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Experienced and Enthusiastic Head Basketball Coach Available For Private Development Sessions - Focus on Expanding Skillsets, Creative and Active Decision Making On and Off The Court

Private Sessions focussing on developing individual skills and decision making on the basketball court. If you want to improve and progress to the next step (whether that is local or nation league) as a basketball player, I can help. Want to become a better defensive player and rebounder, or maybe you want to expand your offensive skills.

Saint Helens
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Professional Sports Coach Offering The Basics Of How To Be Successful In The North West

These lessons are for anyone who dream of working in sports or who are starting out within the sports industry. My techniques of teaching will be based around different methods in which you can coach and different ways you can approach teaching different ages of kids mainly from the ages of 4-11 but if anyone is interested can teach different ways and help out with ages of 2-4 and 11-19.

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I am a PE teacher that specialises in football coaching. I have a great passion for the sport and to engage others to enjoy football as much as I do.

I am an enthusiastic teacher/coach who aims to empower students to love sport the same way I do. I will regularly ask questions to check understanding and endeavour to make every session fun and inclusive. I thoroughly enjoy watching the progress each student makes and the way they develop their social skills alongside their sporting ability.

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Individual Basketball Skills & Fundamentals Development Coach. American Collegiate Level Basketball Playing Experience

I provide very simple yet productive and enjoyable training. Key elements and aspects of my teaching methods include: building great fundamentals and great habits of a player; teaching different shooting, passing, dribbling techniques by introducing various basketball drills that I learned from magnificent American and international coaches.

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Sports coach in Chester, have FA Level 1 in football and currently completing Level 2. Also, voluntarily coach Chester Nomads Colts Under 9's.

My teaching method is using the Visual and Kinaesthetic teaching styles. This means I show how to do the specific drill/technique and do it myself. This shows how I would like the students' to do it and by using the most effective way.

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I am offering Sports practise and help from football to basketball in Ramsgate

My teaching method is to demonstrate each task that I will be teaching them. I will do this whilst explaining it step by step so that they don't get confused or want to give up. I also make it as fun as possible, I will make a few jokes and always give them praise no matter what.

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Sport coach with 5 years schools and community experience at all levels specialising in rugby.

I teach with humour. My classes always have a key learning objective which may not be sports specific. I am flexible to my students needs and will always ensure complete understanding. Lessons are always active, creativity is encouraged and I aim to make each session as enjoyable as possible.

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I am a Performance and Development Basketball Coach based in Aberystwyth, Wales. Leicester Riders AASE Academy Alumni

I review what you can already do and then improve it. I take players through the basics before advancing to the skill level. I believe in strong fundamental Basketball that everything is linked to each element of the game so I can improve your all around game.

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A Dedicated, Experienced and Enthusiastic American Expat Offering American Sports Coach Services

Knowledgeable, studious and up-to-date on the latest techniques, trends and tendencies, I strive to not only know what goes on in the American sporting landscape, but translate it into what I can do. Be it historical lessons I can draw from in my instruction, or offering the right repetitions to get the most out of teams and individuals alike.

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Basketball is my passion from since i finished my school. 6 years of experience and great basketball skills in Glasgow.

My teaching method is basic stuff first, until the student doesn't learn basic stuff for example "dribbling" i will not teach another subject. I have thaught some of my friends the way i like to teach, and it worked. I like to apporach students with easy stuff and get them to learn the basics first.

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Sports Coaching and Development student, with professional sporting background and relevant coaching badges, offering to coach in Football, Basketball, Cricket, and offer nutritional advice if needed.

I'm very proactive with my teaching methods, in order to achieve the best I demand the best in terms of application from participants, I also hold my self to the same standard. I normally coach in groups so I am quite vocal and very approachable.

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I’ve been playing basketball for 11 years And i was a national player for 2 years.

I am self-taught person so based on how I learned to dribble and shoot I teach you everything step by step.Plus, I used the most recent methods that I learned from basketball campaigns. In addition, I analyse the techniques of famous players and break it down simply to teach.

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Sports tutor previously worked for 2 professional football clubs with over a decade of experience.

i approach each topic with great in depth knowledge and teach in a way that is fun and the class have in depth knowledge and learn extremely quickly with my techniques and skills. Primary school is my expertese but have reached in universities and upper schools.

