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Teaching deaf learners how to write English correctly in Leicestershire or South Nottinghamshire

Lessons are to help learners grasp a better understanding of the English structure and how to write correctly, as English and British Sign Language are different languages. I am currently studying my BSL Level 6 and also have a BA Hons in Deaf Studies and Linguistics.

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Second Year Primary Education student offering informal Sign Language Level One tutoring.

I am a training teacher who has planned and delivered successful Sign Language lessons to a range of ages. I believe firmly in positive encouragement, as it helps a student not only learn, but also become passionate about the subject.

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British Sign Language and Deaf Awareness - Learn not only the vocabulary, but how Sign Language works

I am a qualified British Sign Language interpreter with a decade of experience working with Deaf students in colleges around the UK. BSL is a beautiful language, but there's more than just vocabulary involved.

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Teacher with Level 1 Certificate in British Sign Language available to teach the basics

I currently run a sign language club with 18 students and would love to continue to share my knowledge. I have found it a useful skill for students with Special Educational Needs such as Speech and Language impairment and Autism. It helps to build confidence and an understanding of communication. I teach through the practical use of the language.

London Borough of Ealing
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Explore the beauty of British Sign Language where your hands do the talking.

Sign language is very visual so it's always great to start right from the basics, it's also useful to learn about the history of sign language. I will encourage you to practice using your signs with the deaf community and will introduce you to various methods to help you learn this unique language.

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University Student teaches Sign Language Introduction in Bucks and Hertfordshire from babies to adults

I am currently studying at University. Want to learn a new skill? Want to learn a new language without the added pressure of a classroom? I will be teaching Level 1 basics of Level 1 Signiture accredited qualification in British Sign Language.

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British sign language tutor for help up to NVQ level 3 BSL. Based in Scunthorpe but can travel.

I have been using sign language in my professional career for over ten years now. Having taught both children and adults, I like to keep lessons interesting by having fun. While learning correct form and grammar is important, I encourage my students to use things they are interested in to aid memory. For example, translating a scene from your favourite movie or performing a song you enjoy.

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British Sign Language for beginners and level 1 with a certification, (Signature)

Are you interested in a new visual language. if so then I teach basic courses and level 1 British Sign Language, Deaf Awareness and communication, lessons involve, the alphabet, colours, work and many more signs. I teach you to use these into sentences, to give the signs and understand the important basics of this rich and rewarding language.

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I teach BSL as well as other subjects via BSL and total communication.

In one to one or small group learning I use interactive methods to enable active learning in communication. I would observe and monitor the learner's abilities to maximise potential towards employability, independent living or qualifications. Flexible face to face & online learning.

Hemel Hempstead
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Secondary school student teaching BSL british sign language at any aged students in Hemel Hempstead

I am a secondary school student in year 10 who wants people of all ages to learn and understand sign language. I believe it is very useful currently. I will start off by teaching my student the basic's like greetings, numbers, and letters I will make sure they have mastered this by doing small tests etc.

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German, Japanese, Sign Language, and English lanuage lessons in Surrey from A Level graduate

I'm applying to study languages at university, with a background of German at A-Level and Intermediate Japanese knowledge. I have lots of experience with how languages are taught in the school system, and how to use the internet resourcefully for language purposes.

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British sign language tutor gives lessons in Manchester area up to Level 3

I teach British sign language from basic level and up to Level 3. I have being doing sign language for 7 years. I also can teach you some sing sign to popular songs. I will travel 20 miles from my home in Bolton.

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American Sign Language Tutor Avalible for basic Teaching And Understanding

American Sign Language is used in 45 countries and is the most popular sign language to learn, I will help you get the basic understanding and Knowledge to help you start off on your Journey. Teaching alphabet, numbers, colours and basic sentences.

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A-level student offering British Sign Language to all ages who are interested in this creative non-verbal language

I start teaching the basic sign language skills such as the alphabet, numbers and names and then I progress onto foods, colours, animals and many more! I know most sign language but i am not completely fluent and are still training to become a professional and work with BSL

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Amazing British Sign Language Courses Online With Doctor Dan Must Have Skype

Qualified BSL Tutor, Providing the best online services for British Sign Languages from beginners I can teach per unit.

