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Psychology and You

As a Psychology student, you will learn the art of self-love and appreciation, something which is very useful in this modern era. Not only has social media and celebrity culture affected the way that younger generations perceive themselves, but the recent pandemic has also caused many people to feel lonely, vulnerable and depressed.

Psychology is one of those great subjects that really does change the way you view your everyday life and the world around you. Because Psychology asks a lot of questions, it will prompt you to think critically about human behaviour, what we accept as natural and why people think in certain ways. It’s truly fascinating to get to know yourself on this level and stand back to consider your own attitudes and traits.

Psychology and Others

Usually, when you study Psychology, it's because you want to better understand, or help, others. The great thing about having a Psychology qualification is that you will, during the course of your studies:

  • improve your communication skills
  • learn to empathise and understand others
  • find useful ways to help others

So if you are keen to open yourself up to these genuinely rewarding ways of thinking, then you might be interested to know that you can get support from a Psychology tutor when at school, college or university studying this subject.

A tutor can help to advance your skills, making you better at the subject while also improving your chances of getting higher grades or getting a place on the next level-up course. They might even be able to help you secure a job promotion if you are already in the world of work!

Is Psychology Subjective or is it About Science?

Being a Psychology student doesn't mean you will just walk around talking about feelings, be prepared to do some serious critical thinking. You will have to pick apart case studies, experiments and surveys to discover biases, problems and inconsistencies. Psychology will encourage you to hypothesise, be self-critical and deconstruct even the most convincing studies.

What's more, you’ll have to learn some basic Biology, so a good grounding in the Sciences is an advantage. This will not be extremely complicated stuff so if science isn't your strongest area then don't let this put you off. It will be interesting elements of biology, relevant to the Psychology topics. As such, Psychology is an enjoyable subject for students with a background in both science and humanities.

Studying Psychology in Higher Education

Did you know that you can continue to study Psychology or elements of it by choosing related topics to specialise in at university? Many universities offer degree-level courses as well as Masters, so if you know you want a career in Psychology then these are certainly great options for you.

"Universities and colleges in the UK offer a wide range of courses, including in specialist areas such as Applied psychology, Child psychology, Clinical psychology, Developmental psychology, Educational psychology, Experimental psychology, Forensic psychology, Social psychology, Sport psychology, Psychology" - UCAS

Careers in Psychology

According to UCAS.com, there are many clear paths for those with a solid Psychology background. For instance, a Psychology graduate might become a: Clinical psychologist, Counselling psychologist, Educational psychologist, Forensic psychologist, Further education teacher, Health psychologist, High-intensity therapist or Occupational psychologist.

Do any of those interest you? If so, this might be some great motivation for signing up for the A-Level and doing the best you can!

Studying Psychology in Birmingham

You can enrol on a Psychology BSc at the University of Birmingham, which offers you a wide and varied selection of modules. Birmingham City University also offers the equivalent course, accredited by the British Psychological Society.

Newman University has undergraduate courses and foundation courses available, with some really fascinating placement opportunities. It's a good idea to research things like work experience opportunities as any connections to the professional world that a college or uni may have since this could help you to take your first step in the right direction for your career.

Finally, Aston University has a Psychology department where you can study towards a degree in the subject too.

Studying Psychology Online

As you probably well know, there is an abundance of information on the Internet, and that extends to education. Not only can you find out facts and information online, but you can also learn digitally too.

There are many educational establishments offering independent learning courses, where you study in your own time from home using a personal computer, and then complete exams to gain accreditation. You can use The Open University or a number of other similar education experts to gain a recognised qualification, or you can opt for training courses and workshops aimed at subjects like mental health.

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At Superprof, there are tonnes of tutors just waiting for you, many with the expertise you are looking for in a private tutor.

There are almost 100 tutors offering Psychology tuition as it stands, with prices costing an average of £16 an hour in the area. You can search tutors geographically if the distance is the top criterion to find the closest teacher to you, but you can also search using a range of other tools and criteria such as years of experience or level of qualification.

Your home tutor may offer lessons at their own home or they might suggest meeting at a midway point. That said, lessons conducted online may be the most convenient option for you both since this means you can continue to study from wherever you are, which is useful for those travelling back and forth from university.

Your Psychology teacher may be waiting around the corner. SGo and find them now and get your life in Psychology kick started!


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