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Hi My name is Anthony 121chef. Improve your cooking techniques with my lessons.

My training includes visiting yachts, houses and restaurants where my students are taught basic, intermediate and ad vanced cooking techniques. I will also deal with some of the important topics that are often neglected, health and hygiene and menu planning. Whether you want to learn the basics or master a specific cusine you can rely on me to help you get there.

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Art of cooking Persian and Turkish cuisines with finest ingredients. Organic and healthy Mediterranean style dishes

I am very easy going, patient, and I can understand the different needs of every individual and find ways to accommodate them. I like an interactive approach. I like to make sure not to move onto next stages without making sure everything is well understood and learnt.

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Private individual or group cooking lessons in London from Le Cordon Bleu London graduate

I tailor every class to suit my student's needs and skill levels. I aim to teach my students the right techniques and methods rather than just recipes so that they can create new dishes on their own and enjoy the act of cooking with freedom.

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FINE DINING Restaurant Experienced Chef Offering Cookery and Cuisine Skill lessons in London

My teaching method is carefully constructed to suit the individual needs and desires of each client individually. Depending on specific requirements I can adapt my style to most effectively deliver calm, concise and highly effective guidance. Most importantly all of this HAS to be achieved in the most comfortable and fun environment.

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Snakistan - original Turkish, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European cuisine, easy to folow recipes

Teaching traditional techniques on the preparation of Turkish, Central Asian (with the focus on Uzbek dishes) and some Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines including, mezes, salads, speciality breads, kebabs, soups, sweets and refreshing drinks.

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Passionate guy of Moroccan and Arab cuisine, offering his skills, knowledge, experiences with YOU! Wanna learn and have fun while you cooking? Wanna surprise ur friends family lover... of something wo

My teaching method is love what you do then taste! Cooking is about passion, Love, enjoying...so my lessons will be first about how to enjoy cooking, learn basics, how to use spices, what's match with each other...

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"If you can read, you can cook!" Let's have fun in the kitchen.

Cooking at home should be a joy and not a chore. My classes are relaxed, fun and there to be enjoyed with the goal of teaching you to cook with confidence and spoil your friends and family around the table.

Great Sankey
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Mediterranean delights with humour ,fun and ambience, learn with lindy .

I teach ,Mediterranean cooking with a touch of the Asian flavours ,having lived in Greece for 13 years and travelled and taught along my way I have come to realise the way to learn is to have fun .i have also taught how to play the bagpipes to many students as I have piped many years on the orient express to being in shows with many stars .my lessons will delight you .

Lyon 6e
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Lebanese, student in Lyon, offers to share its knowledge in traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, balanced cuisine known for its benefits!

I prepare a suitable program depending on the desires of the student! Open to all levels! It is varied, each time a new recipe! My goal is to discover the cuisine and culture of my country while having a good time!

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Social media food Influencer. Delicious, Healthy, fast, affordable meals for all ages. Orange County. Instagram: icekcooks.

I have been a social media food influencer and foodie for 2 years with over 5,000 followers on instagram. I was sponsored and my recipes featured by a major food brand on instagram with over 60 thousand followers. I can teach you how to cook delicious, affordable, tasty meals without going too out of your way.

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Chef offering classes, tips and tricks to making perfect dishes for your friends and family.

Hey! My teaching methods are to make it easy and fun so that students want to learn. I Became a kitchen manager of a restaurant before I was 18 and started cooking at 12.

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Middle Eastern / Syrian cooking classes. All levels are welcome. Anywhere near Alexandria, VA

Middle eastern cuisine is known for its intense flavors and unique spices and cooking techniques. Dig in and give it a try with a passionate international cook. I`ll share a list of dishes and their ingredients with the students, then the students decide which dishes they want to make. Students should buy the ingredients for the dishes BEFORE the class.

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Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels

Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels Five star baker from renowned bakery in Toronto giving classes to all levels

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Hello guys here is your friendly and lovely teaching- welcome

I'm here to share my experience as an immigrant , how you can go straight with your new environment, using your simple language as a abase that you can build on, and to those who are looking for Arabic as a foreign language you are in the right place with a right person , you benefit from my teaching experience of Arabic language that i gain from my country as i did that in Syria and Sudan- so...

