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1st lesson free!

Personal Trainer in West London - Nutrition, Weight Loss, Powerlifting, MMA, Boxing & Kickboxing

About the lesson

I can provide all the usual services that most other personal trainers can offer.

However, here are a few of some of the more specialised areas that I can also help you with:

️-Fat Loss - science based techniques that actually work and are practical. Hint - food plays a huge part
️-Strength Training - also covers general muscle building. Knowing the best "bang for your buck" exercises.
️-Boxing/ Kickboxing/ Self-Defence - Get fit without getting hit! Beginners welcome. Punch your way to a healthier you!
️-Older Adults 65+ - There is no age limit for fitness. However there are special modifications to consider.

Covering a wide range of different types of training requirements. From complete beginners to advanced athletes and everything in between.

Location: TW8 - Brentford - Private Gym

Please contact me for more details and SPECIAL OFFER for new clients


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  • Personal training


  • English
  • Turkish


  • All Levels

About Ali

I have been in the fitness and martial arts since I was 4 years old, including competitive martial arts training and achieving over 3 Black Belts in different Martial Arts. My mission is to fight against the climbing bullying and mental health rates within the community by encouraging people of all ages to take small steps towards a healthy and fun lifestyle.

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life...

Being fit is more than fitting a certain size or reaching a specific goal. It is a state of mind and being aware of what our body needs (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually) in the present and loving ourselves enough to make good decisions each and every day. Therefore, FunkyFatBoy’s fitness journey is divided equally into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These are all vital parts of our health and all must be conquered equally for superb results.



  • 5h: £185
  • 10h: £360


  • £20/h

free lessons

  • 1hr


Please contact for more information :)


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