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Finding the Perfect Photography Tutor

In terms of art forms, photography is fairly new. The earliest photographic technology originated in the 19th century but it wasn't really until the late 19th century that it became a pursuit accessible to the masses.

Though many of us have access to a digital camera on our smartphones, that doesn't mean everyone's a photographer. Let's see why you should study photography, the challenges photographers face, what we learn about photography in school and at GCSE, and how private tuition can help you drastically improve your photography.

Why It's Important to Study Photography

With every new smartphone promising to help you take better photos, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you don't need any experience or skills to take good photos. However, photography as an art form is far more complicated than just pointing a camera at some subjects and pressing the shutter button.

Speaking of equipment, cameras are becoming increasingly advanced and photographers are constantly learning about how they work and how to ensure that they perform at their best. To take good photos, you need to know about the technical settings of the camera you're using, the type of film you're using (unless it's digital), and equipment like lenses, filters, flashes, tripods, etc.

There are a lot of creative decisions that need to be made every time you take a photo and it can take years of working with cameras before you fully understand these processes and how to get the most out of the equipment you use.

The theory behind photography isn't always apparent and while you may get lucky by taking photos of stuff because it looked good, understanding what constitutes a good photo can take years of study and training.

Challenges in Photography

Although photography can be really rewarding and the learning required is fascinating, there are a few challenges that every photographer needs to overcome.

For one, there are plenty of hobbies cheaper than photography. Even though your phone might be a good place to start, you'll probably want to start looking at high-quality digital or film cameras once you start getting better.

Sadly, not everyone can afford top-of-the-range cameras and photography equipment and if you're only doing photography as a hobby and not professionally, your cameras won't start paying for themselves.

Cameras and equipment can end up costing thousands of pounds and you need to be sure that you're serious about your photography before you start investing serious amounts of money.

You also need to find the time to practise your photography and study it. As we said previously, it can take years of study and practice to become an exceptional photographer so any aspiring shutterbugs will need to think about whether they have the time and drive to get good at it.

A lot of this time will be spent studying photography and while taking photos is arguably the most enjoyable part of photography, there's a lot of information and theoretical training you'll need to do if you want to use your camera correctly.

Areas of Photography Studied at School

In schools, students don't tend to cover a lot of photography. They might see the science behind photography in their physics or chemistry lessons, but an Art and Design GCSE is the first real opportunity students will have to learn about photography in the artistic sense.

Of course, most of the Art and Design GCSE is on all types of art, not just photography. However, they will get to learn about digital and traditional photography, camera settings such as aperture, focus, and shutter speed. They'll also have a chance to learn more about composition, viewpoints, angles, moods, depth of field, lighting, etc.

As photography features on the Art and Design GCSE alongside a whole host of other subjects, it's probably a good idea for students interested in photography to attend classes or workshops outside of school and move onto A Level Photography at sixth forms or colleges and university if they're really serious.

Private Tuition in Photography

If you're done with full-time education or just don't fancy workshops and night classes, you can always learn new skills with private tutors and photography is no exception.

The main benefit of private tuition is that all the lessons will be tailored to you and what you want to learn. If there's a particular style of photography or a reason behind studying it, your tutor can adapt the lesson to your goals and learning objectives.

Private photography lessons are also a good way to find out whether photography is for you without having to spend a fortune. There are plenty of tutors who'll let you use their equipment during sessions as they teach you about how they work. Of course, there will come a time when you'll be expected to buy your own cameras and equipment and you'll want to regularly be taking photos in your free time, too!

Finding a Photography Tutor in Sheffield

If you've decided that photography tutors are the way to go, just search for them on Superprof's website. Whether you're in Sheffield itself or looking for a tutor around South Yorkshire, you can search by location and subject and view each tutor's profile before getting in touch with them.

Generally, face-to-face tutors are the most effective as the teaching takes place between the tutor and just one student and you can be assured that the lessons will all be tailored to you and what you want to learn about photography.

However, if you can't find any tutors in Sheffield to your liking, there are online tutors who can teach you more about photography. These tutors tend to be cheaper than face-to-face tutors as they don't have travel costs to worry about and are particularly useful to those with busy schedules as they can teach you at any time of the day as there are tutors all over the world.

Finally, there are tutors that offer group classes. While these won't be fully adapted to you, they do tend to be cheaper as you're sharing the cost of the tutor's time with the other students in attendance. If you and some friends, colleagues, or family members are interested in studying photography, group classes could be a good choice!


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The rate of photography lessons in Sheffield is around £23.


Tutoring rates will vary depending on:

  • the qualifications and amount of teaching experience of your photography teacher
  • Where your lessons will be held (via Skype or an outside location)
  • The number of lessons and the duration of each class
  • the objective of your classes (are you building a photography portfolio or maybe you are just learning to take pictures as a hobby.)

97% of Superprof private teachers give their first session free. This is a great chance to discuss your objectives for your photography lessons and outline what you hope to gain from your sessions.


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Unsurprisingly, taking pictures is a favourite pastime for many people but not many people take the time to properly learn the art of photography. Learning how to take pictures allows you to capture wonderful moments in your life with beautiful photographs that you can keep with you forever.


Photography is also a means of artistic expression. Whether you prefer taking photos of landscapes, people, events, or pets, you are sure to find a subject medium that takes your fancy.


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