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<h3>Why take boxing classes in Birmingham?</h3>

Boxing world champions like Joe Clazaghe and Lennox Lewis are your role models? What if you finally put on your own boxing gloves and started training in this popular sport today?

Now in full swing, boxing, whether it's English boxing, American free-fight boxing (MMA style) or French savate boxing, is recognized for its many virtues. Beyond being a simple fight, boxing is actually a particularly complex sport: and that, Brummies know well!

In the English Midlands, boxing clubs and boxing gym registrations are pouring in. It is a sport that both young and old learners are appreciating. Before getting into the boxing ring, though, it will be necessary to prove your physical fitness: it is for this reason that a medical certificate is often asked in a Thai boxing club or English boxing club.

Boxing is the sport to practice if you want muscle strengthening targeted on the legs, arms, shoulders or abs. By getting their cardio workout with a boxing coach, practitioners make sure to get the body of their dreams without hurting themselves during their boxing training.

Classic boxing paves the way for many other sports where jabs and kicks are part of the game! Such as in Thai boxing, but also combat sports or martial arts such as karate, judo, krav maga or Brazilian jiu jitsu.

So, what are you waiting for to start your first boxing class in the Second city?

<h3>How to learn boxing in Birmingham?</h3>

With more than 1 million inhabitants to its credit, the second most populous city in the UK, after London, is full of professional boxers ready to pass on their boxing techniques to beginners, intermediate or advanced students!

In Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands county region, new boxing clubs are opening every year, whether in Smethwick, West Bromwich, Witton or Duddeston. You will have no trouble finding a free trial class to test this new popular sport.

You are interested more in self defence, taekwondo or female boxing? No matter the type, the sports clubs in Birmingham have many specialities to offer for effective fitness and rapid progression through individual classes or small groups.

The K-Star Thai Boxing Academy, Aero-kick or the Henrietta Street Gym are excellent places to start your training in the Birmingham area. As a general rule, classes are offered in the form of annual or numbered packages: it can average between 10-20 pounds for each group class and more for individual sessions.

Boxing clubs in the Birmingham area have punching bags for warm-up and solo work, but you will also have the opportunity to organize a boxing match against other learners.

For smaller budgets, the sports associations of the emblematic city of the West Midlands, as well as leisure and youth centers, offer martial arts and combat classes for adults and children in search of strength, fun and muscle building.

Boxing lessons are the best way to progress quickly in cross-training, hand-to-hand combat or kickboxing. If you want to become a famous world champion like Mohammed Ali, at-home coaching is a necessary step for your personalized training program!

<h3>The culture of boxing in Birmingham</h3>

Boxing and the city of Birmingham, it's a long love story!

Among the best boxers hailing from Birmingham, 'Brummies' themselves, one could find boxers like Robert McCracken, Jack Hood, Khalid Yafai and Charlie Mitchell, among others. Some of them achieve the heights of their boxing careers in the early 1900s, more than 100 years ago!

These days, if you are lucky enough to reside near the historic Birmingham Museum &amp; Art Gallery or St Philip's Cathedral Birmingham, you can easily watch exceptional matches, such as at the New Bingley Hall, the K-Star Thai Boxing Academy, Resorts World Arena or the Rainbow Casino Birmingham.

The boxing clubs in this beautiful city are particularly involved in promoting this sports discipline. Some of them organize events, shows, competitions and even a yearly boxing gala with boxers from the region to demonstrate the appeal of the sport to young and old alike.

Brummies can sign up with their local boxing gym or association to find out where boxing events are happening, live events, sports nights at favourite bars and attend their first boxing match.

Participating in an event in the epicentre of the Birmingham metropolis is a great way to break the stereotypes surrounding this sport and move from fiction to reality. Future learners will be able to see for themselves the self-control and personal involvement required by this high-level sport, so popular in the UK!

<h3>Dozens of boxing teachers in Birmingham</h3>

The UK's second most populated city with more than 1 million inhabitants, Birmingham is "the place to be" to become a big name in boxing!

In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, your sports coach will take the time to pinpoint your shortcomings and set up a timetable adapted to your pro or amateur boxing status. Solo training with a punching bag is ideal for getting ready before a boxing match and learning to identify potential weaknesses in your future opponents.

Instead of crowded group gym sessions, private classes focus on the fun side of sports. Your boxing session could be followed up by a coffee in the best shops near Colmore Row, a stroll in the beautiful historic district of Holloway Head or Kings Heath, or a game of tennis.

On Superprof, there are hundreds of boxing teachers with different profiles offering their at-home sports services!

In our online directory of private teachers, you will find boxing coaches that have graduated with teaching certification, as well as more self-taught sports coaches, having learned boxing at renowned sports clubs.

You can choose a boxing teacher oriented more towards "combat" if this is your ultimate goal, but also boxers oriented in "muscle strengthening" or "fitness" to practice not only traditional boxing but also pilates boxing, zumba boxing or fitness boxing.

With Superprof, there's no need to walk or take the tram with your boxing gloves, wraps, mouth guards, shin guards or boxing shoes in the streets of Birmingham: boxing coaches come directly to your home for faster and easier organization.

<h3>Boxing classes in Birmingham: choose your coach</h3>

With so many teachers available in the great city of Birmingham, it can sometimes be difficult to choose your first boxing coach on Superprof!

Usually, careful reading through some of the profiles that stand out to you is enough to make your first choice and set a date for your first trial class. Study the content of the course offered and the speciality of the teacher (French savate-style boxing, cardio training, contact sports, fitness...), but also the notes and comments left by former students of the coach.

It will be necessary not only to choose a reputed coach but also a course that is adapted to your level. Beginner boxers don't need to spend hundreds of pounds for sessions adapted to advanced students, the affordable classes with be more than sufficient for learning and progressing.

Remember that the average rate of one hour of boxing coaching in Birmingham with Superprof is 25 pounds: we are far from the higher rates usually charged by the majority of sports clubs in the city!

But your choice does not necessarily need to stop with the coaches offering boxing classes in the city. On Superprof, it is also quite possible to begin learning boxing via webcam (usually via Skype) with a teacher recognized throughout the UK.

In addition to being easier to organize, remote boxing classes not only allows access to hundreds of other profiles but also to take advantage of reduced prices often applied to online boxing lessons. The outline of the course remains the same, except that the student doesn't need to travel and neither does the teacher, which allows for more flexibility and affordable pricing.

Superprof offers the chance to progress in boxing in Birmingham without even leaving your home. So, why not try out a first free trial class with Superprof today?

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