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Years of experience with ASL, DeafBlind, LESHO, easy to comprehend, quick classes

My teaching style is methodical, from the basics (alphabet and numbers) to more advanced. I like to teach practical things, like conversation. Something you would be able to apply in a real life scenario. The structure of the classes will be tailored to your needs, so it will be easy to understand and excel in.

New Delhi
Mr. avi
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Student in stenographer language tpying in earth politecnic Institute of college diploma

My teaching style is not so hard. It is very simple. Actually teaching is based on topic related to stenographer language how we can write easily. .

San Antonio
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Professor of American Sign Language in San Antonio provides ASL lessons to all level students.

I hold a PhD in Education and a Masters Degree in Deaf Education. I believe that using the language in a practical setting helps to learn ASL faster and more efficiently. I give functional vocabulary that can be used in conversations. I determine the frequency of lessons based on your goals.

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UT graduate with a minor in American Sign Langauge with intermediate skills

In order to sign you must be able to understand the culture. I start with a no voice policy and practice uses gestures and hands to get one's point across. Signing takes practices and consistent usage. Students learn how to fingerspell first before they get into other signs.

Round Rock
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ASL teaching assistant with 3 years of experience offering lessons to all

I believe that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the language. I adopt a voices-off policy during class time. This means that in order to communicate with me, the teacher, you must learn the language.

Valley Center
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I am Hard of Hearing and was oral most of my life, however I am fluent in American Sign Language

I approach all students with an open mind. I assess their skills and am able to help them improve their comprehension on everything from fingerspelling, to numbers, to comprehending words and phrases. I can also assist with Songs interpreted into song.

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Deaf education student with 7 years of American Sign Language and Deaf culture experience

I tailor my lessons around the individual student. We identify strengths and weaknesses and use these things to build their learning. Because I base it upon the students, my lessons are always different whether the student is a visual or auditory learner, for example.

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Lessons ranging from basic omprehension to an advanced understanding of American sign language

Taught from experiences dealing with deaf friends and family. Four years of high school classes. Depending on the level you take you will learn basic words and sentence structure as well as the techniques used to create sentences. Have fun and I hope to hear from you.

White Lake charter Township
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Bachelor of Science Political Science and Sociology. Certify State American Sign Language Interpreter and Spanish Sign Languages Interpreter and Translation for over 35 years. Certify Berlitz State f

Bachelor degree of Political Science and Sociology. I thought American Sign Languages and Spanish translation for over 15 years. I work for freelance as an American Sign Languages/Spanish Interpreter for 40 Years working in School, Court, Hospital and Video Relay Services for 9 years.

Virginia Beach
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Learning Sign Language and Math is easier with me from the Philippines

My teaching method is based on how to use the lesson in real life. Basically after a lesson, I relate the things they learned on a real-life situation where they can apply what they have learned. I found good results on this kind of method.

Cedar Park
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American Sign Language Student (Vice President and Founder of HS Club) teaching American Sign Language Beginners through ASL 3

Studied ASL for three years and continuing into college (Major- American Sign Language Interpreting). Tutoring Experience. Common Phrases and advanced communication skills.

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Experienced Signer Tutor for Students to Learn ASL as Their Second Language

I taught a high school ASL Club for 4 years and at Gallaudet University for ELI students and late-deafened students who are learning to sign. I’m a very kind patience person that want to become a teacher when I get my MA in Education.

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Come and meet a new world by learning Brazilian Sign Language / English! Enjoy it

Lets do it! Interpreter of LIBRAS, with experience and experience with deaf people weekly, we will learn and see how good it is to understand and be understood, and to know this new world that is the world of Sign Language, and English!

Naresh kumar
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15 years experience in sign language and speech therapist iam studied DSE()HI)

My teaching method is verbal and non verbal communication.through sign language.

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