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Chemistry PhD Student available to tutor up to and including undergraduate Chemistry


It is my personal belief that learning should be as enjoyable as possible, because the curiosity and the want to learn a subject makes learning it so much easier. I'm here to provide an enthusiastic adaptable approach to learning, if a student is struggling, it is sometimes best to be versatile and approach the lesson from a new angle or in a new style. Encouragement and a bit of inspiration gets most students very far!


I am a PhD Candidate at Queen's University Belfast, specialising in physical chemistry. I have tutored and taught for several years, although I am new to this particular platform. My students have all gone on to do extremely well in examinations and gain confidence in the subject. I've been told my enthusiasm is infectious.


Transportation Fee : £5
Rate for online lessons : £25/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £90
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £150


Price is negotiable dependant on needs.

If for some reason I must cancel a lesson, I will reschedule an additional lesson for free to ease the student back into the material.

Lessons offered by Rachel
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Chemistry
  • Other sciences
  • Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Physics
  • Electrochemistry
  • All Levels

Rachel's CV

Personal Profile
I am a 3rd year PhD Chemistry student at Queen’s University Belfast. Current research is focused on photocatalytic materials and conductive silver wire fabrication. As one of the most senior members in the laboratory, I also advise and manage undergraduate students. In addition, I teach and demonstrate complex analytical procedures and laboratory experiments, to up to 30 undergraduate students at a time.

Education, Qualifications and Accomplishments
• GCSE’s: 5A*’s, 4A’s and 1B
• A Level’s: AAAB in Maths, Biology, Psychology and Chemistry respectively.
• Degree: 1st Class Honours Masters in Chemistry (MSci) Graduated: July 2017
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD) Pending: Summer 2021
• Degree Plus : Member of the Red Cross (First Aid Qualification) Awarded: July 2017
• Languages: English, British Sign Language (Level 1)

1. Mills, A., Andrews, R., O'Rourke, C. and Hitchman, M. (2017). Novel Demonstration of Heterogeneous Redox Catalysis using a Rotating Pencil Lead. Journal Of Laboratory Chemical Education, 5(4), pp.86-93.
2. O’Rourke, C., Andrews, R., Wells, N. & Mills, A. Photodeposited Ag-wires on TiO2 films. Catal. Today (2018). doi:10.1016/j.cattod.2018.10.045

Relevant Skills
• Analytical techniques, including, but not limited to: UV/Vis spectrophotometry, FT-IR, HPLC, electrochemistry, NMR, x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy.
• Good computer literacy, including proficiency in office software and basic programming.
• Poster and oral presentation proficiency.
• Experience in teacher role and examination prep and marking

Work Experience
Queen’s University Belfast (August 2015 – October 2018): As part of the Eventus team at Queen’s, I occupy multiple roles. I have learned the importance of being versatile and how to deal effectively in public relations as well as how to effectively manage my time as my responsibilities include opening/closing the Naughton Gallery and Welcome Centre, maintaining a security presence, completing clerical tasks and providing tours around the University to prospective students and distinguished guests. I have also worked for Enrolment and Registration, in this role I corresponded with students in a professional capacity regarding their admission to university and helped make this transition as smooth as possible whilst ensuring that all students were successfully enrolled.

Laboratory Assistant, Professor Andrew Mills (June 2017- September 2017):
Following the completion of my Masters degree in Chemistry, I worked as a research assistant for The Mills Group, a Sensor group in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Queen's University until I began my PhD in Sept 2017. Throughout this time I focused on Photodepositing Ag-Wires on TiO2 Films, assisting Dr Christopher O’Rourke and Dr Nathan Wells. This work was later published in Catalysis Today.
An overview of this project: Silver ion solution is used to photodeposit silver wires on self-cleaning glass and on TiO2 sol-gel films. These wires are used to light up an LED or heat up glass producing a change in temperature directly proportional to the power in.

Movie House Cinemas, Dublin Rd (2014 - 2015): My role in the Movie House allowed me to develop a number of skills in a fast paced environment. I was required to work both as a competent and flexible team member and also on my own initiative, for example supervising screens. I gained experience at box office which was customer facing and required me to take on great responsibility; I dealt with a large volume of money and was responsible for cashing up a till at the end of the shift. I gained experience using a till and TAPOS system, including voucher input. I also gained experience of effectively resolving customer complaints by utilising problem solving skills, excellent communication skills and negotiation to reach a favourable solution. I am trained in food hygiene, health and safety and was able to use these skills in my public facing role within the kiosk.

Volunteer, St Johns Vianney (September - December 2015): I had the opportunity to support disadvantaged children as part of their after-school club. I was under the direction of a coordinator who worked alongside me to benefit the young people involved. A variety of different social and cultural backgrounds attended this group and I have learnt skills to resolve conflicts in a calm, authoritative manner. I can adapt to new situations, which has allowed me to quickly gain people’s trust and respect, which is important with regard to encouraging them to learn.

Peer Tutor, Drumragh Integrated College (2011 - 2013): I committed to 5 hours a week helping pupils with learning difficulties during their classes. I regularly corresponded with teachers in regard to the academic need of each student and within this role I was able to offer direct assistance to the teacher, as I was able to focus my time on the students specific need within their studies.

Volunteer, Denamona PS (September 2011 - June 2013): I acted as an aid in secretarial duties as well as overseeing students in learning and supervising play. I provided support with after-school clubs and within the classroom, aiding key stage 1 & 2 with Numeracy and Science. I was involved in processing inventory and ordering, along with simple clerical tasks. I am fluent in computer skills and database processing.

Additional Interests and Skills
I have been a member of a world touring elite choir group, The Omagh Community Youth Choir, and have been involved in video performances broadcast to the whole EU and provided backing vocals for The Irish Tenors.

I have learned the importance of responsibility, fast thinking and problem solving throughout my studies. I am enthusiastic about expanding my skill set and have completed an additional course in coding with Code First: Girls. This shows my good time management and organisational skills as I completed this alongside my studies, volunteering and work. I demonstrated what I learned in presentations to a group of 30-40 peers, showing confidence and accountability.

I enjoy working with people and being a member of a team, I gained great team working skills throughout the completion of my Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh. However I am also capable of working independently. Through my previous experiences I have highlighted my leadership qualities and feel confident to adapt and take control in an emergency or under great pressure. I am enthusiastic to new pursuits and always willing to learn new skills as I am hard working and dedicated. I have excellent time management skills, am always punctual and can follow detailed instructions.

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