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Champion for Attaining Top Performance Results on the MBA Programme in UK

Great in explaining things and at the same time are able to listen and engage. Will use presentations, case studies and exercises to cement understanding. Will adapt learning to suit your style of learning. Flexible and objective in my teaching.

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A PhD Accounting & Finance student, a fully qualified ACCA & CFE professional and a partly qualified CIMA candidate who is willing to teach accounting & finance related subjects in a flexible and most

My lessons are geared towards those in academia, professional students and those on access routes. My philosophy is for students to have a hands-on approach to the subject matter at hand. My teaching method is to engage my audience through practical exercises with the aim of sustainability, i.e.

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Business owner with 6 years experience offering business management and leadership training

My tutoring methods are adapted to my students, though I find an interactive, discussion focused approach delivers the best results. I always start out with a consultation to find out what my clients needs are before planning a fun and very effective journey.

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Business studies tutor with 25 years industry experience along with 10 years teaching experience qualified at MSc level

My teaching philosophy is to strive to give the student the most enjoyable and fun lesson whilst focusing on learning of the given subject. My students are normally those who are focused on their career aspirations and are looking to achieve the highest grades. I prefer to teach students who are looking to enter university or are at university studying for a degree.

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Business Studies tutoring Middlesbrough. A-level - GCSE. Management, Marketing, Organisation and more

I am very conversational. I use powerpoints to begin sessions, leading to discussions about the different topics and then applying them in exam - style questions, or scenarios revolving around the said topic. I feel it is important to put every scene in a real - world situation.

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Business Educator with a wealth of practical and academic experience to share.

My approach is to help students gain their best results by providing practical examples for what can be complex business issues. Lessons include references and examples from key current literature which can be applied to students reaching to obtain specific qualifications or to business professionals looking to improve productivity and output.

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MBA graduate with 15 years general management experience in SME's and multinationals

I base my teaching on a mixture of theoretical approaches that explain the thinking behind achievement in business, and practical experiences gained throughout my career. This approach also means a strong ability to link the two, being able to put the theory into practice and analyse the outcomes to achieve better performance over time.

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Phd (on-going) Level support for your business studies, Business management, business strategies related lessons.

Teacher of Business studies background. Having Post graduate, Msc and now Phd in business management and business strategies i would love to support any kind of business studies/ business management related lessons or topic at any level. General assistances for business work, assignments and thesis.

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Passionate Senior Project Manager focused on enabling people to successfully deliver their business or personal projects in Newport, Wales.

Lesson structure will be tailored to your specific requirements and will be dependent on your personal goals and the type of project you are looking to complete (ie. business/university/personal.) This can be either in the form of skill-based tutoring or more direct support in working through the management of your specific project.

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A Graduate in Accounting/Economics and MBA Finance would like to teach Business Studies in and around Milton Keynes area

My teaching method is tailored according to the individual student. I first access what level the student is with the particular subject. I adopt a very interactive method of teaching and like to get the student(s) ask questions.

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Business management and marking with sustainability and politics student at Exeter University. I also took economics, history and sports science A-levels and would be more than happy to tutor in those

repetition is the basis for all exams no matter who you are. As a dyslexic, I understand that it takes some people longer to grasp information than others and that everyone learns in different ways be it visual, audio or teaching others.

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MBA Marketing and HR with 3 years of experience now perusing Msc in Marketing and advertisement is looking for Marketing tutions at university level

My teaching method is based from giving practical examples and case study. This is important to get in- depth knowledge and clarity of the subject. I have taught students till bachelor level.

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Business and Human resource study at under graduate and graduate level students

I have done MS.c. and MBA (HR) and teaching for me is making the students understanding of the theories, thoughts, observation and practical working. I believe that the learning through case studies is more effective and worthy. I have the knowledge in HR, internativonal business techniques, marketing and management plans, strategic planning and other management related topics.

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Music/Entertainment Management graduate, double business owner, gives online lessons on business

I base my classes on experiences which I have learnt myself, through university education as well as educating myself on the current and ever-changing industries. It is important for young people to be taught by young people who have experienced the industry themselves.

Worcester Park
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Qualified business analytics professional willing to teach how to make meaning out of raw data

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in linguistics with management and arts-related experience as well. I have had over 3 years experience in tutoring and have taught many arts and management courses. My teaching method involves an introductory session to understand what the student really wants.

