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Liberal Arts student from Luxembourg willing to tutor anyone who struggles with learning Luxembourgish

I believe in visual, active, and vocal learning. Through practice and repetition anyone can learn a new language fast and without any frustrations. I can give lessons at any level regardless of age. I will try to make the lessons fun and engaging as well as memorable.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm and experienced tutor and I'm teaching Luxembourgish in London and online

The way I teach will vary, depending on your needs and the level that you are at. However, I do believe that learning a new language should be about having fun. The main focus will be to make you more confident and loose your fears, which is usually the main thing that is holding people back.

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German, Luxembourgish, English and French languages ​​I-4 handles very well, offers language courses, different levels

Former student in social economics, political science and sociology in Hamburg, Germany, the last time I specialized in teaching languages. With experience in different languages ​​of education, I also features educational tools to simplify access to new languages ​​for people of all ages.

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I speak Luxembourgish since I'm a child. I also have Luxembourgish written skills.

I will do my best to teach you the language and you will see that you will get there. The courses are open to all types of people, whether they are students or workers; whether for basic or advanced knowledge.

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Luxembourgish student in psychology and German gives courses in Luxembourgish (mother tongue)

My methodology differs a lot from the subject, the student and its difficulties. I adapt very well to my students and I am open to any proposal. I do a lot of reading and exercises, but my methodology can be adapted to the taste of the student.

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SPECIFIC Lux Courses (Health, Legal and General) - many levels possible !!

Here are the skills targeted by my classes, according to the Ministry of Education (for which I graduated): A1 Beginner Being able to present to express a wish; forms of politeness; days, months, time, figures; recognize simple expressions of everyday life; understand simple questions and answer them.

1st lesson offered free !

Provides courses in German and English for all levels. Certified teacher and certified. PhD in pocket.

specializing in German to prepare the German certification and the tray all kinds. Courses in curriculum and adult classes are available. Training received to translate texts. Lots of trips to Germany to expand my knowledge, learn new language and country ... Travel planning in Germany, tips, projects, ... Grammar guide explained simply with clear and simple examples.

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