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Highly experienced Physics and Maths tutor - began career as a physicists.


My ultimate goal for any student is to make real and noticeable progress in their subject. Different students learn differently and it's important for me to identify their own unique learning style, not only to maximise their learning but to inspire and motivate them to learn. I endeavour to make learning both informative and enjoyable. See below a summary of my general approach:

• Focus on any identified areas of weakness and build on strengths.
• Adopt teaching method to suit student's learning style.
• Facilitate learning; encourage students to use own ideas to solve problems.
• Teach by principle enabling students to deal with all manner of complex problems.
• To aid understanding some topics maybe covered on a wider level than the syllabus specifies.
• Assess progress using exercise workbooks and other test assessments.
• Prepare students for exams; going through past papers and exam techniques.
• Homework is given and completion is expected by next lesson.

My broad career experience helps me to impart knowledge in a more enthusiastic, clearer, convincing, and mature way, with the ability to better relate scientific/mathematical concepts to everyday life and to the commercial world.


Personal Description:

I specialise in teaching Physics and Mathematics. I began my career as a Physicist in Optoelectronics Research & Development, and after that I moved into ICT systems engineering. I have a broad experience in industry spanning 30 years, dealing with all manner of complex and commercial applications of science and technology. Alongside that I`ve been involved in the education of people in industry and children at secondary school level. See below summary of career roles and achievements:

• Physicist for General Electric Company, Optoelectronics R & D.
• ICT Specialist Engineer/Consultant, for Siemens, KCOM, Others.
• Analyst, mathematical modelling in Engineering & Finance.
• Educator in science/technology for industry/private.
• Speaker at international conferences on the application of technology.
• Published many R & D papers on optoelectronics - achieved numerous patents.

Tutoring Experience:

Highly experienced tutor - I enjoy tutoring people of all ages and have been providing a private tuition service for over 10 years to children at secondary school level and also to adults who wish to extend their knowledge in those areas. See below summary of teaching experience and track record:

• Have been providing tutoring in Physics and Mathematics for many years.
• Currently providing tutoring support services for an outstanding selective school.
• Well experienced in the main exam boards, AQA, Edexcel, OCR (A & B).
• School classroom experience, teaching science at secondary level.
• Track record (references available) of major improvement in student exam grade levels.
• Helped many students achieve required grades for University entry.

Assessment for "Teacher Training Scholarship", conducted by the Institute of Physics in 2012 for teaching Physics at secondary level - scholarship awarded (1 of only 100 in the UK for that year); had to demonstrate the necessary teacher qualities, including an excellent knowledge of Physics, and the ability to effectively communicate scientific concepts to a diverse group of people


Rate for a 1-hour lesson. : £50/h
Lessons offered by George
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • All Levels

George's CV

George Georgiou CV

Personal Statement

A highly experienced private tutor specialising in Physics and Mathematics. Had careers as a Physicist, ICT Engineer, and Financial Analyst. Possesses excellent educational skills which led to roles in training people in industry and eventually to educating children at secondary level. Used broad career experience to enrich teaching style and produce effective teaching methods. Currently providing tutoring support services, mainly at GCSE and A Level, to private clients and to an outstanding semi selective secondary school.

Main Competencies

Creative and Resourceful; Effective and flexible Communicator with good presentation skills; Good planning, organisational and interpersonal skills; Strong team Player; Commercial acumen; Research and Analysis.

Main Achievements

• Teacher Training Scholarship Award from Institute of Physics (2012).
• Authored and published numerous research papers and technological articles.
• Presentations at many international conferences /institutions.
• Spokesperson to industry pres on the benefits of technology in business.
• Has achieved 13 patents in the field of optoelectronics.


• 1980 – 1981 University College, London MSc. Microwaves & Modern Optics
• 1977 – 1980 Queen Mary College, London BSc Hon. Physics
• 1970 – 1977 Alexandra Park School 3 A Levels (Physics, Maths, Chemistry)

Further Certification and Training

• Teacher Training Scholarship Award - Institute of Physics (2012); 1 of 100 awarded in UK.
• Technical certification relating to ICT courses, marketing, financial markets, insurance industry.

Teaching Ability and Experience

• Undergone teacher suitability assessment in 2012 by the Institute of Physics for teaching Physics at
secondary level - scholarship awarded (1 of only 100 in the UK for that year); had to demonstrate
the necessary teacher qualities, including an excellent knowledge of Physics, and the ability to
effectively communicate scientific concepts to a diverse group of people.
• Education and training of colleagues/customers in industry on ICT technologies.

Employment/Work History

Private Tutor (2011 - Present)
• Private tutoring in Physics and Maths, KS3, GCSE and A’ Level.
• Tutoring support services for Dame Alice Owens School .
• Helped many students greatly improve grades – see enclosed references; all can be corroborated.

