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Passionate about dancing student offering dance and choreography tutorials in london, hounslow.

My teaching method is demonstration and repetition of a set routine several times. I am happy to choreograph and teach any routines ranging from contemporary to bhangra. I am open to teaching anyone ranging from 10-20 years. The lessons will be according to capability therefore no-one would find a routine extremely challenging, instead just challenging enough to push them to another level.

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Dance and Musical Theatre student based in Chichester offering lessons in singing, dance and performance

I am here as a tutor to anyone who is interested in performing and is willing to improve, whether it be with dance or singing. Being in dance lessons since the age of 3, I have had a wide experience of being taught, including by my own mum who has taught me since I started. I am very laid back so as long as you put the effort in, I will give the same amount back.

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Qualified and specialized dance teacher, with univertary title of sports and recreation teaching

My teaching methodologies are based on the inculcation of discipline and teamwork for solving problems and supporting student's future behavior I am strict in teaching because I like quality.

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1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Lyrical Dancer, Teaching Beginner & Competition Levels. I am 14 and level 6 experienced in this type of dance

I am 14 nearly 15 and I love to dance. I’ve done many types of dance but I love lyrical the most.

High Wycombe
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Dance Teacher/choreographer to hire in High wycombe perfect for new dancers

My name is Maja and I am a cheerleading/dance coach based in High wycombe looking to give lessons to children aged 3-12 who are potentially new to dance or are just looking for private dance lessons in the comfort of their home. I have a fun and friendly approach to teaching making sure that a child is comfortable and Gets the best out of their dance lessons.

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Full time ballet student offering personal ballet coaching and lessons in Dunfermline

I base my classes upon building the foundations of ballet technique starting with a barre then based upon the current skill level or progression rate of the current participant depends upon how difficult the rest of the class is. we can then progress to the centre, corner work, and pointe work if necessary.

Dibden Purlieu
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Choreo, ACRO and dance, ISTD and AA1 qualified teacher, helping to further your passion for the arts

I am liane, I have been teaching for 15years, and have qualifications under the ISTD, and acrobatic arts. All lessons will be catered to the individual needs, focusing on the areas the student most wants to work and improve on. We work towards good results, building a real passion as we learn.

Heald Green
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Dance teacher in a variety of styles, BA Hons & PGCE qualifications.

Friendly, approachable and professional. I am keen and willing to pass my experience and knowledge onto young, aspiring dancers wanting to excel in the industry. I have a good approach with students and experience with ages 10+ at intermediate/improvers level.

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Performer offering the chance for others to learn the art of dance she loves

I have a calm and motivating approach. I am willing to take my time and gain a understanding of how an individual learns best. I would spend the first part of the class listening to the student to understand what they would like to achieve out of the session and make sure they are able to achieve that by the end.

Rowley Regis
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College Student in Musical Theatre gives Dance and Performance Classes in Rowley Regis

I love to teach children of all ages; I love to teach them different choreography and express my passion for the performing arts. I am a very eccentric and excitable person and love to teach with fun games and activities. When teaching young adults I like to level with them and make them feel comfortable around me.

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Dancer at London Contemporary Dance School offering practical or theoretical dance lessons to anyone interested in London.

I'm offering dance lessons, either specifically contemporary, ballet or choreography. Whether you're a beginner or wanting to audition for vocational training I offer a variety of dance experience. I will tailor the lesson to the individual and their specific wants and needs, whether this is theoretical based information preparing for exams or very practical in the studio.

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Choreographer/dancer from New York City teaches dance to adults and children in London

My name is Stephanie Peña, choreographer, teaching artist and performer. I have a masters degree in choreography. I teach beginners and intermediate dance and choreography. The age group does not matter to me. I believe anyone can learn how to dance. My method of teaching is feeling the movement and the music. Counts are not important at all. It's how you feel doing it.

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12 years experience including the Royal Albert Hall with ISTD qualifications - London

I begin with warm ups to reduce muscle strains before first conquering the basic techniques. Once these have been accomplished, I then teach the pupil set choreography which we modify together to challenge the student capability appropriately to reach their full potential.

Greater London
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SOULFIT Dance Course in London, UK | Teaching dance and fitness for 10 years

What is SOULFIT? Want to get fit and learn how to dance at the same time? My course will do more wonders for you than the time spent at a gym. I am offering a unique take on fitness with results that you will be proud of. I combine a series of personally-tailored exercises with professional dance lessons.

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Dance classes, all levels and styles. E-learning and video all over the world

Former student of Duo Dance School of hip-hop professional training Kim Kan and Broadway Center Studio (New York). I teach hiphop, break dance, salsa, street jazz! . I currently give 25 classes a week.

