is that Hindi is written in Devanagari script while Urdu has adopted an Arabic script. However, in spoken form, the two languages have many similarities, and some beginners are unable to differentiate between the two. It is wise to be trained by a native speaker so that you can understand elements that make Hindu Unique.

Why learn Hindi in London

If you live in London, learning Hindi might be beneficial for a number of reasons. First, London is one of the most important cities in Europe and attracts more immigrants from India and other Hindu speaking countries. Most of those foreigners either have work permits or have established some businesses in the city.  London has many institutions of higher learning which attract international students, including Indians. Learning the language is a big step towards having Indian friends.

Hindi language classes in London

The Indian government came up with a standard Hindi alphabet which consists of 33 consonants plus 13 vowels. Learning the Devanagari alphabets is challenging in many ways. First, writing involves combining two consonants without vowels to create unique characters known as conjuncts. Second, 24 consonants are different since they have a vertical stroke to mark a full stop. Third, unlike most languages, Hindi has many vowels, and some of them change their form to combine with consonants. Fourth, the Devanagari script seems to lack the concept of a later case. Lack of a latter case is strange to many novice students since the letter case is a critical aspect in Latin Alphabets. Lastly, most beginners take time to understand the importance of the horizontal line on top of letters that join to form a word. Learning institutions that offer Hindi classes in London have adopted the writing standards so that they can offer standardized Hindu courses. On Superprof, our tutors also use the latest Hindi teaching resources so that learners can get quality training.

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Our private Hindi tutors are highly qualified, and they offer their services at the best prices. Some of them provide the first class for free before requesting you to pay for subsequent lessons. The online educators have a wealth of resources which they use to teach the language. As a beginner, the most challenging things to master when learning the language include the unique alphabets and the pronunciation of words. Devanagari alphabets usually look intimidating to some students, especially the ones who have never seen the writings before. However, if you have a Superprof private tutor, you will be able to learn how to spell and write the letters correctly.

Why you might need Hindi beyond London

The Indian subcontinent is vast, with a wide array of opportunities. The subcontinent is rich in natural resources, and its strategic location in Asia makes it perfect for business. You might consider learning Hindi to run your dealings with ease. Secondly, the Indian sub-continent has unique wildlife which attracts millions of tourists across the globe. Therefore, if India is one of your top tourism destinations, learning Hindi will prevent misinterpretations when you visit areas where locals don’t understand English. Lastly, if your dream is to become a translator, why not major in Hindi-English translation. The two languages have many speakers, yet few individuals in London know the two languages. With a strong command of both languages, you might get a job in the various government department, secret service, and companies with Indian employees. Further, you can also decide to become a freelancer and work online.

Our Hindi Language Tutors

At Superprof, we have many online tutors who teach a wide range of Hindi courses. Different types of students sign up for our online classes; some are complete beginners, while others are individuals who know some basic Hindi grammar. Your level doesn't matter; you only need to select your preferred online educator and choose a course that suits you. Most novice students begin with basics, then move to intermediate classes and finally finish with advanced training. Such intensive training enables students to speak Hindi with confidence. If you opt for our live online courses, our tutors guarantee that you will master the language as long as you maintain consistency.


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The average price of Hindi  lessons is £21.

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