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Creative Photography Tutor, GCSE Photography, A Level Photography Suffolk Norfolk Cambridgeshire Essex

With a warm welcome, you will soon free your creativity, have fun, get the best grades possible with encouraging, inspiring, very experienced, fully qualified Art and Photography Teacher in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

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Photography lessons from a professional photographer and digital marketing expert. . . Twickenham - Richmond

Training on the field away from boring classroom lessons, taking pictures together. You can check my portfolio at instagram @serdalguzel Free first lesson and photographic career consultancy. You can also learn about digital marketing, videography, social media, presentation design...

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I want to create amazing stories and involve people to do the same!

I love to show people how they can improve their skills through experience. I want them to be confident with themselves and their equipment. That's why I teach on the street, so they can practice with my assistance and learn how to do their best to capture time and places.

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Portsmouth Photography lessons (4 years experience, GCSE (A) In photography, college-level Photography)

My method is to get to know the individual out in the real world in different photographic scenarios, such as Portraits (working with a model) busy city environments (trying to find the perfect composition) Street photography (asking strangers to have their picture taken) and really just learning to love photography.

1st lesson offered free !

It will be fun and much easier than you think. Just go for it! :)

Patient and hands off. I will give you the freedom to try and not get caught up on technical details unless you need clarification. It's easy if you don't mind how it comes out.

1st lesson offered free !

Develop your amateur photographic skill into professional ones and take better photos. With my lessons, you will also learn about the theory side of things in Photography.

I will be giving lessons to those that are still in school (GCSE), College (BTEC, A-Level) & people wanting to take it up as a hobby. I find short sentences, notes & colour is teaching method, as well as voice recordings.

1st lesson offered free !

Dorset based award-winning photojournalist offering the very best in Photography tuition all levels catered for

I have been working with photographers of all abilities and I have developed a teaching programme that encourages creativity. It's not about what camera or lens you use, it's about developing your vision, the way you see the world and the way you translate that vision into fantastic photographs. I like to work one to one or in a group, I also do distance tutoring via Skype or email.

1st lesson offered free !

Fashion and Photography graduate looking to tutor a wide age group of students up to and through university

My teaching method is teaching the basics first and building upon them by interacting with the student to give a customised lesson that they will get the most out of.

Charlton Kings
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I offer private one-to-one photography training courses, mentoring and group photography workshops

I am an experienced and proven trainer and mentor, I have gained many awards and accolades myself being through the system of qualifications means that I am fully aware of all of the criteria and rules to successful image making.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Professional Photographer & College Lecturer offering Photography and or Editing tuition in Aberdeen

I possess excellent communication and people skills and am an enthusiastic, effective and passionate lecturer with a proven record of helping students progress. I provide a positive learning experience and enjoy sharing knowledge and inspiring and motivating learners of all abilities.

1st lesson offered free !

Photographic artist and educator with over 20 years experience in the industry

I am an advocate of Humanistic and student centred approaches to teaching. I have a strong commitment to the success of education and personal development for any ages, backgrounds and experiences. I also have experience in online mentoring, informal and non-formal teaching, adult teaching, learning skills tutoring (ESOL, dyslexia, dyspraxia, aphasia).

1st lesson offered free !

Top portrait and fashion photographer for over 20 years, living between Cambridge and London

I teach a lot of already successful photographers in London, helping them to take their career to the next level. If you would like to take your photography up a notch then please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you are more interested in portraiture or fashion photography then check out my Portrait & Fashion site at ianphillips-mclaren.

Yardley Gobion
1st lesson offered free !

Freelance photographer and former A-Level photography teacher offering help in MK and Northants

Practical, hands on, fun. I believe that all lessons should give you access to a skill that you can use in the real world. My teaching style is informal and exploratory, I show you the skills and let you explore them on your own. Photography is an incredible medium, somehow schools have taken the joy out of art based subjects with outdated teaching methods.

Market Harborough
1st lesson offered free !

Full Time Professional Photographer with own studio offering lessons and creative advice

I go at the speed of the individual, keeping it a simple, relaxed and light-hearted approach in achieving the best finished results, rather than get bogged down by the technical. The image is the thing, not so much the equipment.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional photographer with passion, smile and massive knowledge about digital photography, from basic to advanced level

In photography the basic knowledge is desirable and I can teach you from the beginning. First will be some theory and after you will know how to do correct picture then we can start with practice. I am sure that I can teach you how to do your dream picture.

Hinton on the Green
1st lesson offered free !

Former photography student at Gloucester university looking to spread my knowledge to budding new photographers.