Account handler and Market Analyst – IPS Ltd (2008 - Present)
• Handling Commercial Motor Fleet/Property Insurance Risks for clients.
• Developing financial investment/trading strategies and implementing on auto-execution software.
• Created effective algorithmic trading strategies exhibiting high yield; currently under test.

ICT Solutions Development Manager – Affinity Ltd (KCOM Group) (1992 - 2008)
• Developing /marketing ICT solutions, primarily for the financial services sector.
• Education and training of colleagues and customers on emerging technologies and solutions.
• Developing, and communicating customer ICT strategy road maps to stakeholders at all levels.
• Spokesperson to industry pres on the benefits of IT/Communications technology in business.
• Created many ICT solution brands followed by successful product launches.
• Numerous publications in industry press and journals.
• Conceived and implemented internal web based learning tools that helped sell solutions.

Systems Engineer/Consultant – Siemens Network Systems Ltd (1987 - 1992)
• Designing Enterprise Data Communication Systems for clients.
• Generating and giving external/internal presentations on solution designs and IT Strategies.
• Providing customer training and support on newly implemented solutions.
• Have successfully designed and supported numerous business-critical data networks.
• Won numerous customer sales by providing effective technical support to sales.

Senior Physicist – GEC Hirst Research Centre Ltd (1987 - 1992)
• Instigating and leading Research and Development (R&D) projects with commercial expectations.
• Educating/Training colleagues/students on experimental methods and fabrication processes.
• New product development; from conception to manufacture.
• Presentations at international conferences /institutions on our R&D work.
• Developed commercially successful optical devices.
• Publication of numerous research papers, and achieving 13 patents.

Hobbies & Interests
• Family outings, Swimming, Clay Pigeon shooting, Keen DIY, Philosophy.


From Vanessa (A2 Level Physics – AQA & A2 Level Maths – Edexcel), 9 Months 3H/Week:
George was a great support and help to our son. Really helped to motivate him and helped him prepare for his final A level exams after a challenging AS year. He was always punctual, reliable and well prepared for sessions. We'd be happy to recommend him

School: Latymer

Final exam grade, AQA A Level Physics 2017: A
Final exam grade, Edexcel A Level Maths 2017: A

From Achilles (A2 Level Physics – Edexcel), 9 Months 1H/Week:
I would highly recommend George!
An excellent tutor who is extremely knowledgeable in his field, able to explain the A level physics content clearly and thoroughly. Always happy to email relevant content as a follow up to the lesson.

School: Henrietta Barnett School

Final exam grade, Edexcel A Level Physics 2017: A*

From Nadia (AS Level Physics – AQA, AS Level Maths – OCR MEI), 9 Months 2H/Week:
George tutored me for a year in both physics and maths at AS level. I felt he had an excellent understanding of the syllabuses and conveyed them very well to me. He was supportive, encouraging and professional. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor and intend to continue receiving tuition from him next year for my A levels.

School: Woodhouse College

Final exam grade, AQA AS Level Physics 2016: A
Final exam grade, OCR MEI A Level Maths 2017: A*

From Enas (AS Level Physics – AQA), 8 Months 1H/Week:
George is a very good physics teacher, punctual, has very good resources for teaching. My daughter has achieved an A in her physics AS level exam with his great help, thanks.

School: Latymer

Final exam grade, AQA AS Level Physics 2016: A

Final exam grade, AQA A Level Physics 2017: A*

From Sylvia (A2 Level Physics – Edexcel), 6 Months 1H/Week:
George is a brilliant tutor who helped my daughter pass A level Physics with an A. George is totally professional, enthusiastic and patient, giving my daughter time to understand and reinforce her learning. He covered the syllabus thoroughly and prepared her really well for the exams. He is flexible, always on time, kind and unfailingly pleasant. I would highly recommend George
School: St Michael`s

Final exam grade, Edexcel A2 Level Physics 2016: A

From Sue (AS Level Physics – AQA, AS Level Maths - Edexcel), 8 Months 1H/Week:
Many thanks for your commitment and reliability and for inspiring James to get a broader understanding of physics. Your approach has improved his confidence and filled in gaps in his knowledge. As a result of the first class teaching you have provided he is much better prepared for his upcoming AS exam.
School: Latymer

Final exam grade, AQA AS Level Physics 2015: A
Final exam grade, Edexcel AS Level Maths 2015: A

