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With Superprof, it has never been easier to become a tutor. Whether you're looking for local UK tutor jobs, online tutoring jobs, jobs in education, or jobs for ex teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Give home-tuition or find online tutoring jobs with 1000s of potential students across our global network. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a tutor and share your passion!

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With Superprof, it has never been easier to become a tutor. Whether you're looking for local UK tutor jobs, online tutoring jobs, jobs in education, or jobs for ex teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Give home-tuition or find online tutoring jobs with 1000s of potential students across our global network. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a tutor and share your passion!

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James Maths tutor, Bristol

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Hundreds of students each day in Belfast !

Our private tutors in Belfast receive lots of lesson requests, here are the latest.


Amy, found their tutor

Hi Ben, My name is Amy and I am a recent graduate. I studied creative technologies, however we only done one module of coding (html and css) and I feel that for me to get myself into a good company I really need to learn more on the coding aspect. I would love someone to help me get to know the ins and outs of it effectively and efficiently. I currently live in Belfast, close to city centre so hopefully the location isn't too far. Hopefully I will hear back from you soon.

3 days ago

Roisin, found their tutor

Hi Amy,my name is Dominic and I am a final year English student at at Queen’s.I have recently handed in a draft of my dissertation;the theme is on homosexuality in The Great Gatsby.While my tutor considered the content good,he has concerns about the structure of the material.I am dyspraxic so perhaps this is contributing to the problem!

5 days ago

dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation teacher

English Literature PhD student offering to tutor Modern Literary Studies in Belfast

Juliette, found their tutor

Hi, I'm an undergraduate student doing beginners French as part of my degree which means that the course is meant to bring me up to standard in one year so I can join the others in second year as I only did French GCSE. I have my written and oral exams coming up on the 23rd and 25th of April and would like to have at least 3 lessons if possible, starting Tuesday 17th April before my oral, which is the 25th. I'd also like to continue with lessons about once every 2 weeks after my exams to keep...

1 week ago


Joanna, found their tutor

Hi Clare my daughter Rebecca is sitting ccea gcse history this year. She has struggled with the course and the teacher does not really seem to have engaged her interest . She scored 30% in her mock exam and would really like some help both with the subject matter and exam technique. She’ll never be an A* but maybe with some help over the next 6 weeks or so along with her controlled assessment marks she could attain a pass !

2 weeks ago


Roberta, found their tutor

Hi Anna, Hope you are well. I would love to learn German and possibly, undertake exams. Would you have any time free for a lesson? I would like a couple of lessons a week. Would I need to buy any books? Rind regards, Roberta

3 weeks ago


Hawk, found their tutor

Hello. We are looking for an online tutor to join a company that provides online English classes to thousands of Chinese students across the globe. It's a freelance position. Position involves conducting online English lessons in our virtual classroom, one on one basis. You can specialize in conversational lessons, academic writing guiding, international exams preparation e.g. TOEFL or IELTS. Requirements: Fluent English (C1/C2 level); 3rd year of Bachelor program or higher; ...

1 month ago

Sara, found their tutor

Hi Mel, I'm out of drawing practice and would like some tuition please? I havnt drawn daily for months. I have had 3 exhibitions of my paintings and would like to compile a new collection of work to exhibit.

1 month ago


Laura, found their tutor

hello, i am laura, im working in germany in english so i would like to learn specially speaking and listening english my level more or less is b1 i am available afternoons around 7.30 pm (germany time) and i would like to start as soon as posible are you available? thank you, regards

1 month ago


Roberta, found their tutor

Hi Anna, My name is Roberta. I have wanted to learn the violin for a long time but have not been able to find a teacher. I am a total beginner. I live in Kilkeel but study in Belfast so either Belfast or Warrenpoint would suit. Any day suits me. Do you have a violin you would suggest purchasing? My mobile number is (concealed information)4. Text me if you have any time free for a lesson. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Roberta

2 months ago


Kersty, found their tutor

The help I am needing is a project in Java this is group work, to create a card game my part is to create an array of cards move across the screen and copy deck of cards and add music to the options screen and testing the code using in the android studio. Regards Kersty

2 months ago


Cezanne, found their tutor

Hello, I would like some help with creating brighter prints using photoshop and also some information on choosing the best printing methods. I understand the difference between RGB and CMYK colour space but I still can't make a semi decent print. Everything comes out dark and dull.

