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Well-being Swimming coach teaching mindful swimming lessons from beginner to master level


I approach each session with and open mind and I base each session on how the child/client is feeling on the day. I pay attention to the individual and work on their strengths and weaknesses within themselves and their swimming through a combination of swimming and mindfulness teachings. I aim to have my clients feeling more confident overall when they step out of the pool. I marry swimming and psychology for overall well-being.


Swimming and fitness has been a natural environment for me since the age of 7. At the age of 11, I competed at a senior national level and reached Olympic trials in 2008. This lead to me being chosen to represent the South African Life Saving team at the National life-saving competition in 2015, where I won a gold medal. I obtained South African and American coaching qualification (and recently British) which has assisted in my increased quality of coaching since 2010.

Swimming has been a natural ability for me through which I want to continue to serve others. I enjoy the
ability to ignite the passion and benefits of swimming, fitness, achievement, and mindfulness in the water in others. Having ‘Fun’ is for sure the key element in ensuring a long-term love relationship with water, and that is what I strive to bring to lessons as well, a good balance between work and play. I find my reward and joy in knowing I had a positive impact on someone’s life and that my assistance in their swimming/life is still going to bring them many more happy memories in the future. It feels like saving lives and if that is my life purpose, I am very happy to fulfill it.

Since moving to London in 2017 to study Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Roehampton, I am able to continue my coaching/teaching career with more knowledge about the human body and its functionalities - mind, body and soul.


Rate for online lessons : £50/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £250
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £500


Rates increase when travelling time exceeds 1hour from Wimbledon.

Lessons offered by Alke
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Swimming
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Kids

Alke's CV

Since the age of 5, swimming and fitness has been a natural environment for me. I started competing in swimming at the age of 7 and worked my way up to Senior National level at the age of 11 and finished off competitively at the age of 18, at Olympic trials 2008. Coaching is a natural environment where I enjoy having the ability to ignite passion for swimming and fitness in others. Swimming has been the basis of my existence and to this day I reflect on all the benefits this discipline has given me over the years. I ‘m a very hard- w o r k i n g individual who takes pride in diligence, dedication and accomplishing goals. I find it very rewarding to develop individuals’ confidence in a life changing skill that helps them set new goals and develop overall wellness.
Work Experience
• Home swimming (January 2019 – March 2019)
1:1 private home based swimming
• David Lloyd Fulham (September 2018 – Current)
1:1 / 1:2:1 / 1:4 Children and adults
• Immerse Swimming Club (November 2017- December 2018)
1:1 and 1:2:1 adult coaching
• Admin at EOACC (August 2017-April 2018)
Basic office administration work
• Travelling/Backpacking South East Asia (December 2016 – June 2017)
• Life Orientation and PE Teacher and Boarding Mistress at Pecanwood College (March 2015 to December 2016)
Life Orientation Term planning and Teaching (Grade 8-11)
PE coaching
Managing and supervising staff for ‘Founder Girls Boarding House’ and in-house tutor.
• Head swimming coach:
 Pecanwood Aquatics Swimming Club (March 2015 to December 2016)
 Stingrays Swimming Club Klerksdorp (June 2010 to March 2016)
-Club administration and management
- Provincial registrations, Gala entries, Season planning, goal setting and progress reports.
-Program development and Coaching - learn to swim, stroke introduction, stroke correction, competitive swimming, and personal training- (Beginner to Jnr National swimming level)
-Youth development
• NLP practitioners course though Udemey (April 2019)
• Master mindfulness practitioner through Udemey (March 2019)
• Cognitive Therapy behavior course through Udemey (March 2019)
• UR Leadership development program (January 2019)
• Foundations Life Couching Course – The coaching academy (August 2018)
• NCS ‘The challenge’ – 2 day Support worker training (May 2018)
• Roehampton University – Sports and Exercise Sciences (August 2017 - current)
• STA level 2 teaching swimming (November 2017)
• South African Level 1 Coaches Certificate (July 2015)
• Unisa Online University- Bachelor of Education - Intermediate and senior Phase (June 2015 - December 2016)
• Still and Open water lifesaving Course (January 2015)
• Stroke mechanics clinic level 1 (January 2013)
• ISSA Personal fitness trainer certificate (July 2012)
• ASCA Level 1-4 coaching qualifications (American Swimming Coaches Association Coach Courses Level 1 – 4 (January 2011- 2015)
Le v e l 1 – F o u n d a t I o n s o f C o a c h i n g
L e v e l 2 - S t o k e B i o m e c h a n i c s S c h o o l
L e v e l 3 - P h y s i o l o g y S c h o o l
L e v e l 4 - Leadership School
• Two weeks coaching training with Olympic coach Peter Williams at Waterborne Swimming club (June 2010)
• Learn to Swim - Swimming South Africa (January 2010)
 I enjoy learning new skills and broadening my understanding of fitness, psychology and mindfulness. In my free time I enjoy going to different workshops or seminars for self-development. I also have an interest in adrenaline sports and have recently started doing open water swimming.

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