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<h2>Find the best tutors in Leeds for your sewing courses</h2>

What? You heard that sewing is only for grannies? On the contrary! It’s a professional or leisure activity that’s gaining in popularity for the past several years. It has the wonderful advantage of keeping you occupied while at the same time serving a practical function - creating clothes and various accessory. This way, you can even make your own coats, or even kimonos!

To get started, all you need are a few sewing accessories and some sewing lessons. And look - Leeds is teeming with possibilities for learning dressmaking or other sewing skills quickly and easily!

Whether you want to learn to knit or hem a buttonhole, set a zip or snap buttons, beginner sewing courses are at your fingertips. If you love the feel of velvet between your fingertips, the joy of coloured embroidery thread or the silkiness of satin ribbons - you are in the right place.

Sewing is one of the most crucial steps in fashion creation. Therefore, it’s one skill you need to master if you want to enter the world of fashion - whether as a fashion designer or tailor. And there are a number of tutors in Leeds ready to help you out. So grab your sewing kit and get ready to enter the great adventure that is haute couture.

Fashion design is an expanding industry. While the top fashion designers have become synonymous with success, don’t forget: they all started by learning how to ply needle and thread! While creativity is necessary in sewing, you also need to know how to thread, pin, tuck, cut and make ruffles.

Learning how to sew gives you an opportunity to embark on a career as a professional dressmaker or tailor - or keep it as a rewarding and creative hobby. Learning dressmaking teaches you how to make your own dress patters, customise your store-bought clothes as well as teaching you the secrets of hand-sewing - and that certainly is pretty cool!

So what exactly can you make when you learn to sew? The possibilities for creating your own clothes and accessories are infinite:


Basic patterns

Dress patterns

Making your own dress

Hemming trousers and skirts

Making a summer dress

Making your own wedding dress

Making a bib

For all of these, Leeds offers a dense network of possibilities for sewing courses without necessarily needing to embark on a job formation as a tailor or dressmaker. Dozens of private sewing classes give you the opportunity to learn how to sew without needing to buy a sewing machine of your own. Learning to sew, embroider or use the various sewing accessories available is quite simple here in Leeds. The dynamism of the city and its international connections make it quite the up-and-coming city in terms of fashion and dressmaking.

<h3>How to Learn Sewing in Leeds?</h3>

It’s not enough to own a sewing machine and sewing kit at home to become a great dressmaker: you need to know how to use them, too. So, to ascend to the next level or learn basic hand sewing techniques, you will need to take sewing courses in order to optimize your sewing skills.

Fortunately, Leeds and its environs is full of possibilities for perfectioning your sewing skills, whether in needlework, crochet or patchwork. Becoming a professional dressmaker will soon be more than just a dream, but a reality thanks to competent and experienced Superprof tutor that can teach you both adult and children’s sewing.

Whether making blouses or working with wool, felt or trimmings - the most varied sewing techniques will be open to you!

Leeds has several workshops and sewing schools, such as sewing courses in Leeds City College or at the Leeds Art University, the Yorkshire School of Sewing or the School of Sew. Not to mention a number of smaller sewing workshops and classes, giving you a great range of choice for learning how to sew, from hobby level to specialised tailoring courses in the world of fashion and haute couture.

Whether you want to learn sewing basics or perfect your art in crosstitching or hemming, there are courses out there that will offer exactly what you need, whatever your ultimate goal. Find sewing courses in Leeds for successful sewing lessons and a quick road to making your own clothes.

However, the simplest, fastest and often cheapest way to learn adult dressmaking or children’s tailoring is to take private sewing lessons. Specialised tutors will help you progress in learning how to design patterns, pick and use the correct threads or embroider your finished creations.

To get started on learning how to sew on your own, you can buy some basic sewing tools such as:

A sewing machine

An embroidery machine

An overlock machine

Sewing patterns for skirts, shirts or dresses

A dressmaking dummy


Zips, hooks and buttons

Cotton fabric

Tissue paper

Superprof is one of the few sites allowing you to find private sewing tutors in Leeds easily and quickly. Inhabitants of Leeds, come gather around your sewing machines, take out your bias scissors and enjoy fun - or intesive! - sewing classes!

