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Drawing lessons from 3D animator and cartoon character design artist in London.

My profession is character and environment drawing in cartoon movies or series. Because drawing a deformed cartoon character requires a good knowledge of anatomy, I’m also very good at drawing human anatomy, human poses, light and shadow.

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Taster sessions, Group and 1-2-1 tutoring in Perspective Drawing, Portraits/Character Drawing, 3D/Anamorphic Drawing

The lessons offered are varied. From Fine line portrait drawing to 3D anamorphic designs. The taster sessions allow you to try out and explore which practice of drawing you would like to develop. They will take you through one , two and three point perspective drawing and how this can be used to develop portrait/character and 3D/anamorphic styles of working.

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Professional illustrator offering teaching in illustration, realistic drawing, comics, manga and more.

I am 26 and offer lessons to people of all abilities, whether it be a child of 4 or an adult of 94. I have many topics pre-planned with steps lined out, but I can plan new lessons based on the desires of the student(s). I have tutorial sheets I have made that can be used as well for further reference.

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Fine art Painting Graduate offering help in preparing for exams, preparing course work and putting together a portfolio.

I pride myself in my ability to fully immerse myself in the ideas and concepts of the student I’m teaching. This helps me aid them in creating not only work which reaches school specification but also helps me aid them in evolving their own personal style, interests and ideas.

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Illustrator and comicbook artist, with several years experience practising and lecturing, based in Plymouth.

After attaining a First Class honours degree in (BA) Design Illustration, I have had much experience in the field (as detailed below). I have also lectured at the university, teaching medical humanities to junior doctors, in the form of presentational displays of semiotic driven narratives, along with comicbooks based on experiences within their academic and vocational work.

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Tattoist offering drawing, digital painting and FIMO clay sculpture lessons in Sheffield!

Hello everyone, if you’re already interested in art or not, I am sure I can help you learn to love it~ To me, being artistic or creative is not so much a ‘gift’ it’s more of a passion and anyone can be passionate about something.

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Architecture student teaching and helping develop drawing skills for beginners in London

My teaching methodology is very interactive and performative. I would like to engage students in taking the control to enhance their confidence over the subject. It will be based on tutorials, workshops and assignments to make sure that practice remains consistent in order to develop the required skill set.

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Award winning student giving art lessons at GCSE level or lower in Hull

My name is Eve and I am currently studying Art, Photography and Graphics at A-Level. I am able to offer lessons in all of these subjects at GCSE level or lower having achieved awards in all of the these areas (featured on my CV).

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Games Art and Design Masters student offering fun and exciting lessons in drawing, graphic designing, painting. :)

I like to give a lot of examples and demostrations so that students can understand the different techniques that I explain during classes. I also like to show multiple approaches and tricks to solve problems. Apart from traditional drawing I like to inspirate and show digital methods of art creation.

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Freelance illustrator ukulele player and face painter offering lessons in Birstall west Yorkshire from home

I'm a freelance illustrator, ukulele player and face painter offering lessons to children and adults I received a first class hons degree in fine art for design so am able to tutor people preparing for a degree level arts education. I studied many forms of music through out my life but am a self taught ukulele player.

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Arts Graduate, here to help. Sketches, cartoons, sculpture and more, just ask!

Whether you want to dip your toe in the arts just to give things a go, or you're already on your way and need some guidance, I'm here to help. I'm a very friendly Animation graduate from the UK who would love to spread my love for arts and crafts by helping others.

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Draw your dreams with me - London artist from British magazines and newspapers

You will learn different techniques and methods with drawing your first illustration, comic strip, poster, painting and so on. We will travel into your imagination to show how genius your mind can be. My lessons will help you with any goal you want to get.

1st lesson offered free !

Image your mind on board with lines and colors as demo guide

Am Vincent an art and craft minded personal You can enhance your passion for art by learning the basic drawing steps .

Hemel Hempstead
(9 reviews)
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learn how to paint various subjects in watercolours, or to draw in pencil or pen and ink

With a degree and background in Final Art, I have worked across the visual arts for over 40 years. I freelanced as a 2D and 3D illustrator and graphic designer. I was an Art and Creative Director with two well known international Ad Agencies. And most recently I was the Senior Multimedia Producer (and team lead) with a major London university.

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Art tutor in manchester, Learn to draw from your imagination and quickly. specializes in both traditional and digital art. teaches both fundamentals and quick and easy shortcuts

we'll go through fundamentals: (line shape, light and shadow, texture,) figure drawing: (Gesture drawing, human anatomy male and female figure) head drawing: (male and female head) drapery and others: (clothes, cars, planes, bikes, basically anything) digital art: PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, procreate.

