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Hundreds of students search for trigonometry lessons every day!

Our trigonometry tutors are very sought after! Here are the latest queries from students:


Siva, found their trigonometry tutor

Hi Emily, My son is preparing for 11+ and he is currently attending tuition. He is struggling with maths especially in fraction, algebra etc. Would you be able to help him with this? We live very close to the school where you are going and we would like home visit. Thanks

2 months ago


Marc , found their trigonometry tutor

Hello I am currently studying for a HND in Engineering and am struggling with engineering maths, particularly trigonometry. I have an assignment that needs to be completed by 21st January and would like help understanding the questions and how to approach them. Many thanks Marc

3 months ago


Nicole, found their trigonometry tutor

Hello I am a beginner in jewellery design. I am finding trigonometry difficult to grasp. Even basic Pythagoras equations. I have some drawings as examples. I need someone very patient who is able to explain these to me until I grasp it. I want to understand 'drawing to scale' as well. e.g ratio 1:1 or ratio 1:2 Do you have the patience for this? :) Regards Nicole

3 months ago


Nana, found their trigonometry tutor

Hi Allison, Am currently in need of a qualified Health and social care tutor to assist me with my degree course . However, will like to know since the lessons will be via webcam could there be a discount ? Would appreciate if you could highlight on your availability and if you would be keen on tutoring me . Regards , Nana.

4 months ago