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Hemel Hempstead
(3 reviews)

Lydia - Hemel Hempstead - Technology

Designer, Art Director & Photographer with 20 years experience working for several household brands, & approx 15 years tutoring, training, mentoring experience covering design software, photography & branding, to professionals, students or amateurs.

Greater London
(4 reviews)

Emma - Greater London - Technology

Arty Classes was set up for worldwide students studying in art, fashion and textiles. Invest in a creative 'Super Tutor' with Arty Classes and you can be the best. Lets be CREATIVE and make 2018 a brilliant year for you! - Which subject(s) do you teach? Arty Classes is a one stop shop for creative students in Art, fashion and Textiles.

Zoe rose
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Electronics roehampton A+ Love all members treat with respect and have fun

Teach children and adult how to control their electronic and if it broken you can mend and I have been studying this my whole life and can show you what to do electronic grades is high so be prepared ❤️

1st lesson offered free !

Time served engineer now working in educational management and teaching. Located in the north West. Fully qualified in engineering, teaching and educational management.

I am fully time served engineer who progressed into teaching 20 years ago. I have taught engineering from secondary level up to bachelor level and can utilise a variety of techniques to engage individuals to enable them to better understand subjects. I get to know from an early stage how individuals like to learn and can configure delivery to exactly to suit.

Gloucester Road

Rigby - Gloucester Road - Technology

"Every artist was first an amateur". Ralph Waldo Emerson It takes 10,000 hours to be a professional - so here I am, sharing my skills and spreading some good old fashioned positivity! You're here to get results right? ....

Chipping Ongar

Thomas - Chipping Ongar - Technology

I am currently a teacher of Design and Technology at an outstanding secondary school. I hold a degree in Human Nutrition and A levels of biology, business, history and accounting. Two of these A levels were self taught. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I currently am teaching KS3 and KS4 design and technology, Resistant materials and Food technology. I also can teach KS2/3 maths and KS4 Biology.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering doctoral student offering quality tuition in technology, design, graphic communication and manufacturing!

Generally I like to make my lessons "hands-on" where there is a practical activity and a clear take-away to reflect on afterwards. During my time lecturing at Strathclyde I would generally have 40 minutes of lecture content and encourage discussion throughout and end with a practical or creative activity to build upon the factual content.

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Information security expert offers to teach information security at home in London.

The person that i will give lessons to should be very passionate about the field of information security, there is no need to have any pre-requirements. I believe that if you have the passion to learn you will get it, I'm very enthusiastic about information security and would love to pass on the knowledge i gained through the years.

South Shields
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Marine Engineering student offering mathematics lessons in newcastle or online. Time served apprenticeship in Marine Engineering now studying for my degree.

My background is a very practical one, I have always learnt better by doing so my teaching methods follow this I encourage people to try and figure a-lot out. I enjoy working through solutions with my students rather than just explaining something.

1st lesson offered free !

PhD researcher offering Mechanical Engineering lessons in Oxford up to university level.

My aim is to apply effective teaching techniques such as active learning to support students to learn effectively. My methodology include to encourage student-tutor contact, encourage active learning, give prompt feedback, emphasise time on task. respect diverse talents and ways of learning. I would spend time around the topic where the student needs more attention.

1st lesson offered free !

Product (industrial) design student specialising in Autodesk Fusion and implementation of CAM and Automation, for tutoring and UCAS help

Teaching and help is done through live projects, using the features of autodesk fusion or the CAD software of the students choice. This ties into UCAS portfolio work, as projects are done that show development of the design in hand drawn and CAD format.

1st lesson offered free !

Enjoy Mathematics! in East Ham in an easy way to secure good grades!!

My teaching method is quite simple and easy. The first thing I would like to do is to understand the ability of the student and then go with the required pace. Always pay attention to the student whether he/she enjoying the course. My core strength is to explain all the hidden techniques behind the theory.

1st lesson offered free !

University student looking to tutor primary or secondary students with mathematics in London.

To start, I'll find the specification for the class the student is working on. I'll then help to identify any weak areas they may have and assist them by explaining the area, going through examples and then giving them a set of questions to do on their own which will be checked by me. If there is no specific area, the student and I can simply work through the specification bit by bit.

1st lesson offered free !

Lessons and course help in math, physics, engineering and computer science related subjects

I can offer help in courses related to math, physics, engineering and computer science. I can provide high quality teaching of concepts, as well as help with understanding course material, assignments and directing you to good resources. I will tailor the class based on your specific needs.

1st lesson offered free !

An Engineer turned Online mathematician who makes study of Maths & science super fun for primary and secondary school pupils

I give online mathematics and science lessons to primary and secondary school pupils.I teach Maths & Science by relating the lesson to our day to day dealings with stuff and how we are consuming that particular math and science concept in our daily work. It makes math Interesting rather than a boring theoretical stuff.