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Cooking and Gardening tips - healthy lifestyle for kids and people who are still kids @ heart

I am a Project Manager by profession but cooking and gardening relaxes me and I enjoy my time with kids so keen on giving tips for making gardening and cooking a fun time with your kid. I focus on nutrition and good with counselling girls at every step.

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I give all chief for all classes only vegetarian, Hyderabad location.

My give my classes in very easy and fast to learn , for all age of group people , for both male and female.

Mr. jayson
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Healthy Mega Cooking Class Including Healthy Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Italian, and Moroccan.

My teaching methodology is to show you and talk you through things step by step. I am all about realia and kinesthesia. This means you can feel and touch and that is how you learn. So in cooking you taste and smell ingredients as they go in so you can get used to how they smell and taste on their own. So when you start you will get a list of all the recipes.

Los Angeles
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Renegade Chef to the Stars & Culinary Alchemist seeks to share his knowledge & experience

My methodology is to teach by example and to inspire all who aspire to learn to follow their Love & Passion. When we learn through Love, the result is Art. Through a hands-on approach, i specifically tailor each lesson to the individual, based on their needs, wishes & desires.

1st lesson offered free !

Chef pastry chef, 14 years of experience, graduated from major French gastronomy schools (vocational school LE NOTRE, FERRANDI school), teaches classes and organizes pastry workshops in Paris.

My workshops and courses are designed to combine rigor, entertainment, good mood and above all conviviality. My classes are exclusively at home. I go to my student. 3 options: group classes organized around a workshop I supervise but which is run by the group, and individual courses à la carte and a program of support to candidates preparing a CAP pastry or bakery.

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Lebanese Self Employed Budding Cake Decorator: Let's Make Lebanese Food and Bake/Decorate Cakes for Dessert!

I baked with my (late) mother for over 20 years, and while I'm still learning (isn't there always more to learn), I've got a pretty good handle on how to make the best desserts and turn them into works of art. I am of Lebanese American heritage and learned how to make some good stuff over the years.

Bundaberg South
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Turkish / Greek / Italian / Lebanese / Middle Eastern cuisines - cooking classes from experienced cook

I base my classes on productivity by saving from time and spending too much for the ingredients. We can begin the classes by identifying different elements of Middle Eastern cuisine and can teach you the most delicate points of easy cooking.

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Cooking i will be taking lessions in the nothern suberbs i can also do outreach

I offer classes on - Baking - Boiling - Braising - Broiling - Frying - Decorating - Knife Skills - Deep Fat Frying - Shallow Frying - Dry Frying - Grilling - poaching - Roasting - Streaming - Stewing

1st lesson offered free !

Lebanese mother will teach you how to cook pro middle eastern food which is famous for being quick, easy and healthy.

A step by step from the beginning. We may do online or in person classes. Whatever suits you. If you want to learn how to cook easy quick meals don't hesitate to contact me.

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Lebanese cooking workshop at Yassar / Lebanese cooking workshop with Yassar a

Recognized throughout the world, Lebanese cuisine is above all a generous and varied cuisine.

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An expert cook provides private lesson on cooking your favorite dishes and teach secrets that can easily make your dish delicious..

If you have passion of cooking, or you want to learn some special recipes for your husband or children, you have knocked the right person. I provide private classes at your place and at my place too, depends on proper arrangement . If you want to try call me at any time.

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Student at symbiosis pune gives tution in learning languages such as english and french as well as a cooking enthusiast mastered cuisines like asian, italian,arabian , indian.

student at Symbiosis Pune in 3rd year undergraduate . I have studied french and english for over 12 years and I am fluent in grammar as well as verbal. Im also a great cook who has mastered international cuisines such as asian , arabian , indian and italian.

1st lesson offered free !

Want To learn quick and easy fun cooking @ reasonable rate contact me

Easy versetile cooking style without too many steps and all easy to follow,traditional and international recipe,tried and tested one,international recipe with a desi twist ,recipe with written ,video and voice note also,cooking is so much fun come and learn from me in much more easier way

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