2 months ago

Cherie, found their tutor

My daughter has wanted to dance from three years old, she is now eleven, it’s all she does. But she freezes up in public classes. She is quite flexible and loves hiphop. I want her to come out of her shell and express herself. Her best friend is Indian and I might bring her along too but I haven’t asked her mum yet. I am enquiringly if you could do home visits each week and see how it goes. Thank you. Cherie

2 months ago


Margaret, found their tutor

Hi Hoa I am enquiring about tutoring for 1 year pharmacy at queens. I have a good understanding of organic chemistry but need help in some areas.I would also like some help in the other modules if possible.

3 months ago


Noel, found their tutor

Hello I am interested in improving my Spanish. I have been to lessons in the past, so I am not a complete beginner. However, I would say my competency is still basic. The main reason for learning Spanish is for travel/holidays. I would like to have enough Spanish to be comfortable travelling to non-tourist areas of Spain, or maybe South/Central America. I live in Antrim town, but work in Belfast near Queens University. Ideally I would like lessons to be early evening after work,...

3 months ago


Eman, found their tutor

Hi im looking evening tutition mostly for chemistry level 3 and maths GCSE Im applying for pharmacy and require to get good grades. Please get back to me asap as i am looking to get started soon. Thanks very much, Eman

4 months ago

Cara, found their tutor

Hi Dr Natalie I am a third year medical student and I would like some osce practice over the Christmas break. Please could you get back to me as soon as you are available to arrange some practice. Many thanks, Cara

5 months ago

Paul, found their tutor

Hi James, I'm interested in getting a formal grounding in music for my own personal interest - not actually studying any courses. I've dabbled with various DAWs at not much more than a novice level over the years but usually fall down on progressing an idea to a full track - so I think I could benefit from some learning around formal composition. I'd also like to learn more advanced processing techniques, synth programming and mastering if possible. I don't play any instruments - have...

5 months ago


Sandra, found their tutor

Buenas tardes, mi jefe necesita clases particulares de inglés por skype o vía telefónica 1 día a la semana después de las 19:00. Tiene un nivel medio - alto y busca clases para practicar y perfeccionar el nivel.

6 months ago


Curtis, found their tutor

Adam is arrending a course in computer graphic design at NI Technical School and he was recommended to a remedial maths class. He has been attending the class but thinks he needs more. His grandmother would like to he;p, hence this request for tutorial assistance. More info is available at 078 5261 7878/

6 months ago


Sian, found their tutor

Dear Jenna Apologies for the speculative approach. My name is Sian and I came across your details in an online search. I am interested in talking to freelance French tutors at the moment for teaching opportunities with the British MoD in the south west and wondered if you might be able to help. In particular, MoD are looking for a French language tutor to teach for three weeks in Belfast from 29th January to 11th February 2018. I work for a language provider based in the south...

6 months ago


Michael, found their tutor

Hi I'm currently doing a foundation degree in computing at Northern Regional College, I do 2 subjects including Maths for Computing and Programming obviously When I'm in my programming class and listening to what my teacher is explaining to the class I can wrap my head around it most of the time, however when she says to go and try doing it for ourselves on the computers I find it really hard to remember each tiny little detail of the programme e.g. Semi colons, public class main etc we are...

7 months ago


Simon , found their tutor

Hi I am looking for online tutoring for my 13 year old. She is passionate about physics and dreams of a future in astrophysics. She is at a school that is arts based - but happy and would like to work towards maths and physics GCSE in the next year or two on her own. She is bright. Let me know if you could help. Best wishes. Simon

8 months ago


Paula, found their tutor

Hi Emma my daughter, Orla, is interested in sitting the C1 Dele exam, having just passed the B2 with pretty good marks. We live in France but will be spending 2 weeks end of October and over Xmas in N.Ireland, my home. she is in her final school year and I know she won't have time to fit private lessons in during school time, hence the idea of getting her started during the october holiday while in Bangor. we'll have a car and can come to you or meet out, whichever suits you best. plus, i...

8 months ago


Anderson, found their tutor

Hi Levent, How are you? My name is Anderson Ferreira, I'm Brazilian and also Portuguese, I am 30 years old and a major in Business. I have been studying English in Central London for 1 week. I am looking for private English classes to improve more my oral comprehension and vocabulary. I would like to start my classes as soon as possible. Please, let me know if you are available. Regards, Anderson

11 months ago