<h3>Sewing Tutors in Leeds</h3>

No matter what your goal in learning how to sew, a tutor is sure to be able to help you. Whether you want to try for one of the main dressmaking schools, get an apprenticeship on Saville Row, have fun with friends or learn how to take in your pants, a Leeds sewing tutor is certain to be able to help you out.

It’s up to you: do you want a tutor who is a professional in his or her field - whether hand-knitting or ribbon embroidery at well-known shops - or would you prefer an experienced amateur with a wide range of skills and sewing experience? Leeds Superprof tutors have only one goal: improve your sewing skills by teaching you sewing basics or advanced dressmaking techniques, whether face to face in Leeds itself - at their homes or yours - or using Skype for online sewing courses.

Do you want to learn to sew a dress, turn a hem and develop your customisation skills in women’s dressmaking? Needlework will have no more secrets from you with sewing lessons in Leeds. Skill and precision will be your best assets for the pleasant and creative activity that is sewing.

You will learn the necessary skills to master the art of sewing - whether it be embroidery, blocking, hemming, basting, or stepping. There are courses available at all levels in Leeds. From Bridgewater Place to Leeds Dock, Leeds tutors stand ready to give online sewing lessons - making it easier to organise your sewing learning sessions around your busy schedule.

These tutors, whether professionals or talented amateurs are just as good in dressmaking as they are in customising, know how to set a sleeve, set pleats, do smocking and maybe even knit or crochet.

It’s important to look for a tutor adapted to your needs: if you want to prepare for an application at a dressmaking school or an apprenticeship at a tailor’s, you should prefer a professional in the fashion industry, whereas beginner sewers interested in sewing as a hobby can take sewing courses with a fashion industry student or an experienced amateur.

<h3>Sewing Courses in Leeds: Choosing your Superprof Tutor</h3>

Why not use Superprof to help you find some evening sewing courses or group sewing classes in Leeds?

On our private tutoring website are tutors just waiting to share their knowledge and experience in dressmaking or tailoring, whether at a beginner level or more advanced sewing students. With excellent practical exercises, you will soon reach a good level of sewing skills after only a few months. And you will end up with your very own winter coat or evening gown!

But how do you go about learning how to sew with our Superprof tutors? Nothing easier!

Just type “sewing” in the “which subject?” search bar, then “Leeds, UK” and you will find a list of profiles belonging to sewing tutors near you. When you click on their profile, you will get a resumé of the tutor’s experience and how they structure their lessons.

Leeds inhabitants can also take online sewing lessons via Skype - a live version of online sewing tutorials, but adapted to your individual needs!

Also, make sure you take advantage of the fact that most of our Superprof tutors offer their first sewing lesson for free - that way you’ll know if you’ve found just the right person to teach you sewing while adapting to your schedule and your skill level.


💸 How much are sewing lessons per hour in Leeds and the surrounding areas?

The cost of sewing classes in and around the Leeds area is about £10 for an hour.


Prices will vary depending on:

  • The location of your lessons (online or the student's place)
  • The number of lessons and the length of the lesson
  • the goal of your classes (are you wanting to learn dressmaking, how to properly use a sewing machine, crochet, or maybe you are just learning to sew for a hobby?)

The majority of tutors on Superprof give the first class for free.


Check out the rates of our sewing teachers in your city.

🧵 What can a sewing tutor help you with?

Learning to sew is a favourite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Not only is sewing a relaxing hobby but it can also be a useful skills to have. Having a beginner level knowledge of sewing can allow you to repair or customise your own clothes or make cute gifts for family and friends.


As a novice, you may want to begin with basic sewing patterns and learn how to make simple patterns for scarfs and blankets. As you improve you can start making more complex items like dresses or tops.


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