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Professional Illustrator tutoring Art and Design from beginners to intermediate artists

I’m Emma and I am a comic book artist specialising in illustration. Through a series of demonstrations and mini exercises I wanna help ya learn how to draw! With focus settling on your preferred areas of art and Design, I aim to help teach you the basics or better what you know to the best of my ability.

1st lesson offered free !

Nothing comes easy they say, but with Me? You'll be learning how to draw in no time..

I focus on the fundamentals first. Take each step as serious as possible and eventually learning how to put it all together.

1st lesson offered free !

BA Fine Art graduate from Chelsea College of Arts offering art classes and lessons up to university level in London

I am as friendly as they come, very easy to talk to and I am simply here to help with any kind of art. My main background is drawing but I have past experience with paintings, sculptures and even video.

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1st lesson offered free !

Illustrator gives lessons in cartoon art using a variety of media in a garden studio.

Drawing on life and using photo reference I encourage a student's unique style to emerge and develop using a variety of media. Through drawing and observing life identifying comic figures and situations to caricature for art projects, storyboards and film.

1st lesson offered free !

BA in Fine Art, MA in Book Arts and Illustration, 4 years teaching experience. Cambridge based. Can cover surroudning areas and London.

I can help you develop your creative skills. I work with concept development and techniques. I can critique your work and offer you feedback. I will give you advice on how to improve. I can teach sequence and series, text and image and drawing skills.

(5 reviews)
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Artist and illustrator offers drawing lessons to beginners and more advanced students in Scotland.

I studied Illustration at Art School in Dundee and have over 20 years experience as an illustrator, caricaturist and portrait artist for various magazines and newspapers. As for tutoring, I patiently give step by step lessons for the total beginner and the more advanced student alike. With my guidance and encouragement, he or she will gain confidence to develop a personal style of artwork.

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Need help gaining that extra artistic ability? Then you have come to the right tutor!

I am a calm, patient tutor that is happy to work at the pace of the individual, I am aware that everyone learns differently so different techniques work for different people. I am flexible and happy to listen to any questions you may have.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional comic artist in Glasgow gives lessons in how to draw comics

I'm a professional comic artist and illustrator with 10 years experience. I have taught workshops and classes on how to draw with adults and young people for 6 years. My belief is that everyone can learn how to use art to tell a story, regardless of skill level.

1st lesson offered free !

Sketching / drawing any subject,bring out your creative side, enter into a world of art through the doorway of personal hand to eye expression. Look forward to professional artisic indepence, freelanc

My teaching method is open to class subject, still life, life drawing, caricature, landscape and hand to eye coordinatiin. Free use of material matter. I will workwith you as an individual or as a class group. A friendly enjoable learning experience.

1st lesson offered free !

Dynamic, fun drawing lessons for aspiring artists - Composition, anatomy, perspective, shading.

My teaching method alters from person to person and group to group so that a rapport can build between us. I'm a great believer in trying to unlock exactly what makes each person the artist they are or want to be.

Jardim Vera Cruz (São Paulo)
(12 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Traditional Illustrator Artist teaches Manga Drawing, Watercolor in Practice in SP and ABC

My teaching method adapts to the level of the student that is, regardless if it is basic or advanced and we continue with classes separated by themes and we persist in the subjects that the student presents more difficulty. Use the student's hobbies to teach, making him comfortable and lively with development, always passing lessons for the day.

A Coruña
1st lesson offered free !

Become the great artist (digital or traditional) that you always wanted to be

My methodology is what they used with me in my classes years ago !: let the child experience for himself his style and his way of doing, and instilling in his step the technical aspects of perspective, proportions, color, etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Students of Art and Astronomy Creation offer Private Drawing of various mediums in the Special Region of Yogyakarta

The learning method that I offer before is how to find out what needs to be achieved by the student, what is his interest in art, so that after knowing what he needs, I will try to provide material and stages in the learning process.

1st lesson offered free !

Student (18 years old) with a literary profile offers classes in drawing, manga, comics at home

I base my classes on a young and dynamic transmission. The goal is to progress quickly while fixing very good bases of design applicable to any style. Of course if it's about talking manga, there is the possibility to expand to the Japanese culture that contextualizes the methods of this particular art.

(2 reviews)
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Graduated from the Art School, I offer lessons in artistic drawing, watercolor and murals.

Addressing one topic / technique at a time, both theoretically and practically, from the bases to the specific knowledge, to achieve skills in all fields and to apply them according to your own taste. The lessons will be shaped on the student, on his abilities and his interests so that everyone’s personal expression can be freed.

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Perfect! CHERYL, thank you VERY MUCH for your help. It has been great to learn from. You are really talented and motivating! Definitely recommend you ! Gisele

Gisele, student
1 year ago
(4 reviews)

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