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Hip hop dance, modern jazz and cabaret on paris and 94 with a teacher / choreographer

Dancer / choreographer and dance teacher, having worked in France and Los Angeles. Each class begins with a warm-up necessary to prepare the body and thus avoid injury. Learning different body placement techniques. Then choreography adapted to the student level.

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Linda, Your Dance Teacher, Choreographer, (10 years experience) Dancer Pro Moderator: Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Couples, Solo, Jazz, Samba, Latin, Modern, Dynamic, Professional, which

Dance Teacher Diploma, Professional Dancer Multidisciplinary Intermittent Show, Choreographer large varied experience and quality, graduate, experienced, wishes to convey his knowledge, his passion, his dance skills, his love for dance.

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Professional dancer in Barcelona that teaches different styles and levels of dance

My teaching methodology is based on having a clear communication with my students; I always try to make classes with a "horizontal" relationship. They tend to be structured with a fairly rigid warm-up and stretch to put the person in shape and begin to condition the apprentice; taking into account your level and always adjusted to your needs.

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Internationally Renown Contemporary Gypsy Fusion Belly dancer and Choreographer in Brisbane to awaken the Goddess within

I believe that we all have our gifts. As a trained internationally renown choreographer and dancer, I can show you how to awaken the inner dancer within with powerful tools. My classes geared towards self-expression and enjoyment and tailored to your needs. Your body is the tool to be whatever you envisioned. I am here to guide you to reach your goal in no time.

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Barcelona. Trust me your "hips don´t lie" Learn to dance better than Shakira. Latin rhythms. All levels

Hello! My name is Monica and I am a Colombian lover of Latin rhythms. The idea is to know the student and understand what she/he wants and build a Routine between the two of us. Apply: routine, modern choreographies, free dance, beginners, all ages.

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Ballerina of classic, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, flamenco and tap dancing since she was 3 years old

The methodology that I believe most convenient is based on understanding, reasoning, experimenting to know why things are like this and to understand them. It is very important to understand where the movements and the directions they have pass and not just copy or do what you see, in this way we also avoid possible injuries.

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Dancing bachelorette party and wedding fist dance in Alençon, Mamers adn around.

Professional and attentive, take advantage of Estelle's advice to ensure a quality service. She will make you feel comfortable so that the final result dazzles your guests. Step by step, your provider will put you in the bath and you will be like fish in the water. A video will be made at the end of the service in order to train at home.

Bosco Ex Parmigiano
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Graduated in contemporary dance and performing arts at the London Contemporary Dance School London I offer private lessons and / or group of contemporary dance, jazz-modern, classical, coreog

My private lessons are aimed at dancers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. My lesson is structured with a first part of stretching, heating with passages on the ground that then develop into exercises at the center based on the reinforcement of the center and balance, then ending with choreographic sequences.

Los Angeles
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Dance Teacher with 8 years of experience (Dance Teacher Diploma) gives Class in LA to all ages

My name is Mathieu. I am a Dance Teacher, Instructor, Trainer, Choreographer and Dancer from France but living in Los Angeles with 8 years of experiences. I teach multiple dance styles as Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Modern-Jazz, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary Jazz, Awakening & Initiation for amateurs to professionals (start to 3 years olds).

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Dance lessons by an ex-professional dancer of the Hamburg State Opera, also teaching HipHop, in Hamburg

I have a lot of experience in teaching - professionals, as well as laymen alike. Through my expertise, I can immediately classify my students' level and adjust my lesson content as well as the tempo accordingly. I have had over 20 years of intensive dance lessons. Therefore, I see exactly why, for example, a movement does not work or does not look good and can offer assistance in various ways.

Quakers Hill
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Accredited Dance and Cheer Teacher give group and private lessons in Sydney

The way I teach is adapted to meet each student's personal needs and capabilities. The lesson typically starts with a warm up and stretch and then focuses on what the student is wanting to improve/learn whether this be solos, technique etc.

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Private lessons edi oriental dance group for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional. Courses for children, teenagers and adults.

I teach oriental dance (improperly called "belly dance") at all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional. Dance is an ongoing study and the technical study, the rhythms and the different styles of oriental dance and dance and folklore. Studio sequences and creating personalized choreographies in different styles and levels.

New York
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Improve your dance and modern dance skills of any levels!

I just graduated Muhlenberg College with a dance and psychology double major. I have worked with different guest choreographers and studied dance abroad at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. I am currently in NYC pursuing a dance career. I believe my method of instruction is based upon the needs of each dancer although I will provide a structured lesson that builds in technique and style.

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Dancer for 13 years who now part-time teaches in Texas with 2 years experience

I am currently a Junior in High School but I have had many experiences teaching younger dancers ages 3-11 or beginner dancers. My teaching method is based on a fun, but structured learning enviroment. I usually start with the basics, also known as the foundation and then I start to increase my level of difficulty.

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