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Sport student offering depth of knowledge of many sports for an individual or group

My teaching method is that i like you to get to the answer on your own but with me giving you a slight push and helping hand towards the answer this so you learn as well getting the right answer.

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Scholar Student-Athlete Offering Quality Basketball Lessons For Any Level Kids Individually And In Group Setting In Nottingham

My teaching methods, exercises, drills, techniques and dificulty of training depends on each individual and how advanced he/she is as a basketball player.

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Former sports student offering help and guidance if sports the thing for you.

I will ensure that my classes are fun and enjoyable for all because i've learned through playing football that if you enjoy yourself and help the people around you, you are more likely to succeed which is what my classes will be about.

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University student and former student athlete offering football training sessions for young athletes

My teaching method is show and tell. With any sport it is usually best to demonstrate rather than explain and most times explain and then demonstrate. I am very patient and nurturing and aim to bring out the best in each individual.

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Sport Development with Coaching Graduate teaching in Ulverston with 1 year experience in teaching children

I like to use sport to make learning fun, I believe any subject can be taught through fitness and sport in general. I am always enthusiastic and fun and enjoy teaching children and watching them progress through sport. I not only teach sport but can teach children Maths, English and Science as well as other primary curriculum subjects.

Chester le Street
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Former basketballer looking to help develop determined prospects and develop their game.

My teaching methods are copying techniques and then putting into practise what has been taught and keep repeating until confident.

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Sport Development Graduate offering coaching of many sports, tutoring from GCSE to Degree and help to those who want to get fit.

Having fun is my highest priority and I believe that every person has a unique way of learning, so there is no right or wrong way to teach. Every pupil will learn more effectively in their preferred learning style, but it is not to say that is the only way they learn. I will use different teaching styles to get the best from my pupils.

Wood End
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Sport Graduate offering lesson on sports development and coaching levels up to university

When teaching I start off with what people know about a certain topics to know what knowledge of the subject does students have. My lesson structure is to start using the basics then start developing lesson on a wider base of knowledge and using examples for more understanding.

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Offering football sessions individually or in a group to help enhance your footballing skills

my teaching methods change dependent on student. The more elite level of players require more demanding to refine technique to progress them to be even better. the more beginning level of player rely more on getting the basics right. I Try to ensure all sessions are fun and engaging for everyone involved.

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Basketball coach wanting to help other fall in love with the sport!

I coach based of what my students want to learn. My students pick their sessions and i facilitate what they want to learn and improve on.

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An experianced basketball player that can help with tehnikal problems on the court.

To be honest it depend on you what you want to learn about basketball or what kind of skills to improve! I can offer loads things that you can change or add on to you game. I can improve your hops knowing that players vertical is important.

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Can easily address and create a solution for you issues in your chosen sport. Provided your honest and give honest facts about your ability

My is teaching is based on viewing yourself in an unbiased way and objectively listing out what your weakness are and creating methodical and achievable advise to improve. My advice is based on fixing what your not good at instead of highlighting strengths.

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Phisical Education Teacher with 5 years experience offering football, basketball, voley lessons in Leeds area

My teaching method is to know at what level you are and to raise your level each session to a better result.

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20 years playing as a pro and semi pro, Lithuanian, my former coaches was Olympic medalist as a players for Lithuania National team

I’m 29 y/o former pro semi pro basketball player, because of my injury can’t play anymore in very high level, so decide to start teaching everyone who’s interesting in basketball, I’m in this sport over 20 years, so I have a huge understanding about this sport

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Football player and Coach in East and South London providing coaching up to Academy level.

My teaching is based on passing in what I’ve learnt and incorporating it to my players needs and abilities which makes sessions specific to your needs.

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Currently studying a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and Coaching a men's football team. Can tutor any level of sport and exercise.

I currently coach a team of 20 players aged 19-24. I can teach Sport and Exercise to any age of person. My methodology is that the theory of sport can be just as enjoyable as the physical participation in Sport if taught correctly.

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I am an experienced basketball player that is willing to help develope any aspiring basketball players

When it comes to basketball the best way to learn things is by doing it

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Perfect! Ilias has been a great teacher, I've noticeably improved after just a few lessons; my teammates keep telling me they're shocked by the change

Jai, student
1 week ago
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