From Andy (AS/A2 Level Physics - OCRB, AS/A2 Level Maths - Edexcel), 9 Months 1.5H/Week:
George tutored our son in Maths and Physics for one year during his year 12 AS study course, we were pleased with his efforts and are continuing for the A2 year 13 academic period.
After the year's tutoring our son received A, A, A in maths, physics, chemistry AS and as importantly his confidence and ease with the subjects has vastly improved. George's approach complemented the school's teaching with his own high quality resources which our son found helpful.
George's easy manner and empathetic teaching style has encouraged our son to both ask questions more confidently and work through problems more naturally, making the sessions enjoyable. We have been delighted with George's efforts and would highly recommend him.
School: Dame Alice Owens

Final exam grade, OCR B AS/A2 Level Physics 2014/15: A
Final exam grade, Edexcel AS/A2 Level Maths 2014/15: A

From Stella (AS Level Physics - OCRB, AS Level Maths - Edexcel), 9 Months 2H/Week:
George has been excellent, tutoring our son in both Maths and Physics. George has a quiet, calm and authoritative manner. He has helped explain topics covered in school but not fully understood. He has helped with exam techniques and coping mechanisms to help our son stay calm in his exams. The progress has been outstanding and it is all down to George.
School: Southgate

Final exam grade, OCR B AS Level Physics 2015: B

From Jack (AS/A2 -Level Physics – AQA; retaking AS U2) 7 Months, 1H/Week:
Great help with understanding the principles of all the units. Exam help and marking was very thorough and all of my questions were answered well with understanding of the topics.

School: Enfield Grammar

Final exam grade, AQA AS/A2 Level Physics 2014: B

From Amanda (IGCSE Physics, Maths, Chemistry – Edexcel), 4 Months, 1H/Week:
Mr George Georgiou is an outstanding tutor. My daughter was very impressed with his organisation of lessons and in depth knowledge of his subjects. He is always reliable and very professional. He is one of the best tutors we have come across.

School: St Albans (Private School)

Final exam grade, Edexcel IGCSE Level Physics 2014: B
Final exam grade, Edexcel IGCSE Level Maths 2014: A
Final exam grade, Edexcel IGCSE Level Chemistry 2014: B

From William (AS/A2 -Level Physics – AQA; retaking AS U1), 7 Months, 1H/Week:
George is an excellent tutor. He is able to find areas of improvement quickly and explains the topics thoroughly and with patience.

School: Enfield Grammar

Final exam grade, AQA AS/A2 Level Physics 2014: B

From John (GCSE Maths – Edexcel); 4 Weeks, 2H/Week:
George taught my 14 year old son GCSE Mathematics. My son was struggling with his school teacher and following complaints to the school which fell on deaf ears I decided to arrange some extra lessons. My son was immediately more confident after the first lesson and he even said that he had learnt more in one hour with Mr Georgiou than eight hours with his school teacher. Following 8 hours over a four week period my son sat his exams in June 2013. We now await the results but expect a minimum A result. I have no reservations in recommending Mr George Georgiou.

School: Chatham Grammar

Final exam grade, Edexcel GCSE Level Math 2013: A

From Sumi (AS-Level Physics – OCR A) ; 6 Months, 1H/Week:
George has helped my daughter with AS Physics. He is patient tutor, who is very knowledgeable and passionate about Physics.
My daughter says:
"George improved the way I looked at and thought about Physics. He provided many useful resources. He explained questions thoroughly. He always completed the same work that he set me to ensure a full understanding. This really helped when trying to explain problems."

School: Queen Elizabeth Girls

Final exam grade, OCR A AS Level Physics 2013: A

From Hannah (A2 -Level Physics – OCR B) ; 6 Months, 1H/Week:
George started tutoring me halfway through Year twelve and continued until I took my A level physics in June of Year 13. Without George's help I believe I wouldn't have achieved the A grade in Physics necessary for me to go to my first choice university. I found him to be incredibly punctual, reliable and very easy to get on with. George was always willing to spend time going over areas I was particularly unsure on. George was always very patient with me, no matter how much I didn't understand and always provided me with loads of extra resources to help me further understand concepts in physics. George was always very willing for me to send him emails during the week with any problems I was having and always replied promptly. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending George to anyone, male or female, confident or not, to tutor Physics to A level standard.

School: Dame Alice Owens

Final exam grade, OCR B AS/A2 Level Physics 2013: A

From Andrew (A2-Level Physics – Edexcel), 4 Weeks, 1H/Week:
My son benefited greatly from Mr Georgiou's teaching and I wished I had him earlier. He struck a good rapport with my son and was always ready to help him by thoroughly going through the concepts and any set homework, which consisted of past exam papers and other general exercises. All this helped him to achieve the grade that he did and ensured entry into the University of his First Choice. I have no hesitation in recommending George to anyone.
School: Ashmole Academy

Final exam grade, Edexcel A2 Physics 2012: A

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