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Experienced in crafts design usign wood, plastic, fabric materials and everything that can be recycled and re-used. My experience working with children and my passion for crafts and art can teach you

I have a free teaching method, going usually after the childrens needs , moods and its own way of learning. I start my session explaining what are we going to do in that day , presenting the materials that are we are going to use and ...

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Art jeweller with 10 years experience offering 1-2-1 and group classes in a fully equipped studio in Edinburgh

My teaching method adapts to each students needs, using both traditional techniques and conceptual design methodologies. Each lesson takes place in a fully equipped professional jewellers studio.

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Crafty Creative Person Whose Fun And Easy To Get Along With !

I teach with examples and like to see how the student manages to do things themselves. I feel the best way of learning is to learn by doing. In this way you get the feel for your artwork and what works best for you and what you're comfortable with. I will also make adjustments depending on learning needs.

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Textiles student offering help with gcse and A level grade textiles and art. I can help you with your sketchbooks and finial products, the do’s and dont’s on how to get the best grade possible

I am a hands on individual, I like to know what you want and will help you make that dream possible. I like to show people what I can do but will never push you away from your initial ideas.

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Craft Design Products For Ideal Home Products and Fashion Wears To Suite All Season Weather Conditions.

My Teaching Methods Are: By Using The Local Raw Materials To Create Something Unique In Fashion For Daily Use and remembrances.

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Design student offering to teach simple craft techniques with paper and tissues

I use a simple method of hands on learning. I show them step by step process of making objects from basic shapes to complex product.

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Jewellery/Textile offering tutorials up to high school , knitting , crocheting and french knitting

My method teaching is to learn basic techniques in order to make simple or complicated pieces of work . Learn from craft books update what’s in the industry.

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RCA Jewellery Artist teaching traditional and contemporary approaches to Jewellery making, conceptual design to technical.

I like to teach with a balance of concept and technique. Traditional practices are taught and applied to modern materials, spaces or forms. I take jewellery beyond the body to ensure that each student has a unique direction and identity. Starting with basic but vital technical exercises in 3D while incorporating 2D.

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Learn crochet to make bespoke fashion accessories from an experienced craft artist.

I am a visual and craft artist. I graduated fine art faculty in painting and studied 2 years of fashion design. I used to be a fashion designer for 7 years and used to be a craft and fashion illustrator tutor. I use old traditional Turkish craft technique fine crochet (Oya) to make my beautiful pieces.

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Psychology graduate, experienced in entertainment and art activities, offering arts & crafts tutorial. Q

My teaching method is a person Centered approach. I also do group teaching method. I see to it that the session is lively .

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Jewellery Artist running successful design studio teaching Jewellery design and sculpture lessons

My teaching method will depend on the student themselves and where they are in their jewellery career - hobbist, art student or designer wanting to deepen their knowledge of design. I am passionate about good design and the importance of understanding your craft - jewellery is very special and care and attention should be put in to each line and edge you draw.

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Learn Jewelry CAD design from a +10 year experienced Designer using Gemvision Matrix3D

I'm a designer and I have more than 10 years experience in this field. Best way to learn Matrix 3D is working on real project with real specification. I have a tight discipline but I'm a flexible in teaching and use various techniques to teach different people.

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Inexpensive, lovely, easy to complicated craft ideas from a teacher in Brisbane

Since I am a teacher by profession my approach or methodology is classroom situation based. I have my lesson plan that guides me with my tasks. I also have visual aids to make the lessons more understandable. I always teach with my heart and not only for the sake of teaching.

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I am an architect and have well experience in creating new and unique crafts

I can teach online as well as in class as a studio for crafts in making and designing new things

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Medical Rehabilitation student offering crafts design and decoration classes up to university level in ile-ife

I base my topics on practical things like what my student could relate with depending on their age .

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Want to learn arts and craft's in the comfort of you're own home.

My method is to start all project s from the beginning, with a step by step instructions. Except teachings local ladies and kids at my church,I taught them patchwork and beading.

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Small craft business owner, gives lessons on dreamcatchers, boho nick nacks for the home.

My teaching method, is to create with the student using recycled and upcycled pieces to cut costs and be eco friendly. To encourage the practice or craft.

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