Being new to tutoring I don't have a specific method for my teaching, what I am aiming to do is pass what knowledge I have on to the students. I will look back at a lot of my past university projects and assignments to help with the topics of what I want to teach them.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine Arts student offering help in London for aspiring photographers and future Art students

I manly specialise in university preparation and A-level student help. At a pre-university level it is best to let the student explore lots of different options until they can settle on the approach that works best for them. Once they have discovered their style, that is what you base their professional portfolio around.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Photographer With 30 Years Experience Offering 1-2-1 Tuition in Perthshire, Scotland.

I will teach you what the settings on your camera are for, what they do, and how to use them to your advantage, by going through them a stage at a time until you are confident in using them to achieve fantastic results.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional photographer offering various photography workshops for beginners in and around Clackmannanshire

The initial idea is to start teaching the very basics of photography... A bit of theory but absolutely needed to better understand how a camera is working and how to use it at its best. To make it more enjoyable, there will be no classroom and lessons will be given on the field while practicing with the camera in your hands.

1st lesson offered free !

International fashion photographer with 20 years of experience offering lessons in London

I teach photography to all levels of student in practical ways making it easy to understand and then utilize the basic and more advanced concepts of photography and lighting. I tailor my lessons to each individuals experience, needs and pace.

1st lesson offered free !

Established Commercial and Advertising photographer, Graduate of University of Wales, Newport - happy to help new and emerging photographers who want to learn.

Hands On is the best way - I think. Online is OK (ish) - but really no substitute for face-to-face, hands-on experience. You will need your own camera and have a mature understanding of what you want to learn and what you want to do with the knowledge. I would prefer groups of like-minded students who can support each-other, as well as absorb ideas they they are exposed to.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced photographer offering darkroom and digital photography. Over 20 years of experience working in commercial events and education. I am based in Greater Manchester.

Hands on with the camera, show examples and set tasks. For film photography I would start the lesson with an exploration of how the camera works, then I would set a task using the aperture. The next step would be to demonstrate film development.

1st lesson offered free !

In London or SE England? I will make you a great photographer.

The US Navy Seals spent hundreds of millions developing learning techniques to train their special forces soldiers faster. I've taken these and adapted them for photography so you can learn faster and more easily. I now know for certain that photographers/ artists aren't born, they're made. And I use a unique teaching methodology to ensure that you maximise your potential.

1st lesson offered free !

Art and Photography GCSE and A level teacher/tutor in North London Area

I am kind, caring, passionate about my subject and am a tutor who strives for their student to do the best they possibly can, whilst developing the skills they need to achieve their potential grade. I aim to build confidence, whilst allowing the student to express their own individuality and help them achieve the best grade they can.

1st lesson offered free !

Photographer with 10 years experience gives Photography lessons in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

My teaching method works by identifying gaps in your technical and aesthetic understandings and filling in those gaps on a one to one basis, allowing you to achieve that which is alluding you. Communication is key. The genre of photography is vast and understanding where you want to take your photography is key to finding the correct path to take.

1st lesson offered free !

2ndyear photography student offering individual tutoring with photography development, techniques etc. in Falmouth

My teaching method is: Summarise the 5 crucial elements of what makes a good photograph at the beginning of each class to refresh the students memory; then assist in any areas of difficulty such as creating an idea for a photoshoot, or any help involving digital media eg photoshop, or even with more theoretical assignments such as an essay or project evaluation.

1st lesson offered free !

Filmmaking Student and Freelance Photographer teaching basics and helpful tips to advance in your skill. INC. Editing tips and tricks.

I like to base what I teach in line with what you need to learn! Depending on what level you are at/ what you already know! As a bonus, I always add in an extra editing tip/ help at the end of each teaching (Therefore, unless you require a session covering it entirely you can get progressive help)

1st lesson offered free !

Photography tutor helping with digital and film based photography within the north west

I'm a practical teacher I would go out on field trips to improve your photography skills and pushing your creative spark. Encouraging you to trust yourself and see life through a lens. Showing tricks to improve your photography and work faster.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate and enthusiastic student sharing his own experience in photography in London

My classes are focused on improving the past experience of the learner and, if there is none, creating a strong basis for beginner photographers. My teaching method involves examining various examples of professional and personal photography and extracting the rules used which were applied during the creation of the image.

1st lesson offered free !

Photography Tutor: Masters Degree With Over 20 Years Of Experience Online, Travel, Face2Face

I love for people to learn at ease, where they feel comfortable to express themselves so that together we are able to achieve the results we want. I also enjoy teaching in large groups. I always want my students to be open about what they need help with or what they may not understand.

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Perfect! Amazing we covered a lot - he was friendly and keen to help

Mohammad, student
2 months ago

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