1st lesson offered free !

Best tutor for students which provide help in every type of course

I am an online freelancer and tutor. I provide online help in the different courses. I select price on the wish of client or student.

1st lesson offered free !

Post graduate research student offering tutoring on engineering subjects and providing assistance in MATLAB coding, Proofreading and helping in the final year project to the University students.

Friendly approach. Excellent customer feedback. Completion of the work in time. The teaching lessons are student focused and one to one teaching course is provided.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering student offering mathematics and mechanical engineering tutoring up to 2nd year University level and 1st year physics

I tend to approach each topic by analysing the student's current knowledge base and work from there. I usually go over the core material, perform worked examples and then give unique worked examples for the student to try themselves. I can also create exam level question to help the student prepare for class tests and their final exam.

1st lesson offered free !

Smart and unique studies . I give you full knowledge about engineering.

I had done B.tech ( mechanical engineering) and i got 70% marks n i had done training in defence of research and development organisation n i have using different method in our teaching. I have clear all the problems regarding to subjects .

Great Saling
1st lesson offered free !

Product Design Teacher based in Essex area. Fun and engaging lessons that challenge pupils learning.

Hi All! My name is Hannah. Currently teaching GCSE and Alevel product design after gaining a BA (Hons) in Product Design and becoming a qualified secondary school teacher of Design and Technology. If you want to improve your coursework folder, or want to revise for your design technology product design, graphics, GCSE or Alevel exams then please get in touch to work out a tailored plan for you.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn the electrical engineering from the scratch and can to advance level in further

first the physical sense of the subject will be explained clearly, real life applications/uses will be emphasized precisely, then the solving parts comes into picture where i will suggesting the methodology for few models.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering tutor, by a man who got an a* in resistant materiels, or computer science.

do you need help preparing for a resistant materials exam or just help with course work or you just want to know about rm then contact me. I will help you understand everything that you will need to know to get through your gcse's.

1st lesson offered free !

Electronics engineer gives lessons to primary and secondary school students on science subjects

Electronic Engineer,with passion to share her knowledge in Science subjects , explaining tough concepts of Science in the most simplest way thinking from students point of view,correlating text book matter to real world so that student with any IQ level can easily understand.

1st lesson offered free !

STEM tutoring and life coaching, from ages 14 onwards. Get help passing your exams today. A professionally registered engineer, with a passion for helping others to achieve their goals.

Having developed a genuine pleasure and interest in helping people to understand things, I now wish to offer my services to any individuals in need of assistance. I believe in really getting to know the student as an individual and tailoring my approach according to how THEY learn best, and not taking a one method approach to teaching. All styles of learning can be accomodated.

1st lesson offered free !

Electrical and Computer Engineering tutor giving lessons in courses containing Mathematics, Electricity, Computer Programming and Industrial Controls.

We cover basic principles in sufficient detail to ensure concrete understanding at higher levels of abstraction. I use a meticulous yet patient, open-minded, encouraging and non-judgemental attitude to my students, their abilities and their goals.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Quality Tutor for Math,Physics,Chemistry - GCSE & A level in Grays, Essex

I'm an experienced teacher of GCSE and A-level Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer. I'm currently teaching GCSE and A level student. I've honours degree BEng (hons) in Electrical and Electronic engineering from London Southbank University. I've always achieved A* in Maths and Science. I've also achieved 1st class marks in Mathematics and Science related subjects in university.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced HE engineering degree qualified lecturer in South Yorkshire and North Midlands

Using techniques to embed student understanding of the basics, this allow students to progress more easily into the more difficult outcomes. Supporting students is a prioritu in all lesson planning, achieved by open lesson tutorials where students can express and discuss their own bespoke learning difficulties.

1st lesson offered free !

Astronomy - Open Uni student available to help others upto degree level

I am female and in my mid-30s I have been studying with the Open Uni for 4 years now towards a degree in Astronomy and Planetary Sciences covering a wide range of subjects with very good grades. I have 2 years left to finish my degree. I am willing to help other students of any age range that are in need of a little to a lot of help.

1st lesson offered free !

Sussex County; Private Design and Aeronautical Engineering tutoring services. Up to BSc and EASA levels taught.

Product/Industrial Designer – May 2017. I teach undergraduate Bachelor’s degree level Product/Industrial Design, to include both technical (BSc) and creative (BA) variants of the subject.

1st lesson offered free !

C programming, OOP , PHP, Electronic, Math, REMOTE ONLY, Master degree in Electronic

I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering with Master in Electronic, with +4 years experience in Software Web development, and with the passion for sharing knowledge. I have been tutoring my youngest brother and some of his friends that are studying IT at University and also during my graduation I did some tutoring to get some income.

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