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Business expert offering business tutor services, holds a masters in international management and business degree.

I base my tutoring on the areas which students enjoy the most. Using relevant up to date examples of business acumen.

Colden Common
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Head of Sales offering Business, Leadership and Management Tutoring across the Hampshire area

I approach learning by listening to what each individual wants, already understands and what gaps they have which they wish to fill. I express myself in a manner that appeals to the individual, and am adept at explaining theories and scenarios in a memorable way.

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Business Management student offering Business Studies tutoring to all ages. Beginner to A Levels.

My method of teaching varies depending on the sort of student I am teaching and where they are at in their studies.

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CIMA, Management, Finance Professional Training available online or evenings in Surrey

I am a qualified CIMA graduate with a Masters in International Business working for the last 15 years in a global multinational FMCG based in London.

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Business Development Manager with MSc in Entrepreneurship offering business, management, and organisational skills in Liverpool

My teaching method is unique as I take time to understand students learning and understanding pattern. I teach students individually or in groups of not more than 6 to effectively give students needed attention.

Manoj sharath
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MSc Management student in Nottingham with experience in training and professional development

A post graduate student in Management with experience in training. I believe in simplifying education by giving simple real life examples. I am not an expert in this area but I am hungry to learn more.

Lorraine crozier
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Chartered Accountant and Accounting Technician qualified lady offering tutoring service. Co. Armagh area.

I fully believe that you have to ensure that each student understands the basics of accountancy before moving onto the more complex areas. This gives a good grounding which always stands by you.

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Hello! I am currently studying my honours degree at the university. I am extremely passionate about the subject, therefore I would like to invite you to discover fun and innovative way to learn accoun

I have been learning accounting for almost 5 years, therefore I know the the difficulties many students can face. I also understand that different student might have different needs and I am happy to accommodate them by tailoring my teaching approaches to suit each student needs, to help them progress towards their goals and targets.

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Tutoring in management administration and customer service levels 2,3,4,&5, I am situayrd in the Docaster area, South Yorkshire. I am an A1 assessor and IQA and hold degrees in Management and Enlish

I have been a teacher for a considerable length of time, and teach Diploma and Certificate course as well as Education and TAQA. I concentrate on offering teaching and learning in the subjects relevant to my students, ensuring I understand their learning styles and use learning resources to assist with understanding.


ACCOUNTANCY TEACHING *** 7 A / A* PASSES - By Even A Bottom Sets Student - 2017 ! *** 100 % SUCCESS RATE In PERSONAL STATEMENTS - To 23 Aug 2018 ! *** AIM FOR A / A* ONLY !

I teach the UNDERSTANDING BEHIND CONCEPTS and CORRECT, NEAT WAYS TO PRESENT WORK. Since 2004, my students use my EASY CONTINUOUS REVISION Method. I have being helping students write neatly and tidily since 1992 - perfecting their handwriting for exams and their good pleasure.

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Warehouse Operations Manager currently working in a FTSE 250 company, offering tutoring and assignment support.

My teaching method is a mixture of theory and application of theory in working environment. Ensuring a thorough understanding of how best practice is applied.

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Experienced Project Manager offering project management lessons online for individuals or groups

My teaching methodology is to provide knowledge transfer in depth, using examples from the everyday life and from real projects have been completed successfully in the market. Most of the topics are covered individually but also combined with such way that the student can understand the dependencies and get the most out of them.

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I am a marketing author and academic with over 13 years teaching experience

I have various teaching methodologies, depending on whom I am teaching. Having said this, I commonly adopt a Student-Centered Approach to Learning, whereby the student is an active participant in directing what it is that they wish to learn timely.

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Theory and application of Management Skills appropriate to Private, Public and Voluntary Sectors

I have career experience relevant to Consultancy and academia. I offer clear, helpful and pleasant teaching supporting analysis and planning of real and hypothetical management challenges, with reference to theory. Appropriate for workplace and academic situations. Design of documentation.

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Graduate in Business Management and Strategy avaliable to tutor secondary or A level students, with 4 years of experience with tutoring and mentoring and currenly studying for a teaching degree

I Graduated in 2015 with a 2nd upper class honours and have experience tutoring undergraduate, A level and secondary school students. I have a practical approach to my tutoring introducing various exercises, tailored to the students experience and ability level.

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