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Finding the Perfect Photography Tutor in Plymouth

Photography is a fascinating subject and one of the newer art forms as the tools to necessary to do it are relatively new to the art world. Photographic technology emerged during the 18th century but the very first photographs wouldn't appear until the 19th century. It would take even longer for camera technology to become as commonplace as it is today.

As cameras became increasingly popular during the late 20th century, the technology began shifting towards the digital and rather than taking photos on film, photographers could rapidly snap as many photos as they wanted, ensuring that they get the best shot in the best conditions.

While almost everyone has access to a camera, be it a dedicated digital camera, the camera on their smartphone, or a traditional film camera, photography is about more than pointing the device at your subject. With that in mind, let's see why it's important to study photography, the challenges you'll face, what we can learn about photography at school, and how private tutoring can help you improve your photography skills.

Why It's Important to Study Photography

Despite how widespread cameras are, that doesn't automatically make everyone a photographer. Just look at the difference between your friends Instagram account and the professional photos they paid for at their wedding and you'll start to see how much experience counts for in photography.

Photography students can spend years studying how to use their cameras and equipment, the theory behind what makes a good photograph, and learning skills to help them apply the fundamentals of art, design, and physics to their work.

Photography courses and lessons will show you how a camera works, the physics behind how it functions, and how you can exploit the conditions to ensure the best photography possible.

You can also learn about the art and design behind photography with concepts such as line, colour, contrast, composition, etc., being employed to help you create better photos.

Challenges in Photography

Of course, if photography was that easy, everyone would be an incredible photographer. Even though so many of us have access to cameras and there are more photos being created than ever before, it's clear that there's still a gulf between those who know photography and amateurs.

The first challenge any photographer has to get over is the cost. Excellent cameras and gear aren't cheap and before you can start practising photography and learning about it, you'll need to invest in some equipment. This doesn't mean you'll have to go out and buy the most expensive camera you can find, but in comparison to buying a set of pencils and a sketchpad, photography can be an expensive art form to get involved with.

Then there's paying for lessons, attending workshops, or working with a private tutor. Fortunately, there are a lot of free resources for photographers online and books you can borrow from a library, but to effective learn more about photography, you'll be looking at investing in education in some way, shape, or form.

Areas of Photography Studied at School

Despite how common photography is in our everyday lives, it's still not widely studied in schools and that's mainly down to the cost. In an ideal world, we could afford to provide every student in school or college with a quality camera but, as we mentioned, cameras can be expensive and beyond the budget of most schools.

However, students in secondary schools can learn a bit about photography. The first real opportunity they'll have to learn about photography will be during their Art and Design GCSE and while this subject focuses on art in the broader sense, there are still opportunities to learn about photography and how it works.

Students will learn about both traditional photography and digital photography, different genres of photography, composition, focus, depth of field, aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings, lenses, lighting, etc. Of course, photography is just part of the Art and Design GCSE so not many of the classes will be dedicated to it as students will also have to learn about more traditional art forms like drawing, painting, and sculpture, for example.

However, the further a student advances in their education, the more opportunities they'll have to specialise in photography. At A-Level and university, there are more chances for students to learn about photography and specialise in it.

Private Tuition in Photography

With few opportunities to learn about photography at school or GCSE, you may be interested in learning more about photography from a private tutor. However, tutoring isn't just for those in school. Whether you're studying photography at A Level, university, or just for fun, having your own personal teacher preparing classes just for you will ensure that your time is well spent learning photography skill.

While classes and workshops tend to be cheaper, you won't have much control over what you learn, the level of photography you're being taught, or the kind of educational support your receive as you'll be sharing the teacher's time and attention with the other students in the class. With private tutorials, you can learn about many different subjects and skills with courses that are tailored to you, what you want to learn, and your preferred learning style.

Finding a Photography Tutor in Plymouth

If you're looking for private tutors in Plymouth or around Devon, you just have to search online for them on the Superprof website. You can look at plenty of different potential tutors' profiles, see what the other students they taught had to say about them in reviews, and see if they offer the first hour of tuition for free.

Use these free lessons to try out several different tutors to see if you get along and their teaching style is right for you. Ask them about any professional experience they may have in photography, tutoring, or teaching, and tell them about why you want to learn more about photography, what experience you have, and the skills you'd like to learn.

If you can't find any suitable tutor's in Plymouth or Devon, don't forget that you can look online for tutors all over the world. As long as you have a webcam and a decent internet connection, you can find private tutors teaching a variety of different subjects from all over the world! As they don't have to travel, these tutors often charge less for their lessons making them a good choice for students on a budget.


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In Plymouth, the average rate of photography courses is £16.


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  • the goal of your classes (are you building a photography portfolio or maybe you are just learning to take pictures as a hobby.)

97% of Superprof teachers give their first lesson for free. This is a great opportunity to talk about your objectives for your photography lessons and outline what you hope to get from your sessions.


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